7 Useful Business Apps To Make Life Easier

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List of Useful Business Apps To Make Life Easier

As business people we need apps to get things going. Most of today’s practical apps are free of charge. They’re compatible with most smart devices and they’re extremely useful to people working in different domains and activity fields. From organizational and statistical apps to note-taking and networking apps, the variety is endless. Here are a couple of very useful apps that will make your business life so much easier and stress-free.

There are plenty of pro business tools available for small business owners. However very few are used in everyday business dealing. These are some of the best tools used by thousands of business people. For some ecommerce businesses its almost impossible to stay profitable without such awesome apps.

Android owners may also like latest android apps for business.

Office Mobile

Sample Business Apps : microsoft office mobile app

Office Mobile is an easier version of the conventional PC version of Microsoft Office. It comes with a price ($9.99) but it can be extremely useful to business people working in domains like accounting or advertising. Users will be able to create and edit documents a lot more conveniently. All they have to do is sync to the cloud through their smart device. The app works with both Android and iOS, as well as on Windows Phone. Subscribers can also edit, view and access Excel, Word and PowerPoint files on the go. The documents will look just like the originals, only their format is simplified.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings is an iOS, Blackberry, and Android app that allows you to attend a meeting from any place. By using the app you will be able to join conferences through a camera switcher and a two-way video. Unlike similar apps that offer the exact same services, Cisco welcomes attendees to attach files. This way, business individuals will be able to talk about numbers and pitch a presentation using Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. Personal Finance Personal Finance can be an extremely useful app for business because it helps with keeping spending habits organized (in a dashboard). The app informs users where they’ve been spending, and it also sends out tips on how they can save cash. Additionally, it creates a personalized budget using your actual spendings. Use Mint to track loans, bank, credit and retirement budget and keep track of your money everywhere you go.


Evernote is probably one of the most common (and essential) business apps on the market today. It helps you stay organized. The apps allows users to store photos, to-do lists, notes, voice reminders and ideas. Evernote works with Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices, and it comes with a free version if you don’t want to pay for the full package. You have 60MB you can use on a monthly basis, for free.

Open Table

Open Table is not exactly a business app. But it can prove to be extremely useful. It allows users to search through more than 20,000 restaurants in Canada and the US. This way making a reservation is simpler than ever. Use Open Table to take your future investors to the finest bistro in New York City, or search for a nice take-out place close to the office. The app is extremely practical and useful in extravagant restaurants too; it allows you to book a table in places where it’s almost impossible to get one immediately.


Sunrise is the kind of business app that will take your online calendar to a whole new level. The app is sleek and really easy to use. It helps people stay on schedule, and it syncs in real time extremely fast. Sunrise works on Android and iOS, and it will certainly make your day at the office unwind smoother.


Talon mobile app

A lot of business people depend on Twitter to attain success and make their companies thrive. Talon is stock Twitter app that opens up an efficient and more productive output for tweets. By using this app you’ll be able to complete tasks easier and with a lot more fluency. Talon helps people save time and stay organized at business events when they’re on-the-go. Several of the apps main features include: live streaming supports, support for two accounts, in-app browsers and numerous others.

As a business individual it is imperative to stay organized. You can’t do that traditionally anymore because you won’t be able to live up to your competitors. Business apps can help; their main purpose is to help you stay updated with the latest news, as well as keep your documents and files in order. Use the best and make your business life a lot easier.

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