Clash Royale Tips and Tricks

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Are you an online gaming fan? If you love online gaming, then you may want to try out the clash royale game. The game is fun but at the same time winning can be a bit tricky and complicated.

The game consists of a wide range of gaming selections which include the card games, tower defense and also the battle arenas. The games can be downloaded or accessed on various devices such as the pc, laptops, tablets and you can also enjoy them as you move from your mobile phones.

For you to perfect and become a pro clash royale player, you need to master all the tips and tricks related to the game.

Balance your deck

If you want to win then, you must have a reliable and robust deck. Choose a deck comprising of all stable and secure army. Also, ensure they have different fighting equipment that would fight the enemies that are nearby and at a far distance. For example, make sure your deck has some soldiers with guns, bombs swords among others.

Select battle units who can attack towers

Ensure that you select the units that are designed for attacking towers in your deck. Such groups are created with skills of accessing different buildings, they have various hideouts and can also be able to jump off the walls of the buildings. Note that you can mix up the individual units with other fighters as well since you will still need additional soldiers to win your battles.

Combine your units

This is one of the greatest clash royale tricks that everyone must master. The way that you pair and arrange your soldiers on the battlefield will determine your strength in combating your enemies and your chances of winning. Therefore, know the right units for placing at the towers, identify the groups that perform better or are strong when fighting together and also know the weak units so you can be able to choose a reliable backup for them.

Use spells

No matter how stable or reliable your units are, using spells can significantly help them in gaining more strength and abilities to win. For example, you can use the freezing spells whereby you automatically stop the movement of the opposing troops for some few seconds and give your units a free smashing opportunity. Other spells can help you identify the weak enemies for easy targeting.

Play when the audio is on

One way to excel in clash royale is by playing when the audios are on. The sound enables you to focus and follow the battles since you can hear the battle effects when you either hit the target or get attacked. If you are in a public area, use headphones if you don’t want to destruct other people but ensure the audio are on.

Clash royale is a fun and enticing game that you need to consider downloading on your device. As long you master all the necessary tricks and tips related to the game, you will become a pro in the game. Take your time when creating your troop to ensure you select equivalent units for the battlefields.

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