50+ Application Performance Monitoring Tools

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Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Looking for application performance monitoring tools? We have a huge list of application performance monitoring software that can help you manage your applications. Many of these tools are specialized in web application performance monitoring, however, you can also find tools that can monitor other enterprise applications and processes as well.

Application performance management is an essential part of any business running software. Choosing the right application performance management tool can help you reduce a lot of costs and unwanted burden on the support team.

Today, with continuous research and development, IT applications can be broadly defined as the key to modern business processes such as management of various office tasks. More and more businesses are depending upon APM tools for the performance optimization of various applications including customer relations, payroll, and accounting. There is a lot of debate about the efficiency of APM tools or Application Performance Management Tools which has become critical for continuity of the business as well productivity of many aspects of the organization. Here, we offer you a list of various APM tools or Application Performance Management Tools which
can be very helpful in any organization.

1. Ruxit

Ruxit is a popular application performance monitoring software with rich features.

It can automatically detect problems and send notifications. Its extremely easy to setup and works seamlessly with all major platforms.

Unlike other APM software, Ruxit is highly scalable and scales with your application. It has a simple web-based user interface that can be operated from anywhere.

2. Sensu App

Sensu APM is a comprehensive open source monitoring framework which is used for building comprehensive monitoring solutions without imposing any restrictions.

3. Moskito

This APM is an open source and free monitoring software for Java applications. It offers a complete ecosystem for DevOps users.

4. Stage Monitor –

Stage Monitor can be broadly defined as an open source solution for the benefit of the users who would like to monitor the application performance for java server applications.

5. Zenoss

This is one of award winning open source IT monitoring solution which is very popular in the industry. It offers visibility over the complete IT stack which includes applications and network devices. There are a lot of features which includes easy to use web portal, sophisticated alerting
and automatic discovery.

6. Cacti

Cacti can be defined as an extensive trending and performance graphing tool. It can be used to track any monitored metric which you can plot on any graph. Cacti have the capability of tracking and making the data available for the user for various tasks such as fan speed of a power supply to disk utilization.

7. Nagios

This can be broadly described as the old guard of network and system monitoring and is very reliable, fast and can be customized easily. A challenge for newcomers, but still its strength is a complex configuration which can be customized easily.

8. Icinga

Icinga can be broadly defined as enterprise-grade, open source monitoring system which is used for monitoring various networks as well as all related network resources. The main function of this monitoring system is a generation of performance data and giving notification regarding errors and recoveries.

9. NeDi

NeDi is known for offering a good solution regarding tracking of devices across any network. This tool continuously tracks the network infrastructure for keeping track of its discoveries as well as cataloging devices. It offers the user current history as well as the location of devices.

10. Observium

Observium offers the combination of network and system monitoring with the performance trending. This performance tool uses both auto and static discovery for identification of network and server devices. It also offers leverage in different monitoring methods for the user.

11. Zabbix

Zabbix is extensively used for monitoring networks and servers with an extensive array of different tools. You can use Zabbix agents for most of the operating systems or external or passive checks which include the use of SNMP for monitoring network and host devices.

12. Ntop

Ntop can be broadly defined as packet sniffing tool which includes Web UT. It displays the live data on monitoring interface regarding network traffic passing. You can get information regarding instant data on the network flows with an advanced live graphing.

13. OpenNMS

OpenNMS can be defined as the first enterprise-grade network management application platform in the world which was developed with open source.

14. New Relic

New Relic APM has a lot of key features which are useful for its users such as code-level diagnostics, cross application tracing, and browser monitoring. It also offers full visibility in the problem transactions. In addition to that, it has the capability of monitoring critical business transactions.

15. AppDynamics

AppDynamics can be broadly defined as an application intelligence platform which monitors application performance. It is mostly used for analyzing the impact of application performance over business operation. There are various key features such as intuitive user interface for the benefit of the user.

16. Foglight

This application performance management tool has the capability of monitoring and managing performance across several technologies. These technologies include physical and virtual servers, databases and Java. In addition to that, it also offers insights about how users interaction with the application.

17. SteelCentral For Performance Management And Control

This is end to end and complete solution which also combines the user experience, network and application performance management with centralized control. It offers a complete tool suite for a different environment for fulfilling the requirements of any application environment.

18. Compuware APM

There are many products which are available with this application performance management tools which include dynaTrace and Gomez. They are unified as well as integrated to offer a modern APM solution for those users who would like to get a challenging APM tool.

19. BMC Software

This software has been programmed for offering APM for everyone as well as for every situation. It offers insight from the perspective of an end user to diagnostics and code-level monitoring. It also helps in saving time and money of user by quick identification of root cause.

20. JenniferSoft APM

This APM offers a comprehensive solution regarding application performance and performance management which outweighs both top-down business process approaches as well bottom-up infrastructure for the user. It also offers visibility in the performance metrics which is critical for IT as well as business perspective.


This is a passive network appliance which has been designed for helping IT professionals to maximize the application performance in dynamic as well as complex environments. It also offers visibility in application servers, storage systems, databases and full network.

22. Lucierna

This is one of the comprehensive and complete enterprise Application performance management solutions which ensure that your apps are functioning at peak performance to meet the business objective. Each and every transaction of each user is tracked across all tiers within full business context.

23.CA Application Performance Management

This application performance Management or APM delivers the productivity and revenue generation business services to the user while exceeding the expectation of the customers. It also offers management and visibility across various environments

24. AppNeta

AppNeta has been programmed to offer full stack monitoring the web applications such as network monitoring, code and end user monitoring for full visibility. The monitoring of the applications has become very simple with four integrated models combined into one solution.

