5 Stunning Sites That Use Shopify To Inspire the Creative Entrepreneur

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5 Stunning Sites That Use Shopify To Inspire the Creative Entrepreneur

E-commerce is a billion dollar industry worldwide. With millions of products and creative marketing avenues coming up, it is easier than ever to get started.

Shopify is a reliable platform that millions of users use to showcase and sell their items. If you are merely getting started, there are many ideas that you can get by looking at what successful e-commerce stores are doing.

Some creative e-commerce sites that use Shopify caught our attention and are sure to inspire any beginner to include:


Fashion is a lucrative direction to take when getting started with eCommerce. The reality, however, is that the market is saturated and advertising can be a real hustle. The egg is a store that has managed to stay on top of marketing without doing the most.

This shop is unique and niche. Their target market is the fashionable but practical woman. They have products that are made of cotton and linen. The timelessness of their pieces has made this store a favorite for many women looking for comfort and quiet elegance.

The ability of this company to stay on top of things while battling the massive competition in the fashion industry has rendered them truly inspirational to new entrepreneurs.


Men often get left behind when it comes to cosmetics. We all like to assume that the hardy and strong man does not need fancy products to groom. We all are wrong because Beardbrand is successfully providing that to men across the world.

This Shopify store is focused on the everyday man and offers a variety of beard, body and hair products. The success of this shop is based on their ability to reach men and sell unique and bespoke cosmetic products.

Their company is built on the belief that men are already great. They encourage their customers to embrace their own awesomeness’ as a way to be inspired to be their best version. This is a great slogan that has proved successful based on the large number of sales that they make. 

Deathwish Coffee

A large number of people swear by their coffee. Some people claim that coffee makes mornings possible and we know a great cup can go a long way in maximizing energy. It is no surprise this catchy Shopify store is so successful.

Deathwish Coffee is arguably the world’s strongest coffee brew and comes with a highly addictive disclaimer. The mere fact that it is dubbed the world’s strongest’ is enough to make people buy out of curiosity.

The creative way that the store owners crafted the platform has been instrumental to the success of the brand and the store overall. This is definitely another Shopify store that can inspire any aspiring e-commerce store owner. 


If you thought you don’t have enough products to get started with your online shop, then you better think again. This is a great example of what a niche product can achieve. Bombas sells socks online and they are good at what they do.

The factor that has made this store special is the charitable aspect of their business structure. For each product you buy on their store, a pair of the same gets donated to a homeless shelter. This means that they are making a profit and a difference at the same time.

Their products are unique and special garnering them a massive customer base. This is an eCommerce store that proves niche products are as lucrative as any other online business. 

Island Creek Oysters

The internet never ceases to amaze and inspire. This seafood Shopify store is making serious money selling opulent gourmet seafood. They have a small range of seafood including oysters, caviar and shellfish.

Keeping it Bijou has been the best approach for this Shopify store. This makes them the masters in what they do and they can maximize their customer reach by offering the best of the same few products consistently.

One way that they have been able to expand is by adding gourmet sauces that cannot be found elsewhere. They also have a variety of special tools for cutting and preparing their products for consumption.

The creative genius that this store offers is on the simplicity of everything that they offer. It doesn’t get better than that when shopping online.

By looking at sites that use Shopify and are doing great, it is impossible not to feel hopeful if you are an aspiring Shopify store owner. Creativity can go a long way in making your shop stand out. The above stores prove that any product can be successful online. The trick is to consistently stay true to your brand and to think of your customer. Leave us a comment below and tell us of Shopify stores that have inspired your inner entrepreneur.

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