20 Smart Fitness Gadgets for Better Health

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Smart Fitness Gadgets for Better Health

Everybody prefers sound health of mind and body so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest. Health is wealth. In this day and age, people give a lot of importance to their physical fitness.

If you want to stay healthy, then you have to give quality time to your body. Nobody likes unhealthy or diseased body as it creates lots of problems. People not only prefer to keep their body in good shape and properly maintained but also desire to be internally healthy and fit. The physically fit person is active and healthy internally as well as externally. The appropriate body will possess the strong immune system that will help you in fighting different types of disease.

In this competitive world, people hardly get enough quality time for their physical fitness, so they favor fitness tools for better health. Various types of smart fitness equipment are available on the market. You can even get it online too.

Best Gadgets to Gain Better Health

Now, I will discuss smart fitness gadgets that will make your work relaxed and comfortable. Here I will provide the list of 10 fitness devices that will offer you better health. So let’s move ahead to explore the top smart appliances that will make your life cool and comfy.


If you are speeding while eating then, this device will undoubtedly assist you in tracking and checking eating habits. You can lessen yours eating pace by making use of this tool. Whenever you east speedily or in a hurry, then tiny vibrations will be observed through the notifications of the sensors.

Utilizing USB, you can upload the information. You can track your progress with the associated app. In the body of HAPIfork, you will find the ‘brain’ of it which you can remove while washing.

Umoro One

If you want to enjoy favorite whey protein mix, then this bottle will prove to be great for you. At the time of workouts, you can make use of this bottle. It serves as the post workout drink that you will get just by the push of the button.

Fitbit Aria

Weight watchers will experience this tool perfect for weighing. The body fat percentage and the body mass index is traced by this appliance. It is meant for eight users that can know their weight. The progress management is possible with the help of the data that is transferred wirelessly to your electronic device. Whenever you reach the desired goal, then you will get the notification of the same.

DNA Testing Kit

n your home, you can experience the control of medical laboratory by making use of this tool. You can connect it to your cell to detect the ancestry, health and traits. This DNA Testing Kit from 23andMe provides personalized genetic reports along with your wellness and carrier status.

AliveCor Kardia Band

It will prove to be an excellent choice to monitor the heart-rate. This Apple Watch strap holds electrocardiogram tech that will check the shortness of breath and palpitations. The Apple watch user can monitor the heart-related problems with the help of this piece of equipment.


With your iOS or Android application, you can examine the brushing habits by making use of this electric toothbrush. It will inform you about your missing teeth, you can gain the information about oral healthcare experts and will keep the record of how many times you brush your teeth.


Are you eager to know about your heart rate movements, breathing, snoring and sleep patterns? If yes, then make use of this device – Beddit which will tell you about your sleep quality. You can have the nighttime awareness by keeping slips under your sheets.

The information will be conveyed to your cell. You can enjoy better sleep as it helps you in providing tips related to personal coaching.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

At times the air becomes polluted in the environment which causes difficulty in breathing. The issue of unpolluted air mostly occurs in big cities where you will find less natural environment. The unpolluted air enters your home and causes various types of health issues. So it is must to identify the quality of the air so that you can enjoy the healthy and fresh environment.

This application will check humidity, temperature and air quality level of the situation. It will give you an idea of how to build a healthier environment. To your mobile device, you can link numerous healthy home coaches with the help of which you can check several rooms.

AMI Bolt

This device will diagnose your blood oxygen levels and your body vitals. Earlier it was known by the name of the Vitals Plus. You can keep track of your complete health by making use of this device as you can measure your blood pressure along with the temperature of the body. Without any discomfort of the needle, you can make use of this equipment anytime and anywhere.

On your smartphone app, you can store your tracked data which in turn help you to compare day to day results. You can discuss the results with the health experts by sending your stored data through SMS or email.

Avance Centrifugal Juicer

There are health issues like heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer that can be cured to the certain extent with the intake of fiber. By making use of the juicer, you can enjoy the fiber. The great thing is that you can choose the texture of juice with the help of the fiber boost technology. You can quickly clean the apparatus. You can get 50% more fiber in the form of clear juice or creamy juice.

Omron Evolv Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron Evolv is a lightweight and portable device that measures and records your blood pressure. This is an innovative one-piece design that provides clinically accurate readings wirelessly.

Omron blood pressure monitor uses heart health algorithm to measure more data points and eliminate interference from movement to give accurate information. It is fitted with standard cuffs to fits large adult upper arms between nine to seventeen inches in circumference. 
The device uses Bluetooth technology to connect to Omron app so you easily monitor your overall health and share your results with friends, family or your doctor.

Under Armor Gemini 3 Smart Shoes

These are lightweight and neutral shoes build on a premium ultra cushioned midsole for unmatched comfort. They feature a breathable speed form upper with midfoot support for long distance running. The smart shoes come with a seamless heel cup for a perfect fit and a charged cushioning to absorb impact and to return explosive energy. The fitness tracker is fitted right in the sole of the shoes to record your data effortlessly. The shoes boast a Bluetooth connectivity that saves all the results to an app on your smartphone. They are great for pre-event training as they measure how ready your body is for a run through a re-run jump test.