25. AppEnsure

When you need to manage throughput and response time of applications you are running in various locations, the best solution is AppEnsure. This APM tool has the ability to discover, name and map each and every application in each location.

26. AppFirst

This APM can be defined as a unique web scale platform for IT when they require watching every event across all the enterprise. It offers multi-tenant access for sub-second metrics, proactive error resolution and application footprints for optimal performance.

27. Neebula

This service performance monitoring solution’s main objective is to keep the applications running at their peak performance through the mapping of business services to the storage, networks, middleware, servers etc. The solution achieves this by correlation of event and monitoring data.

28. BlueStripe

BlueStripe offers a complete solution for an enterprise application, infrastructure performance and IT operations monitoring. It also offers APM for IT operations which range from monitoring to mapping and identification of fixes at component level.

29. Boundary

Boundary can be broadly defined as the unified monitoring for Web-based IT. It offers continuous monitoring and resolution for the user across applications, infrastructure and events. It also offers a comprehensive solution which spans the modern agile enterprise.

30. NetScout

This APM offers a complete range of solutions which start from quality analysis of communication technology to resource capacity planning for optimization. The unified solution offers top- down approach for monitoring and management of performance.


With Precise, you can monitor and fine tune the performance of the infrastructure across each system tier. It also delivers the actionable information from all types of storage devices, custom application and packaged databases as well as apps across virtual layers and operating systems.

32. Opsview

The main aim of Opsview is to streamline the correlation of data within context for deriving the actionable insights. It also offers the unified and automated approach for combination of all performance data which is relevant and displays it within the context.

33. SevOne

This APM offers full visibility across the comprehensive enterprise network and meets the full challenge regarding its versatility. The APM tools


The main aim of Netuitive is to resolve the issue of Big Data which has been associated with APM tool. The main focus of this app is to monitor all the applications across distributed, virtualized network. This APM offers increased visibility in application performance within context.


The best resolution regarding ensuring the consistent, smooth service delivery is detection of issues with application performance before any customer is affected by them. This APM solution offers automated monitoring, alert and management for user.

36. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C

This APM offers better business IT alignment which requires fewer efforts than any other solutions. It has been specially designed for enterprise data as well as cloud centre deployment and functions for both customs and Oracle applications.

37. INETCO Insight

This is widely known as next generation operational tool which offers transaction centric performance monitoring as well as business transaction management with best service quality
delivery. It also offers end to end visibility in transaction flow.

38. LogicMonitor

This APM taps in your application’s predefined data sources for comprehensive monitoring, graphing and alerting user on important events. It also helps user regarding trends in a single resource for streamlining the application management needs.

39. Visual TruView

This is a product whose main function is focused completely on end user experience. With three clicks, the programmer can determine poor response time, isolate the issue and diagnose the cause of issue. The programmer also can take specific action for protection of network against any threats.

40. Level3 Application Performance Management

This APM has been specially designed and offers various tools which are required for optimization of network as well as increasing efficiency of application. It also increases visibility as well as performance data of any application.

41. Nastel

The customer can ensure high quality of user experience with complete visibility of application performance with this APM. There are 2 core products which offer message tracking, analytics and real life monitoring.

42. Citrix NetScaler

The main feature of this APM is that not only it monitors the applications but also is able to take control of management of performance. This function ensures availability of applications, reduction in ownership costs and optimization of end user experience.

43. Catchpoint

Catchpoint is one of the best APM which has bility to serve as single data source for complete visibility in end user experience. It can be also defined as streamlined web performance management platform which have intuitive user interface.

44. EG Enterprise

This APM offers an integrated web interface so that user can monitor more than 150 common applications anywhere. With both types of approaches which includes active and passive, it offers the unbiased external perspective on performance.

45. Op5 Monitor

This APM can be broadly defined as an open and flexible server monitoring solution which also helps you to take control from basement servers. It also offers a unified and single view of complete network infrastructure for various matters such as efficient problem resolution as better data analysis.

46. Op5 Monitor

This APM can be broadly defined as the flexible and open monitoring solution for server. It offers many features such as meeting hybrid challenges, reports, intuitive user interface and monitoring of virtual infrastructure as well as resources.

47. CopperEgg

This APM offers continuous real time monitoring of all the devices as well as server. It also offers comprehensive view of enterprise application performance, co-relates performance of applications with business results.

48. Driven

Designed especially for cascading development platform, this APM offers deep insight in various applications. You can visualize data application diagnose failure of application and optimization from same platform which has been designed for developers.

49. Datadog

This APM tool offers an intuitive dashboard from which you can view your team, cloud, apps, and server in a single view. This tool is specially designed for teams which write and run various applications at a scale.

50. Librato

This is complete monitoring solution which helps user to understand impact of all sources of data on the business at every level. It is a flexible and scalable platform which turns complex problems in a service which is easy to use.

51. Aternity

This APM tool closes the gap of visibility which is between the performance of an application and actual user experience. It is because this tool approaches issue from the perspective of end user and considers experience of each app from all devices.

52. Centreon

Centreon can be broadly defined as network and system monitoring software which has been adapted for the requirements for ISD. This APM tool is excellent combination of essential and excellent supervision with Open Source flexibility.

53. Ground Work

With this APM tool, you can integrate your log analysis tool with performance data for improvement of root cause analysis and search-based correlations. You can also use this tool for scalable and distributed graphing of time-series performance data.

54. Packet Beat

This is an open source application performance and monitoring management software which is used by lot of developers across the globe.

These are some popular and free Application Performance Management Tools which are very popular all over the world with people working in the IT industry.

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