5 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Transform Your Business

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Transform Your Small Business

Widely known as Artificial Intelligence, the concept of AI is becoming more and more popular with the businesses as it is transforming various functions in different departments.

For example, it enables a small business to automate different functions in marketing and enables it to reach a wider audience and increase sales. That in turn, increases the revenue through various online marketing channels such as social media.

Some other examples that can be given include the analysis of the big data that has been collected through years and generate extensive information about the present and possible future trends in the market. One more example of the usefulness of the AI is evidenced while building better ads for products and services.

AI Can Help Your Marketing Team Build Better Ads

A recent AI startup has come up with an amazing product called This AI-powered advertising management tool can do all the intelligent steps you expect an ad manager to perform. 

According to a report that was published recently, during the fourth quarter of 2017, Facebook earned more than $12 billion in revenue, a considerable increase over the previous years. One of the major reasons for this success includes the ability of the platform of this website to use AI or artificial intelligence for identifying the niche customer target for any given ad.

The first step of this process includes the use of “lookalike audience” technology used by the social media. For using this technology, the marketers provide a list of their best customers to the Facebook that includes customer’s phone number, email-id, and address.

With the assistance of this list, the machine learning software of Facebook constructs the profile of similar audience for the ads based on that database.

Now, Facebook offers this service both to the small and big businesses throughout the world as part of its services to the customers, without going to the trouble of an in-depth research that cost a lot of time, money and effort. However, with the facility of AI, it becomes a very easy process that can be completed in 2 to 3 days.

One of the major benefits of AI is the fact that it can coach as well as provide back-support for closing more deals.

AI Can Coach Your Salespeople So They Close More Deals

It is a fact that most of the B2B companies with high-growth, use the expertise of an inside-sales team for generating revenue. As they are most critical to the success of the business, it has become necessary for you to use the power of AI for coaching salespeople to do a better job.

For example, you can use some tools such as Chorus, Jog, and Gong to record and transcribe the calls made by your sales representatives. By using machine learning, these platforms complete different variables such as word choice or the time used for interaction.

The tools analyze everything including performance and educate salespeople for a better level of communication.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

An excellent way of utilizing AI is to automate the repetitive and boring tasks that have little value and wastes the time of your marketing team. The saving of time would enable the marketing team to focus their attention on creative and challenging tasks, while the routine and boring tasks would be completed on autopilot.

Faster And Adaptive Content Generation

With an increasing rate of online marketing, there is an increase in demand for content generation for advertising the products and services of the company to reach the targeted market.

In addition, you can use artificial intelligence for automated and adaptive content generation by using existing tools for collating the content extracted from different sources and creating a customized feed. Not only that, it outsources the generation of the required content at a fast rate and fulfills the demand.

As the technology continues to evolve, content generation would continue to get better and would engage the customer in various ways.

Customer Support / Handling

One method with which AI can assist the customer service department remains Chatbots; they are becoming very popular with companies for customer interaction.

With the continuous evolution of technology, the skill-set integrated with the new AI systems would continue to increase and eventually take over more complex jobs currently performed by customer care representatives.

AI is an umbrella under which several technologies amalgamate. Some of them include deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, robotics, natural language processing and cognitive computing.

Some might argue AI is a futuristic technology which actually makes your business impersonal and cold. However, as proved by Apple’s Siri and Google offering Deep Mind, it makes your business surge and is an amazing PR and marketing tool as well.

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