How to Grow Your Local Business with eGift Cards

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How to Grow Your Local Business with eGift Cards

If you are reading this, I can tell you are the type of business owner who cares about their business. You are the type of person who works hard and takes pride in what they do. I know this because you wouldn’t be investing your time in reading blog articles that help grow your local business.

Thank you for your attention. Now let us reward you with valuable knowledge on how to grow your local business with eGift Cards.

Let’s start with…

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue using egift cards promotions

Start to Sell eGift Cards and you will increase your local businesses revenue. Start generating revenue in advance by selling eGift Cards on your website. Studies have shown most people will spend more money than the original value of the eGift card.

eGift Cards have proven to be a huge profit maximizer for local businesses, especially for restaurants, gift card shops, massage therapy spas, and most service-based industries.

Sell All The Time & From Anywhere

Sell All The Time & From Anywhere

Sell your eGift Cards anytime, anywhere even when your local business is not open! You are losing out on sales if you do not offer eGift Cards to your customers. eGift Cards make a perfect go-to gift. If customers can’t buy from your store because your business is closed for the night, you are losing money. Allow your customers to purchase eGift Cards, 24/7/365 on your website. This will make for happier customers and increased revenue for your business!

Gain More Customers

Gain More Customers using eGift Cards
When you offer digital gift cards to your customers to purchase you will gain more customers. Your customers will buy eGift Cards not for themselves but for their friends, significant others, co-workers or family members.

Often time the recipients of this eGift Card are new to your local business. People are 10 times more likely to redeem a gift card over a coupon because of the greater perceived value. Now that you have new customers walking into your business, a good percentage of them can turn into new regular customers!

Make & Save Money

Make & Save Money on your business using egift cards

There are major differences between eGift Cards and regular plastic gift cards. eGift Cards cost nothing to set up, in fact with Giftcard Suite you can try it out 30 days free.

With normal plastic gift cards, you must spend money upfront on the physical card. It cost nothing to make an eGift Card because they are digital products. Plus, another con of plastic gift cards is you have to spend your hard-earned money on shipping and delivery. This doesn’t even account for lost, damaged or stolen plastic gift cards. The beauty of eGift Cards is that they ship free via e-mail. That feeling of relief is the not having to deal with the burden that comes with ordering physical gift cards. Welcome to the new age of eGift Cards where your business saves and makes more money!

People like Eco-Friendly

People like Eco-Friendly
Want to increase your public relations? Well, eGift Cards are eco-friendly vs plastic gift cards. Once the plastic card value is complete they are tossed into the trash. This is only adding to the growing landfills that are devastating natural environments and ecosystems.

On the other hand, eGift Cards are digital goods just like streaming music, e-mails or online programs. They don’t take up physical space or resources.

eGift Cards will outlive the plastic gift card because it is eco-friendly, which matches our current growing values.

Build your Brand

Build your Brand

Your brand is the identity of your business. It is how your customer perceives the value of your business. By selling eGift Cards customers will see that your businesses brand is associated with it. This will increase your brand’s awareness.

Building your brand in most cases will cost you a lot of money. With eGift Cards building your brand will make you money! Selling and offering eGift Cards is a great tool to reinforce your brand to retain and gain new customers.


eGift Cards will help grow your local business in many ways as listed above. Electronic gift cards will increase your businesses revenue, save you money and boost your brand!

The biggest bonus is this will all make you money and not cost you a dime. eGift Cards are a rare gem entering the marketplace. If you look at the business trends across many analytics and data graphs eGift Cards are only growing in popularity and usage.

The answer is clear as a sunny summer day. Selling eGift Cards for your local business will help grow your local business! Get started now!

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