Top 20 Customer Service Mistakes Proved Worst For eCommerce Business

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Customer Service Mistakes For eCommerce Business

Regardless of how amazing a business may be, they are definitely in trouble if they cannot treat a customer right. Ever heard of the phrase: A customer is always right? The phrase is not something that is just there to be ignored; follow this phrase and you will see unlimited success with your business.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of not treating their customers well or in a way that they deserve. This, in turn, cost them their customers and a very bad reputation in the market as well. If you are a business owner who is looking for loyal customers, then avoid the following ten service mistakes at all costs:

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Forgetting The Basic Manners

Most of the times, businesses get overconfident and forget the basic rules of courtesy. The most important thing to remember is that your only priority is your customer, and a simple “sorry” and “thank you” can brighten up your customers’ mood. So, make sure you know how and when to use them properly.

Not Understanding Your Customer Properly

A customer hates it when the business messes up his request. These mistakes happen because the representative has not paid enough attention to the customer’s request, and so he fails to understand his customer in a proper manner. Note to self: Paying attention is the key to a good relationship with your customers.

Giving Too General Responses

If a customer has a problem that needs answering, do not just send him the same generalized auto-response that you would send to fifty other customers. He has approached you for a reason, so it is your duty to make sure you help him out in a proper, customized manner.

Making Your Customer’s Face The Pass-Around

A customer hates it when his call keeps being forwarded to one department or another. Not only the long hold makes him irritated but it also makes him feel unimportant and his call, unwanted. Make sure that you have a strong calling system which can deal with the customer’s request immediately.

Not Remembering Your Customers

While it is agreeable that it is hard to keep a detailed record of customers, make use of database. Every time you recall a customer’s name, you will enforce his loyalty in you. Spell his name right and you have earned yourself a jackpot.

Not Keeping Your Promises

If you promise your customer something, make sure you fulfill it at all costs. If you can’t, then don’t make such promises in the first place. A customer will always remember the mistakes that you make, and he will most definitely not try your services again.

Not Bending Your Policy

Customers hate it when the business staff goes “Sorry, but that is our policy”. Customers are human beings; do not treat them like heart-less robots. In order to win a customer’s heart, you need to bend your ways instead of being stubborn and arrogant about rules that you have designed.

Not Being Available For Your Customers

Do not make this mistake if you have a business with online leads. A lot of customers now approach the businesses online due to their feasibility, and you will lose a customer if you take too long to respond back. Be swift with your replies to make them feel special.

Trying To Prove Your Customer Wrong

A lot of times, customers will argue over something or another. Instead of arguing with them about it, listen to their point of view. Wiser men have agreed that a customer is always right, and therefore instead of arguing with them, be assertive.

Rude And Untrained Staff Members

Many businesses hire staff members due to their financial constraints. The staff turns out to be untrained and rude with your clientage, causing your business to suffer. Make sure that you train your staff to be courteous and well-informed at all times.

Customer service mistakes to avoid

Not Maintaining Eye Contact

If a customer has arrived at your customer service department, try to maintain a positive eye-contact. This helps the customer in front of you understand that you have his full attention and are noting his words with interest. If you are too busy looking at your computer screen, you will annoy the customer

Busy Talking To Other Co-Workers

Many times, customers are sitting right in front of the customer service receptionist waiting while he converses away with his co-worker about lunch or movie plans. This not only looks rude and impolite but also makes the customers feel unwanted or uninvited, which is why you must always attend to your customer instead of making a poor impression.

Poor Knowledge Of Products

A customer service representative needs to be aware of the product details. It is possible that the customer is in a hurry and does not want his calls forwarded onwards. In times like this, the representative should be able to help the customer out himself.

Leaving A Customer Alone

Many times, a representative leaves the customer alone as he goes to his other co-workers in order to acquire more information. What is worse, he leaves without telling the customer why or where he is going, making customer angry.

Blaming Someone Else

Another problem that many customer representatives have is not accepting the flaw. They would blame the customer, blame the product manufacturers or even the customers’ family instead of accepting responsibility; in return, the customer will instantly tick you off the charts.

Not Checking Again

Many customer service representatives have out-dated stocks at their desk, which leads to providing false information to their customers. A client might come up to them asking whether a specific product is available or not. Instead of simply answering no, check again for updated information.

Misspelling A Customer’s Name

Nothing ticks off a customer than his name being misspelled or pronounced wrong. It’s the same reason why everyone gets annoyed with Starbucks employees. If you have a customer, politely ask him his name spelling or ask him the pronunciation; you will instantly win yourself brown points.

Asking Irrelevant Questions

If you have a customer who needs help with his new microwave application, do not ask him if he would be interested in purchasing a dishwasher instead. Customers call up the service for immediate assistance and they hate it when the representative beats about the bush.

Not Following Up

Following up with a customer after providing him assistance is sure to leave a wonderful impression on the client that you sincerely care about him. A simple feedback from the customer goes a long way.

Repeating Your Mistakes

Last but not the least, customer representatives need to steer clear of repeating mistakes. The focus of customer service should be rectification of mistakes, not repetition. It should be more about focusing on the feedback rather than considering yourself too confident that the mistake will not happen again.

A business is only successful if it has a solid and loyal client age. A loyal client age only happens if the business treats its customers like royalty. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will improve your client age in no time at all.

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