10 Best Note Taking Apps On Android

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Best Note Taking Apps on Android

Looking for best note taking app? We have a roundup for Android users with awesome note taking apps.

Getting forgetful lately? You went to pick up some groceries in a supermarket near your place and you totally forgot what it was that you were supposed to buy? Or did you forget an important date recently and made your loved one very angry with you? It happens to mostly everyone. With the number of our obligations increasing daily, it is only natural that the brain will remove the information it deems unnecessary from its memory. This is why people have started taking notes ever since they could write.

With the expansion and development of smartphones and apps for note taking, it has never been easier to take notes and to have them with you at all times. First, it started with a simple, generic note-taking app which came along with your Android phone. However, since then, various developers have created hundreds of new and interesting apps to serve this purpose.

iPhone users may want to check note taking apps on iPhone and desktop users my try note taking software. In this article, I will present top note taking apps that I liked and enjoyed the most.


This is, by far, the most recommended note taking app for taking notes on the entire web. When I was looking for a suitable application for my phone, Evernote has topped every list I found. Also, it has the largest number of downloads on Google Play store and it is a must-have application – voted as such by the New York Times.

This application is available for, practically, any platform. It will work well with the Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows 8 users. I even have it on my computer as a fully operational program which synchronizes with my Android device. Its key features include: being able to clip entire web-pages to a note, taking photos and inserting them into your notes, a voice recorder to record instead of writing, and a lot of other interesting and useful things. There is only one downside to it. You cannot access it without an Internet connection, unless you pay for the premium version, which costs.

Google Keep

This is Google’s version of a note-taking application, aside from the basic Memo that you get with your Android. This application offers something more for the average user. It is integrated with the Google Drive, which is one of its main features to boast with. This is pretty useful for people who use Google Drive in their everyday work (like me). All the notes are stored on the Drive, so they won’t disappear at random. Google Keep also comes with a plethora of already-mentioned features, like: applying photos to your notes (you can even edit them before you clip them to a note) and voice-recording notes (the app will write down what you say). With its colorful display, this application will certainly not leave you wanting for others.


While we are on the subject of Google and its synchronization possibilities, here is another application which will work well with some other Google product. Namely, the G in GNotes, of course, stands for Google. Why? Because you can synchronize your notes with your Gmail account. This is for those people who do not have a Google Drive, but still use Gmail as an invaluable tool for everyday life. What is even more interesting for this app is that it will allow you to do pretty much anything. You can draw, paint, doodle, attach audio and video files and even put an important note on the home-screen, which will come in handy for those things that you should in no way forget about.

ColorNote Notepad

This app is considered to be the Android version of Post It. This simple, yet neat and colorful application will surely satisfy all the people who are constantly running somewhere, because its simplicity will allow you to quickly scribble the notes and be done with it. ColorNote will not dazzle you with a big array of features, like the ones above. The key feature of this application is that it has the ability to create widgets that are basically little notes on your home-screen. You can scribble on them and choose the color of your liking, so that you can differentiate between different types of notes. Also, it has another useful feature, called the Locknote, which will allow you to protect your personal notes with a password, so that only you can access them. The final upside of this application: it is absolutely free.


One of the main features that this application can boast with is its simplicity and user-friendliness. Simply, this application will let you note down things and put them in various folders in a simple manner. You also have the regular feature of attaching media files to your notes and documents, which makes things easier if something you need to remember is tied to a certain document. You can store any type of document, be it .doc, .docx, .ppt, .xls and even .pdf.
Another cool feature of the SomNote app is that it offers up to 100mb of cloud storage for free, on each account. This means that even though you have a really large number of notes to save, you will never have to worry about the space on your smartphone.


This one will be popular with experienced Twitter users and those who like the organization of Twitter. The reason for this is that Fetchnotes uses hashtags to organize your notes into categories. With every note, it is possible to put several hashtags. This way, you can later access them by using the tags to find them.
Oh, and should it ever happen that your smartphone runs out of battery and you desperately need to note some important piece of information down, this application’s got a solution. You can use any ordinary phone and send an SMS with your note to Fetchnotes and it will write it down so that you can access it once you get the smartphone up and running. This is not charged extra, instead, it costs like an ordinary SMS.


Any.Do is not a standard note-taking app because notes are not its primary goal. However, when I searched for good note-taking apps to try on my Android, aside from Evernote, this one came up as the most recommended. This app is a to-do application which will let you create lists of things that you need to do. Once you have created a list, you can set the alarm to ring, either once or multiple times – to remind you. You can also set the list on your home-screen, so that you can be reminded every time you look at your phone.
If you are a lazy person (I can understand if you are, we lazy people need to-do lists the most), you will be delighted with the fact that you will not have to type, at all. You can speak to your phone and it will record all the things that you need to do in writing, point by point.


If you are a person who prefers simple and functional applications, then you will have to search no further than Notepad. Everyone around the web clamors about how it is very simple to use this application and that there are no functions and features which are surplus for a note-taking app. It has the option of choosing the theme that you like, the option of exporting and importing the notes, protecting them with a password and backing them up with the website. It is also possible to save your notes on the SD cards and transfer them to some other device.

Lecture Notes

This application was developed specifically with students in mind. How many times have you desired to just write down the lecture notes on your smartphone, instead of having to battle with thousands of hard-copy papers? Yes, I know the feeling of having too many notes and not being able to find what you need.

Lecture Notes will allow you to write down all the notes that you want by using the pen that came with your smartphone. It is possible to write in four different colors, various pencil widths and seven eraser types. You can also choose different backgrounds and paper types (squares, lines, etc.). Isn’t it better to write on your screen, than to have a thousand papers to search through?


Finally, we come to the last app on our list. InPad is an application which offers a variety of options for a small size of just 19kb. The first thing that you notice when you see this app is that you can create various categories for your notes. For example, you can have a to-do list, a shopping list, class schedule and similar. This way, you can have various things in your note-taking application. Also, another thing that this app offers is to buy things that are on your shopping list online, so that you do not have to wander about the town.

All in all, all of these applications have been tested and tried for your convenience. My conclusion would be that you have to choose according to your preferences, because, technically, each of these applications is greatly designed and satisfies the need for taking notes. So, it is, basically, up to you. There is really no best application, only the one which suits you, the user, the best.

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