Get Hired by FAANG Employers – 5 Killer Things You Can Do To Be Noticed [UPDATED 2021]

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How to Get hired by FAANG employers

Like millions of people across the globe, if you also dream of getting hired by the technology giants like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google (commonly known as FAANG employers), you will have to position yourself accordingly. When it comes to the excruciating battle of looking out for that perfect job you will notice that you are not the only one in this race. On the contrary, the job market is flooded with an unbelievably large number of qualified candidates so that it is not unnatural to feel like just another job seeker within this crowd.

Owing to the extremely stiff competition of current times, the job searching techniques of last few years that included searching suitable opportunities, sending out resumes and then waiting for a reply are not going to work anymore. What you actually need to do is to get out in the open and grab the attention of your potential employers in a manner that not many have tried. This is simply because no employer will remember an average candidate.

If you have still not been able to figure out that jackpot move which is bound to get you noticed, try one of these ideas and see the results.

First Thing First: Do Thorough Coding Interview Preparation

This is single most important step that can keep you in interview process. This list can help you find some help preparing for FAANG employers.

Contribute in Open Source Community

Open source communities are always on the lookout for motivated and skilled volunteers who can contribute some useful ideas and turn them into applications. Today, most of the technical companies hire people not on the basis of their resumes or references but on the basis of the real time work that they have done. Your contribution to a significant open source project will help your potential employers to assess the quality of your work, the completion percentage, level of passion as well as cultural perspective.

This is especially important for people who have been unemployed for a long duration of time because the software development community requires razor sharp skills. An open source community will provide you with plenty of opportunities to hone your skills and give an impression to your employer that all you mean is business. Best still, solve an enterprise level problem and watch your name reaching the right kind of people.

Create a Blog and Write Good Articles in your Area of Expertise

With continuous growth in the popularity of blogging, many software recruiters are now making use of the web to find suitable candidates. By digging their way through different kinds of technical blogs it becomes easy and quick for the recruiters to develop a pool of potential candidates. Hence, blogging is not only for fun but can seriously help you get hold of that dream job you always wanted to have. So, create a blog and start penning down good articles to demonstrate your skills and expertise. If you wish to attract the targeted viewers, it is important to put in time to develop quality content. A good blog post does not only help the recruiters to assess you on your knowledge but also your style of communication.

In case you decide to create a blog and share it with your potential employer, make sure to read these guidelines.

Do Some Volunteer Work in your Job Knowledge Area

Volunteering has always been associated with something that is noble and benefits all. Although, the nobility of volunteering work cannot be negated, you can make use of it to network with the right kind of people. If you are unemployed, you can seek volunteering opportunities within the area of your knowledge and avail the chance of working along with some of the professionals who can help you with your career choices. On the other hand, if you are a working professional, volunteering within the area of your expertise will give you an opportunity to network with some of the experts and professionals who might provide you with the right kind of push towards your career goals. Volunteering within the community where you want to get hired is a great way to help yourself get noticed.

Write White Papers in your Knowledge Area

If you have conducted any kind of research with regards to the most effective marketing tactics, you will discover white papers to be one of the excellent tools which can help attract the required attention. A white paper is basically responsible for doing two things: educating and persuading. So, if you wish to persuade your potential employers into believing that you are the most suitable candidate for their company, you must pen down some white papers within the area of your knowledge as well as technical expertise. This will help the software recruiters in assessing your skill set pertaining to the understanding of a problem, analysis and the most appropriate solution. In addition to this, the manner in which you communicate with your audience will also get conveyed. Hence, all you are required to do is to write a good white paper and you will be in a win-win situation.

Do Research, File Patents

Like all the other above mentioned things, not many people will ever think of taking the route of conducting a good research and filing patents to secure that coveted interview with your dream software company. The software community is known to move at a lightning speed owing to the large number of inventions that happen on a continuous basis. Hence, if you are able to show that you have conducted a strong research in any of the important areas you are bound to get noticed as a person who is serious about his profession. Software companies prefer to hire people who have in depth understanding of their domain and are at pace with the current technological trends. This is what your research work will put across the table.

Killer tips to Get hired by FAANG employers

Hence, all said and done, you will certainly appreciate the importance of standing tall in a group of potential job seekers. The job market has become so overcrowded that unless and until you have something special to showcase, something that makes you stand apart from your fellow interviewees, it will become very difficult for you to navigate. However, by implementing some of these unique strategies you can bring upon yourself a lot of good luck as far as the dream interview is concerned.

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