13 Whatsapp Alternatives On Android Devices

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Whatsapp Alternatives On Android Devices

Amongst the world’s most used messaging platform, WhatsApp shares a major percentage of users. The liking of this app has reached such heights that it has now became an addiction for many of the users. The reason for such popularity of this chatting platform is because it simple to use and above all its subscription is free for 1 year.

However, after the duration of 12 months is over, one needs to pay $1 annually to continue its usage. But do you think it is worth paying when you have access to several other similar chatting apps that are completely free! Well, here is a list of top 5 free whatsapp alternatives, offering different set of features:


As soon as it was launched in the market, it received a warm welcome from the masses. Most of the features offered by this chat application are similar this app such as sharing texts, images, videos, etc but a major benefit offered by it is the video calling feature. The registration procedure is similar to WhatsApp in which you just have to enter your mobile number and get it verified by confirming the received verification code. Once confirmation is complete, you can start adding friends by connecting to your facebook and personal email account.


It is also a popular chatting app which is one of the best choice when it comes to free calling from android devices. Along with that, it also offers free text messaging. This means you need not to pay anything for calling and texting using this app; just a working Internet connection is required.

KIK Messenger

It is a good messaging app for sending messages to individuals of groups but doesn’t offer calling features. However, registration process is simple; just use your email id and generating a suitable username, you can start adding friends.


Being the well known mobile phone brands Samsung, it comes preloaded with all the Samsung smartphones. However, for other mobile phones, it can be downloaded easily from the Web. it is a basic messaging app that only supports text chatting and there no support for video calling. Entering your name and verifying your mobile number, you can start using this chatting application. it automatically checks your phone contacts to see which ones are on ChatOn.


Offering an array of useful features like unlimited video calling, unlimited text messaging and unlimited audio calling; this app has over millions of online users. Two significant features of this app include support for PC and everything is at free of cost.
Folks! Hopefully these apps might work as better alternatives to WhatsApp for you.if you have used any of the above mentioned apps, then do leave your feedbacks here!
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Kakaotalk Messenger

This instant chatting messenger works by taking your cell phone number and sends back a verification code to completion of registration process. After that, it starts finding other Kakaotalk users by looking through your contact list, just as the WhatsApp messenger works. Different features offered by Kakaotalk messenger are group chat (you can start any group chat), share images, audio files, calendar and contact details. Additionally, it allows you to make calls over Internet to other Kakaotalk users.

Facebook Messenger

Its a great platform to get connected with your Facebook friends, but you cannot contact those who are not present on Facebook. It is available for both iOS and Android cell phones and holds a significant user count since its inception in the market .


In the recent time, skype merged all its contacts with Hotmail and old MSN, which means now you can easily connect to your longtime friends. Other than that, its a great platform for free calling over Internet and text messaging with the contacts. But you need to approve contacts before you can start chatting or calling through Skype. Overall, a reliable and stable messaging platform.


As the name suggests, this chatting platform is especially for those who love group chatting. To get started, you need to register with your email and then send an confirmation through a verification SMS. The good thing about this platform is that it supports group chatting over texts. This means if someone in your group doesn’t have a 3G internet connection then he will still receive messages. However, there will be charges for each message sent or received by the United States users.


With this app anyone can get a FREE U.S. phone number and start making calls to U.S. phone numbers and send text messages to US phone numbers. The free outbound calls are limited to 20 minutes, however you can purchase more minutes in app if needed.

Mo+ Free Calls

This is a free app by Mo+ that supports Free calls and messaging in US & Canada
along with Free calls and text to any other Mo+ users world wide


This app allows you to Call and message your friends over wifi or data network worldwide. It requires both users to have the talkray app. When you are not on wifi it uses cell data network to make calls to avoid usage of voice minutes.

UppTalk Free Calls SMS & Text

This app provides you a USA phone number that can make unlimited phone calls and send text messages to anyone in usa. The reciever of the call or message does not need to have this app therefore this app makes a real good replacement for your mobile carrier. It also provides you cheap international call options.

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