How To Use Internal Data For The Automated Content Generation

How To Use Internal Data For The Automated Content Generation

As you may have noticed, it is not an easy task to write something interesting and valuable. A big part of the problem is that quality content is really difficult to create. Writing an interesting post takes hours. What makes it even worse, with all the information available online, you cannot be sure if it’s accurate or not.

Writers, content creators, who use different professional tools and have all the skills to create engaging content, are rare and expensive.

Fortunately, modern technology can make everything easier.

What Kind Of Technology Is Involved In This Process?

Nowadays, the main technologies that are used for the automated content generation are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG).

The first one is just a simple computer program that understands the human voice and converts it into text. You know those: Google’s “Voice typing”, any kind of Apple Siri, Drive or some other types of software.

NLG went a step further. It transforms the structured data from NLP into made-up stories (content generated from data without the human involvement).

Why Is Automation Profitable For You And Your Team?

According to Rentberry team, such automation is very beneficial: it can create new content (especially in case of urgent news) and it doesn’t require additional efforts.

An additional perk is that automated generation does not only help you to work faster, but it also prevents you from making routine mistakes. It improves efficiency, thus business outcomes. That is why plenty of companies use automated content generation to save vast amounts of efforts and time of their content teams.

Furthermore, automation gives you the time to discover, analyze more information; to find new understandings and perspectives.

For example, writing hundreds or thousands of different product descriptions is time-consuming and costly — whether it’s in-house writers or dozens of freelancers. With natural language generation, the process becomes easier and each product gets a unique and rich description.

As a powerful tool, it has benefits not only for marketing but also for sales, service, and production. It can be easily added to any channel, blog, or website and be personalized due to the customer’s needs.

The efficiency of using such NLG automation is profitable for any kind of companies that need large amounts of unique content.

Numerous forms of such artificial intelligence have always been behind the scenes of content efforts for years: different marketing automation tools, smart algorithms, campaigns etc. Some technologies may help create content, some may help distribute it. However, they require immense work to link the system with particular content needs.

How To Use The Automated Generation Tools?

A content generator tool lets you type a keyword or keyword phrase into a search bar and it can convert data into new articles based on whatever it was able to find online.

You may also use your internal data, attach images and add some links.

If you have a target audience and you want to attract more, you can also use an auto content generator tool just to help you in writing interesting and high-quality content. That can help you to develop your page just from a simple blog to a really attractive and popular one. You can add some data from your previous research works (PowerPoint presentations, Excel files etc.).

Structure Everything!

Here is a little hint for you: according to marketing specialist LandlordsTips, before starting, you need to check if your data is correctly structured. Automated content needs to be divided into datasets that machines can analyze. All you have to do: just input structured data and allow machines or some programs to do everything for you. Without proper input, computers fail. This is for you to be sure that everything suits your system code and matches all the criteria for your content.

Of course, you can set up your own conditions. How the data is translated depends on what the system’s creators code translation rules are. That way an automation will be performed only when everything meets the specific criteria.

Once you finished with the structuring of everything you need, you may start!

Besides blog/news/any text writing the automated content generation is also good for:

Acceleration Of Email Handling

If you belong to the group of those individuals who sent out plenty of emails daily and struggle with it here is a solution for you. Having an organized structured system for handling email makes you spend less time in your inbox and more time performing some other more important things.

For example, you could automate the procedure for transferring some messages from the inbox to another folder. Furthermore, you can mark emails just to get rid of them. It would be good for messages like e-newsletters or advertisements (different spam).

Making Presentation

  • Instead of spending time in PowerPoint there are a lot of different tools which may help you to create different presentations at just one click.
  • Twitter and Instagram posts. Especially large bloggers will admire such possibility of more posts with less affords.
  • News. It’s not a secret that such big news agencies as the Washington Post uses automated storytelling tools

The Other Side Of The Story

More and more automation tools get popular. However, customers value quality over quantity. Such tools cannot get the right amount of personalization sometimes, thus they are less attractive to audiences.

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