15 Useful Content Creation Tools and Tips

Many content marketing strategy recommend that we must create awesome pages using content curation tools. Many blogger are already doing it and dozens of powerful tools are already available for it.

For your content marketing strategy to be impactful and successful, great content is a pre-requisite. Usage of the correct tools at the right time is crucial for maximizing productivity. These will help in creating better and more content with élan.

56% of marketers have their own content marketing tools to handle any challenge but discovering just the right ones that would suit

your specific needs can indeed be challenging. Here is a list of both free and paid tools, ranging from headline analyzers, meme-makers, research resources that would essentially complement your efforts of content research and creation.

Headline Generator And Analyzer Tools

  • Impact blog title generator is a free tool designed by BlogAbout and comes to the rescue when awesome blog headlines are required. You need to simply add the topic, click a button, and get the titles from which you can choose your posts. Once you find the right one, you need to press the heart icon to save it on a notebook. This list of your selected titles would be emailed to you.
  • CoSchedule headline analyzer is free and allows you to merely enter the title and start analysing the headline, the count of characters and words that would get more clicks. This tool scores your title on a scale of 100. It also provides insights on making your title a unique one.
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer is a paid tool that you can use to find the most click-worthy title. This is useful for decreasing bounce rate and boosting user engagement. You need to enter various options in WordPress post editor screen and the plugin will do the testing.
  • Portent Content Idea Generator is a free tool that would create simple and creative titles along with topics. You need to enter your keyword and unique titles for the post would be created.

Research And Discovery Tools

  • Google Trends is a free tool ideal for content creators who need traffic and quality links. This tool tracks popular keywords in Google Search and uses the Top Charts feature to build on content ideas that are of interest to people. Seasonality of trends and ideas are brought easily for you.
  • ContentIdeator is a paid content intelligence solution providing data-driven insights for gauging content performance through various channels. It also generates attractive titles and gives ideas on topics that you can write in future. You need to enter the particular keyword and look through a list of headlines while getting to know other angles for the topic you are writing upon.
  • Feedly has both paid and free versions allowing you to manage your magazines, blogs, podcasts, news sites, YouTube videos and put all media content in one place.
  • SE Ranking is available in a free trial and paid versions and helps analyze the uniqueness of your content its performance. You would get a detailed analysis of the landing page based on major parameters, know the SEO friendliness of your content and keyword optimization.
  • Instapaper comes in both versions and is ideal for those who want to watch videos or read articles across devices, create notes and save snippets of interesting information. It is also good for doing research while on the go and users are able to work on different devices.

Content Creation Tools

  • Piktochart is best suited for creating infographics. It includes drag-and-drop options and various useful templates, making the process easy. For someone who is not a pro at web design, Piktochart can be quite a good solution.
  •’s free and paid versions for those content specialists who do not specialize in design. This online infographic editing tool can create awesome storylines with its customizable and premade templates.
  • PowToon is a free tool for creating animated videos and presentations without the help of a graphic designer. It also allows voice recording with a video or presentation.
  • Storify is available in both free and paid versions and allows you to create live blog stories. It is easy to use and can connect instantly all social media accounts for content promotion.

Other Content Marketing Tools

  • Copyscape is a paid tool ideal for checking plagiarism- you would get to know instantly whether any content is copied or original. It is a pre-requisite in case you are outsourcing content activities.
  • Gravity is a paid tool for personalizing content experiences by considering your personal preferences and parameters. It interacts with 50 popular companies and ensures that your content reaches the right audience.
  • ThingLink, Mou, Quickmeme are a few other important tools that are extremely useful for strengthening the weaknesses of the content creation process and create good quality, information-laden content for your audience.
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