20 Excellent Free Survey Web Applications to Empower Your Business

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Many products are designed by companies based on the ideas and responses given by real customers. Web based survey applications provide fast and inexpensive surveys which can be used to find out the demand for a product or service. Web based surveys provide customer’s response and priorities in 24 hours time, and it is a necessary component for online marketing because based on the responses, companies design personalized services, discounts or products. Some of the leading free survey web applications which can be used to empower your business are –

  1. Survey Monkey
  2. Survey Monkey provides powerful survey web application which sends automated responses and has a great reporting tool which can be used for analysis.

  3. LimeSurvey
  4. LimeSurvey provides free unlimited surveys with unlimited number of users, questions and participants, and it provides provisions to integrate survey to images, movies and has a printable survey version as well.

  5. Poll code
  6. Poll code provides customized free polls and quick post options through WordPress, Facebook and Myspace.

  7. Questionform
  8. Questionform offers free online survey solution and to use the application, you have to sign up to the website. You can create, analyze the surveys and publish survey reports.

  9. Kwik survey
  10. Kwik survey offers businesses unlimited free surveys, polls and feedback options. It provides instant reports and there are no hidden charges on using the reports. Moreover, it provides downloadable reports and even ‘brandable’ surveys. Surveys can be integrated to HTML pages or forums too.

  12. The Freeonlinesurvey website provides easy to use survey application which does not require you to install the application but you will have to register yourself to the website to get the survey results. It allows creating 20 questions and you can insert video from YouTube or Google for the survey.

  13. TwtPoll
  14. Users can get unlimited free polls through 400 responses and comments on twitter and Facebook through TwtPoll. Personalized widget can be embedded on the blog and users can get survey at a price as low as $2.95 per month with personalized color schemes and twitter backgrounds.

  15. Doodle
  16. Doodle does not require registration and it is free to use. Additionally, it provides several customization options.

  17. Poll Daddy
  18. Poll Daddy provides real time reporting, embedded picture and html provisions. It provides poll data which can be exported to xml or CSV, and you can get poll reports through emails or RSS. You can integrate the application to Blogger or WordPress.

  19. Micropoll
  20. Micropoll offers a number of different services such as integration to Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, and these surveys can be displayed on different websites with ease. It can provide maps and graphs on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  21. Google Docs / Drive
  22. Google Docs can be used to collect survey results for free.

  23. Linkedin Polls
  24. Linkedin Polls is easy to use application which can be shared with different networks and professionals. The reports can be distributed easily on net.

  25. Acepolls
  26. With Acepolls, you can create free polls and add your blog, website, email or profile to the survey. What’s more, it is very easy to use.

  27. Poll Everywhere
  28. Poll Everywhere presents easy and wide audience responses through conferences, TV, print or radio; it can also help to raise money through text messaging. In addition, it can be integrated to Texting and Twitter. It provides free surveys for 30 audience size.

  29. Zoomrang
  30. Zoomrang free survey package includes 12 questions which are answered by 100 respondents and real time results can be published online.

  31. Wufoo
  32. Wufoo provides 150 different fonts and html forms to create online surveys and three survey forms can be created free.

  33. SurveyGizmo
  34. Surveygizmo offers businesses a 14 days free trial and it uses evaluation quizzes and polls to provide online surveys.

  35. Constant Contact
  36. Constant Contact provides easy to use and fast surveys which are free for 60 days trial period, where you can get sample questions. Users can also use survey wizards to view the service.

  37. Formsite
  38. Formsite provides free surveys for – 5 forms , 50 items per form, 10 results per form and 100 submits per month. It has 50 MB file storage and is a popular survey site operating since 1998. Its client list includes Oracle, Dell, and Accenture.

  39. Questionpro
  40. Questionpro provides one survey for free which includes 10 question and 100 responses. You can get charts, graphs and upgrades of the survey anytime.

As compared to phone based or door-to-door surveys, online surveys definitely promise
better results because the survey company screens out the unnecessary survey takers
clinically and thus gets the target customers very easily to participate in the survey.
Moreover, taking the survey is comparatively easier for the respondents, as they fill out the
forms from the comfort of their homes through the internet, hence increasing the likelihood
of accurate and thoughtful responses.


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