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20 Google Chrome Extensions for Developers and Designers

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Google Chrome Extensions for Developers and DesignersGoogle chrome is one of the fastest and the extremely inevitable when it comes to the browser extension. There are lot webs browsers which have been increasingly developed and incorporated with extensions. In addition, Google chrome extensions, plug-ins, and add-ons are developed by the developers, designers, and users. This thing makes them exceedingly more dominant.

Google Chrome provides many inbuilt features that are available as an add-on for Firefox and other browsers.

However, the google chrome extensions have a range of functions; some of it was ranging from blocking ads to display weather. Aside from that, some users are bound to find at least helpful extensions that would be a big hand for them to improve their web browsing. These are the best extensions from Google chrome:

Design Related Plugins

Eye Dropper

The eye dropper is an open source extension which allows you to choose colors from the web pages. You can use your personalized color by these extensions. It is an immense tool for web developers.

Corporate Ipsum

It is a tool which generates filler content by the word or paragraph.

Google Font Previewer For Chrome

This extension will make it easy for you to look particular font on previewing it. You can see how page`s text would look if it were applied from the following list of fonts.

Ruul. Screen Ruler

You will be able to get the great pixel perfect with: horizontal and vertical draggable rulers; pixel, picas and type measurement. It has four different color ruul, steel and wooden ruul included.


This would be a great help for you to find out the best and suitable fonts to be used on your website. It will show you simple and elegant design. This would probably detect the service used for serving the web fonts. It also supports Google Font API and Typekit.


This is a light weight picture editor to quickly edit pictures on chrome. This does not have powerful features like photoshop or GIMP but it has most commonly used features.

Testing Plugins

Resolution Test

With the option that defines your own standards, the developers in chrome can check their page in diverse resolutions of their selection by shifting the screen size because of this tool.

User-Agent Switcher For Chrome

This is one heck of a useful plugin if you like to mimic your chrome into another browser or a mobile device user agent. This can be really handy in checking your website behavior on different user agents.

Debugging Plugins

Web Developer

It is a toolbar which you can add various web developer tools. The purpose of this toolbar is to add quick access to a variety of important webmaster tools.

Firebug Lite For Google Chrome

Firebug lite provides affluent image representation we are worn to perceive in firebug when it comes to Box model shading, DOM elements, and HTML elements.

JSON Editor

A lightweight JSON editor that can format and validate your JSON data inside chrome.


This is a quick handy plugin that can validate the JSON data on your website and help you debug any issues related to JSON. This uses client side JSON parsing using JSONLint.

Speed Tracer

This tool will help you track and fix the performance problems in your web application. It also evaluates the routine of the page which detects why it is slowing down and the steps that can do to improve it. With this extension, you will obtain the enhanced picture of the application where the time is being spent.


RegExp Tester App

A simple extension to quickly test and debug your regular expressions.

Diff Text

Simple tool to compare two blocks of text or string.

Web Service Development and Debugging

Advanced REST Client

This is probably the best and simplest REST API client for google chrome. This has support for JSON as well as XML request and response data.

Talend API Tester

This extension can help you use google chrome as a simple rest client for any HTTP rest based service you are using. Popular for doing API testing on micro-services.


Postman is a popular client for rest API testing. It also has powerful sharing features to share the REST requests. It also has a desktop version.

Content Management and Publishing


This can be a really productive tool for managing multiple WordPress blogs from one dashboard. You can easily monitor and publish to multiple WordPress driven sites from one dashboard.

SEO Related Plugins

Alexa Traffic Rank

It is the extension from the internet which is free to use which includes you in Alexa`s traffic panel. Alexa has accompanied you since you surf; provide you with Alexa data about the sites you visit without interrupting your web browser.

Meta Tag Generator

This extension simplifies the meta tag generation for any HTML page. There are dozens of meta tags that can be generated for better search engine performance of your site.

Last, of all, Google Chrome is constantly expanding in order to offer its users more and more customization which helps a lot when it comes to time-saving features. These extensions are made out for us to make our tasks and lives easier when it comes to developing your websites. There are a lot of extensions which are most useful for different needs and for different purposes. This browser was intended in such way that we can insert some extensions by which reduce some of our efforts while we are in the field of work on the web. I hope these blogs help you a bit of information that you wanted the most.

The guest post is done by Stacy Carter, a technology and seo writer and blogger. She covers tech and seo news on many websites. She runs her own website: softeq.

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