10 Best Free Shopping Cart Software For Ecommerce Website

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To design and promote a new e-commerce website, you require deploying efficacious marketing, SEO tools and most importantly, an efficient shopping cart software. Shopping cart software should integrate an easy-to-use interface, safe transaction capability, good PCI security standards, and a high-speed service during the shopping transaction. Here is a list of the top 10 free open source e-commerce shopping cart applications:

  1. Magento
  2. Magento was developed in PHP by a Los Angeles based firm Varien, and it is used by more than thirty thousand merchants. It provides a secure and robust e-commerce solution which follows the Zend Framework coding standard. It is used by big stores such as Samsung and Nespresso and has huge community support too. Its community edition is free and you can easily download, install and use it. What’s more, its Enterprise Edition provides features to boost sales such as coupons, shopping carts, and SEO provisions. You although have to pay for the Enterprise Edition.

  3. OsCommerce
  4. OsCommerce is one of the most popular open source shopping cart tools and it is free to use under the GNU General Public License. It has a user-friendly interface and it is used by more than 228,700 stores online. It can be installed easily through the internet and can be enabled automatically in minutes. There are no limitations on the addition of products in various categories. The look and design of the forms can be changed by the users too. OsCommerce provides support for multiple currencies and the payment processing is integrated into multiple payment gateways which include, ChronoPay, PayNova, iPayment, Paypal, SecPay, PSIGate, and TrustCommerce. About 5,800 add-ons are provided by OsCommerce, however, some of the add-ons are not free.

  5. Apache OFBiz
  6. Apache Ofbiz provides open source ERP, open source E-business solution, open source CRM, SCM, MRP, and other online applications. It provides a highly scalable and secure e-commerce solution which can be used either as an out-of-box solution or customized as per the requirements of the users. Additionally, Ofbiz offers flexibility to access the code and its Apache Software Foundation provides community support for all the open source projects.

  7. KonaKart
  8. KonaKart provides free community edition shopping cart software for small businesses and you can get Enterprise Edition license for £3150 GBP per year. The customization code is provided as an open source, and it includes forms and classes providing payment and shipping modules. Some of the popular buyers of KonaKart are Tesco Mobile and Audi. KonaKart provides excellent shopping experience, promotions, SEO features, indexed searches, shipping, marketing, merchandising, analytical tools and internationalization features.

  9. PrestaShop
  10. PrestaShop was launched in August 2007 and is written in PHP/MySQL. It offers complete online website and has a software trial link, an integrated blog, and wiki. You can download and use it for free. PrestaShop has more than 25,000 stores and provides a CMS template, order status, customer evaluation forms, different payment modules, and huge community support. Moreover, the user supported forums have more than sixty thousand registered members. The monetary transactions made at the site can be directly sent to the bank account using the latest security provisions.

  11. Jentla
  12. Jentla is a free open source e-commerce shopping cart application, which provides a centralized system for management, and provides provisions for multisite text and image storage– a feature not found in other e-commerce applications. Additionally, Jentla has provisions for site grouping and personalization of forms.

  13. Zen Cart
  14. Zen Cart is designed for mid to big-sized stores and provides open source solution with free installation. It has strong backend support and provides an HTML template system. Zen Cart is simple to use and has a range of features such as email attachment, newsletter maker, options for pricing and a simple installation procedure. It provides provisions for certifications, referral tracking, and customer registrations. The payment gateway for Zen Cart includes PayPal and 2CheckOut.

  15. Batavi
  16. Batavi was built by a Dutch company and it provides a free e-commerce solution. Its features include integrated product content, CMS and templates, and specific pricing based on customer groups. Batavi also has huge community support.

  17. DashCommerce
  18. DashCommerce is built in ASP.Net and provides open source solutions. It has a powerful e-commerce solution which provides shopping carts, product catalog, SSL based security, checkouts and order execution features. However, DashCommerce may not be suitable for small stores.

  19. OpenCart
  20. Opencart is an open source shopping cart system which facilitates the selling of multiple products simultaneously. Also, it can implement transactions in multiple currencies. You get 20 different options for payment and 8 modes of shipping as well. Besides, OpenCart is exceedingly user-friendly and search engine friendly.

There are a number of other free open source e-commerce shopping cart applications for business; however, the feature sets and ease of use are not at par with the aforementioned applications. All in all, the 10 e-commerce shopping cart applications discussed above are the most reliable, easy to use and feature-rich open source free applications available for your business presentation.

Hope you find this list useful, What is the best eCommerce shopping cart application you are using? Please don’t forget to share with me in comments.

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