Top 5 Websites To Buy Mobiles Online in India

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List of best websites for phone online shopping in India

Online shopping has been popular in USA for many years, however in India it has started picking up recently. Many trusted online stores have started doing good business in India with awesome ecommerce website looks. More and more people are doing online shopping, mainly young adults.

With this changing ecommerce trend and plenty of free and open source ecommerce platforms anyone can quickly start a ecommerce business in India, however the shoppers are still going to trust big brands for few coming years, mainly due to payment processing security and shipping of products.

The market of mobiles phones-especially smart phones in India is going very hot and happening. Every day you can easily find a new handset being introduced in the market Interesting thing is that all of them are getting good response from the users. I remember an article- across which came few days back in news daily.

A new handset from a popular mobile brand was introduced online and within 12 hours, 2.11 million phones were sold!

It set a new Guinness World Record of smart phone sales!

Mobile Shopping Trend In India

Search trends of online mobile shopping in India - comparison of iphone and Samsung

iPhone and Samsung are the most running brand of mobiles in India as well as in other parts of the world. People are mad behind it from head to toe. Especially in the smart phone segment, these two are undisputed leader.

The above picture of google search trends shows the high interest in both brands.

There may be hundreds of brands of mobiles phones in the market but there is something really unique and special about iPhone and Samsung Mobiles that is why people are so crazy about those.

When you see it then you feel like buying it, when you buy it then you feel like keeping close to your heart 24 hours a day and when you hold it in your hands then you feel like dancing with it! And when it is not in your hands then you feel like dying!

Such is the magic of mobiles on the minds of mobile users. It may seem to some of you that I have over exaggerated the things but when you will take it in your hands then my words may seem true to you.

Phone Shopping Trend In India By State

Below snapshot will give you a picture of phone shopping trend in India by state.

Comparison of Phone Shopping Trend In India By State

Phone Shopping Trend In India By City

Below snapshot will give you a picture of phone shopping trend in India by cities.

Comparison of Phone Shopping Trend In India By cities in India

These are some of the most preferred destinations for buying iPhone, Samsung and other latest mobiles online in India.


As an alternative, amazon is also a safe place for buying Samsung Mobiles. Just because I have mentioned its name in the last, then it doesn’t means that any way, it is less efficient than the other 4 names that I have placed above.

It is one of the best websites for buying anything online in India. So go there and don’t forget to share your experiences with me. They also provide exclusive coupons and offers on mobile so to get the extra discount use amazon coupons and save the money. For more offer and deals visit


I really find this place interesting and inviting. I am talking especially in the respect of the bulk of useful information that it provides to its users for every product that it has on its portal. Whether you want to buy Android or Windows Phones of Samsung, ebay should definitely be your number one choice.


Before going further, it’s important for me to mention here, that flipkart is the most sought after destination for any brand of mobiles phones, not only by the users but also from the side of merchants and sellers. In fact it has exclusive sales contract with some of the leading brands of mobile phones.


Snapdeal is also a significant name and deserves a special mention here. Apart from Flipkart, this is the second most sought after destination for online buying of any items in India. If you are looking for some interesting offers on Samsung mobiles then for sure, go there.


The next place where you can search for Samsung mobiles is junglee. When you will go there, then you will fall instantly in love with the kind of Samsung mobiles that it has to offer to you! Just go there and experience the difference!

Phones online shopping india has changed drastically. Most of the brands are launching the phones exclusively in India with attractive prices. Last few years has really changed the ecommerce landscape in India.

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