Dr Scholls Freeze Away Wart Remover

Warts are skin growth caused by viruses. They can occur on any apart of the body and they are painful. Warts can form in a variety of shapes and sizes. They may appear as a bump with a rough surface or it may be flat and smooth. Dr scholls wart remover helps remove warts and freeze skin tags by pulling the skin tag parallel to the ground and applying the freezing head to the middle of the tag or wart.

Withings steel HR

Withings steel watch is a great device for those looking for an elegant wearable fitness tracker. It has a sleek classy look that automatically tracks steps while you are running, sleeping or swimming. This includes monitoring continuous heart rates for workouts, daily heart rate trends, and resting heart rate at night to give a comprehensive overall assessment of your health. The watch includes an easy to read digital screen that displays your heart rate, the number of steps, distance walked, calories burned, alarm clock and other alerts. It automatically synchronizes with your smartphone to visualize activity, sleep cycle, and heart rate trends in the free health mate app.

Withings thermo

Withings thermo features 16 infrared sensors that make more than 4000 measurements to find the hottest point to deliver the most accurate results. The thermometer provides the most sanitary way to take temperature as it only requires a simple scan across the forehead hence and avoids contact with your saliva, earwax or other body fluids. It syncs automatically with your smartphone and app to give an interpretation of your health results based on fever, age, history, and symptoms. The thermometer is designed to accommodate up to 8 users. It comes with LED indicators that tell if a reading is normal or elevated.

Coros Smart Bicycle Helmet

Coro’s smart bicycle helmet has everything that a cyclist could ever want. You don’t need to wear your earphones as the helmet has bone conducting built-in earphones so you can enjoy your music without blocking out background sounds from cars and other potentially dangerous obstacles. It has GPS settings so you can save and share routes and ride data to cycling apps or set preferred waypoints. The helmet is designed to convert sound waves into vibrations which are then delivered through your upper cheekbone. It tracks your ride and rides history including distance, maximum speed, average speed, time and calories burned. If you have an accident it sends a message to your loved ones alerting them.

Muse: Brain sensing headband

Muse is a personal meditation assistant headband which works by measuring whether your brain is calm or active during meditation. It is simple to use and it offers personalized tracking and motivational challenges to encourage you. Simply put on the headband, put on the app, close your close eyes and muse will guide you to calm your mind. When your mind is calm you will hear peaceful weather sounds. These sounds intensify if your mind begins to wander bringing you back to a calm state. The app gives accurate real-time feedback that enables you to review your data after a session, set goals and build and improve an effective and a rewarding meditation practice.

S+ Personal Sleep solution

S+ is a personalized sleep sensor with cutting edge programs to help you significantly improve your sleep. S+ uses patented bio-motion contactless sensors that monitor your breathing and body movement by detecting the movements of your upper body while you sleep such as position changes, arm twitches, and shrugs. S+ also detects expansion and relaxation of your chest as you breathe in and out. Additional sensors detect key factors that affect your sleep environment including loud sound, light levels, and temperature. It automatically syncs with your smartphone app to analyze these results to determine how they affect your sleep rate and provide customized suggestions to help you sleep better.

Alcohoot Smartphone breathalyzer

Take control of your drinking and become a smart drinker with the alcohoot portable breathalyzer. Alcohoot is a small device with a sleek compact design to easily fit in your pocket so you can take it with you everywhere. 

Alcohoot boasts of police-grade technology – Platinum electro-chemicals fuel cell technology – to ensure you get the most accurate results. It connects to your phone through the headphone jack to help you keep track of your BAC levels. 
The app provides text results in graph charts through your smartphone so you can keep track of your drinking habits by knowing how alcohol affects your body under different conditions. This small gadget shows you open restaurants near you no matter where you are. It can connect to ride-sharing programs such as Uber, Hail, Taxi Magic and Lyft to order a taxi for you.

Steripen Ultra UV Water purifier

The steripen water purifier is a reliable travel companion. It uses ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy over 99.99% of harmful germs, protozoa, and viruses that exits in water. It is designed with a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a battery life of up to 50 treatments per charge and 300 charge-discharge cycles. It features a simple OLED display that shows treatment, lamp and battery status. It comes with a smiley face that alerts you when your water is purified in just 45 seconds. A frowning face indicates that the process needs to be repeated.

All these gadgets will prove to be boon for you as it will make your work simple and organized. In this smart world, the use of technology for health benefits will make your lifestyle easy going. So to enjoy better health and fitness, you can select any of the appliances of your choice and requirement so that your body stays hale and hearty.

By making use of these types of apparatuses, you can make your life soothing and comfy as you can identify different health issues that affect your whole life. These smart gadgets will help you to remain active and will let you focus on your work more efficiently. Keep yourself in good shape by using devices mentioned above in your daily routine life. Enjoy your life to the fullest by keeping yourself fit and fine.

If you make use of health benefit tools, then you can diagnose your health conditions beforehand and work on the same for better results. This post will help you to stay happy and healthy.

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