40+ Best Online Form Builders

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Looking for an online form builder? We have shortlisted best of the form builder software that will help you easily build awesome form for your website. Some of these are free online form builders whereas others are not.

Recently Adobe formcentral has been retired and these options will serve as the best alternative to adobe formcentral product. If you are building your website, a contact form can be an essential tool for communicating with your visitors and collecting leads, which means the choice of one should be approached with due care.

An online form builder can help you collect any information from your website visitor without the need of a complex software. Most form builder options are cloud-based and extremely easy to set up for anyone with basic knowledge of internet tools.

The best choice to collect lots of information regarding gathering information such as feedback is to use a form. The content in any form depends upon the tools chosen and their use. By using your creativity, you can build a form which is simple, interesting in appearance and easy to fill. You can also program it to put the results back quickly. There are several types of form building software online you can choose. The following is a list of some of the best form building software:

Google Forms

Google Docs is the best free service which is very popular. It also places the results automatically on the spreadsheet after a user’s response.


This is one of the best form builder paid tools for online form building. With advanced features, the user can also add an uploader tool which can upload documents and images.


One of the paid and full-featured form tools, it facilitates designing of your form without signing for an account. You can email the form code after completion or copy the embedded code and upload it on your site. JotForm is one of the best alternatives to Adobe Form Central.


This is one of the professional paid form building software which has a number of advanced workflow features. This software also offers smart routing with customized apps with a number of integrations.


iFormbuilder forms a function as a paid mobile data collection solution. The intended targets can just fill up the form offline or online and sync the results back to the server.

Forms Central

This paid form builder software can import the PDF form and convert them in web form. It has the capacity to create, distribute, collect and analyze forms as well.


This site offers paid customized forms which can integrate with Paypal and The form builder tool is also designed for embedding more than 40 objects in the forms.


This paid form builder is a versatile tool which helps you in the sale of products and services. It is very simple to use and has the capability to integrate with Blogger and Facebook.

Form Bakery

Form bakery is a simple paid form builder tool for making simple and fast forms. All you have to do is drag and drop elements you require in your form and it is ready.

Form Desk

This is a paid form builder tool helping you import results from back-end database and auto-fill them with a click of a button; hence it saves you time and effort.

Form Assembly

This paid form builder tool has many advanced features such as calculating fields, form schedule, and supports more than 10 languages and edits the form submissions.

Gravity Forms

This paid form builder tool is the plug-in for WordPress sites. Just sign up for an account with and start creating forms inside WordPress admin panel. It also supports submission to Google Spreadsheets.

Formidable Pro

This is another paid form app for WordPress users which helps you create forms alongside blog posts and other contents. The basic form tool is available on a free basis.

Device Magic

This paid form builder tool has been created to design forms for various smart devices such as tablets and smartphones.


This is an open and free form editor, which allows you to install and create the best looking forms for your website quickly.

Type Form

This is a free online form builder which has lots of facilities for the users. All you have to do is to sign up with a free account and start building your form.

Form Smarts

FormSmarts is a free cloud-based online form builder tool which helps you create, publish and get form results online with lots of advanced features.

Form Crafts

FormCrafts is a paid online form builder service which has lots of advanced features for designing the forms such as multi-page forms, conditional logic and live updating of mathematical logic.

Cognito Forms

This is a paid and powerful form builder solution which has WordPress plugin is capable of collecting payments and can create multi-responses for any set of fields used for surveys and other users.

Form Logix

The basic form of this paid service helps you focus on contents. It helps you to add various types of conditioning in the form, subject to user input preferences.


This paid online service helps you create professional-grade forms which have maximum compatibility with various smart devices or operating systems, additionally, it’s integrated with various payment providers online.

Quform – WordPress Form Builder –

If you use WordPress frequently, you require a custom form from Quform which is a paid online service. This service helps you build multiple forms quickly and with total control.

FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder

This is a paid online service which offers various advanced features such as live math logic updater, responsive forms, conditional logic and special fields with retina support and a WordPress plugin for users.

Contact Form Generator – Form Builder –

This is a powerful paid form builder, which creates the most elegant forms quickly. It is very easy to use, have features to get responses and custom branding options as well.

Form Builder

A paid form builder tool, which has lots of features such as enhancing custom validation, functions with all types of browsers, compatibility with contact forms as well as an intuitive form API.

FormCraft – Premium PHP Form Builder –

This paid form builder tool offers various advanced features to the users such as retina images, automatic drop-down fields, responsive forms, conditional fields, and form analytics inside the panel.

UiForm – Universal Form Builder –

This paid form builder is completely integrated with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart and many other CMS. It also offers an administrative panel for the users who can control and manage the editing operations.

Unlimited Form Builder & Manager –

This is a paid online do-it-all tool for the creation, management, and implementation of all types of forms on the user’s websites and blogs. It also supports and configures fields.

Visual Form Builder – Beautiful Forms In Seconds –

This is a paid online form builder which offers HTML forms which have a server side as well as an integrated client-side validation and is compatible with all browsers.

Titanium Forms Plugin

This is a paid form builder service which offers various features to customers such as server information on the remote database, generation of form in seconds, and online viewing of the results.

Orbeon Forms

This is a paid form builder service which offers the best solution for building and deployment of web forms. It has the capacity for handling large forms which have complex validation.

Email Me Form

This is a paid service which has lots of features such as easy drag and drops interface and can use various types of field types. You can also redirect the visitors to a custom message or a custom URL.

Form Builder For Bootstrap –

This paid service is described as an element gallery which can be used by web developers as well as web designers. It consists of useful HTML snippets which can be used by them.


This is a free code host service which offers a library of repository available with the powerful tool. It comes with very tight security measures as well.

Zoho Form Builder

This is a free service for building advanced forms and has a host of features such as drag and drop interface, embedding of the forms in blogs or generation of various reports.

Web Form Builder

This is a paid form builder service which helps in building advanced forms and has several features such as responsive forms, a collection of payment and publishing with a single click.


This is a free service which uses the PHP applications for the creation of HTML forms and is used in website or blog. The user just has to choose the color, input the data and download HTML form.

Drupal Form Builder Plugin

This project allows users to build entire Form API structures through a graphical, AJAX-like interface. It has the ability to read and export FAPI arrays, and users are permitted to change any properties.

Webix Form Builder

This is a free online form builder tool where you can create a quick online simple form by just entering the required fields and other information.

Form Tools Form Builder

This is a free service, where you can create beautiful single or multi-page forms and publish them on your website

NForms – Form Builder & Management

A paid form builder service which has advanced features such as responsive forms, drag and drop features, multi-column form layout. Moreover, it can use these forms in pop up boxes and are well documented.

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