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Good list of artificial intelligence tutorials and resources for learning

Artificial intelligence is very interesting topic of research for many modern scientists. The concept of machine intelligence is really fascinating.
It gives human a power to design something that can live on its own. Almost like GODs creation.

The AI technology has become really advanced and its only matter of time when the machines will be able to learn almost anything.

The machine learning algorithms are already very smart, however the processing power has been a challenge in last decade.

Now with the big data and distributed computing revolution this problem has become easy to solve.

Many programmers and developers can start programming their own robots and other gadgets on their own.

Below are a list of AI tutorials and other relevant resources for aspirants who are willing to advance in this field of future.

Online Courses To Learn Artificial Intelligence

Below are some dedicated online courses that focus completely on the AI concepts.

MIT All Courses

The website covers all the MIT courses in the form of lecture videos and online tutorials. The videos start with Introduction & Scope covering Search, Constraints and others and ends with the Course Summary and Inferences.

Intro To Artificial Intelligence

Here you will learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. This is an intermediate level course and will take approximately four months to complete assuming a study of 6 hours a week.

EdX Artificial Intelligence

The aim of the course is to introduce the basic techniques and ideas of designing an intelligent computer system. EdX offers high quality education – both classroom and online.

Artificial Intelligence Planning

Planning is an utmost necessity for artificial intelligence and this course is aimed at offering a foundation to artificial intelligence techniques required for planning. The final version of the course is available in the January 2015 session.

Artificial Intelligence For Robotics

The aim of this class is to teach you the basic methods in artificial intelligence. It includes tracking & control, localization, planning & search and probabilistic inference – all focusing on robotics.

Machine Learning

It provides universal access to the best education in the world. It offers basic machine learning algorithms for both supervised and unsupervised learning. It gives flexibility of learning as well.

Neural Networks For Machine Learning

It teaches practical and algorithmic tricks for artificial neural networks. The classes consist of lecture videos of 5 to 15 minutes in length along with 1 to 3 integrated quiz questions.

Stanford Statistical Learning

It offers an introductory course on machine learning. The course is focused towards various aspects like linear, polynomial & logistic regression, linear discriminant analysis and many more.

MIT Open Courseware

The website contains PDF files of various tutorials. These tutorials covers varied topics like rule-based systems & search, games & constraint satisfaction problems, neural nets, as well as K-nearest neighbors.

Best Artificial Intelligence Books

Artificial intelligence is a topic that requires deep learning.  Experts recommend you to read multiple sources of information for learning various aspects of AI. The best trusted sources are  good artificial intelligence books that can help you learn more in depth concept of AI.

Learning from a book is relatively more serious and effective as compared to casual internet research and tutorials. You must buy a book on topic if you are serious about considering a career in this field.

Resources To Learn AI Programming

Below are some resources that will help you learn about programming artificial intelligence and self learning algorithms.

Prolog Programming For Artificial Intelligence

This best-selling guide in the field of Prolog and AI is updated with the latest key developments in the field of AI and also teaches the usage of basic Prolog mechanism to solve interesting AI problems.

AI Algorithms, Data Structures And Idioms In Prolog, Lisp And Java

The book is one of best ones in the category that illustrates the methods of programming in Java, Prolog and Lisp. The book covers each topic three times and includes logic-based learning and natural language parsing.

AIMA Lisp Source Code

This is the starting point to explore the online codes for AI. In this online source, you will get Software Licence Agreement for the code, Use and Installation Guide, Lisp Source Codes and the methods of Organization of the Codes.

AI Search

The tutorial is the introduction to the theory of AI in search techniques. This tutorial includes practical experiences and codes. This book is specifically designed for AI in Java.

Resources and Tutorials About Philosophy of AI


The future of intelligent life and humanity is perfectly curated by Nick Bostrom in this book. This book successfully breaks down the vast track of difficult intellectual terrain.

Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence And The End Of The Human Era

This book illustrates the risks of the reckless usage of advanced AI. This book has described this through the views and statements of big tech visionaries, industry watchdogs and groundbreaking AI systems.

How To Create A Mind: The Secret Of Human Thought Revealed

It demonstrates the exploration of Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering in Google, which is focused towards the process of reverse engineering of brain in order to understand the precise work and reciprocate the same to build super-intelligent machines.

Best Free AI Websites and Tutorials On Web

Foundations Of Computational Agents

The book is a complete repository for understanding and learning every minute details of AI. The text book starts with introduction to AI and covers Agents, Hierarchical Control and Problem

The Quest For Artificial Intelligence

When reading this book, the reader would know about the history of the subject right from the start till what the AI engineers achieved today. It also contains sessions for Learning Machines and Dartmouth Summer Project.

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning

Machine learning is the science that makes the computers function without being explicitly programed. The course offers a broader introduction to statistical pattern recognition, data mining and machine learning.

Computers And Thought: A Practical Introduction To Artificial Intelligence

The focus of the book is computer simulation of human activities like computer vision, understanding of natural computer languages and problem solving. It also covers neural network models and AI programming.

Artificial Intelligence And Molecular Biology

This book is the perfect combination of AI and Molecular Biology. This book bridges the gap and helps you learn a wide range of exploration starting from nucleotide to abstract concepts – specifically in the AI and Molecular Biology research.

Brief Introduction To Educational Implications Of Artificial Intelligence

This book is more about the implications of education in the current usage of AI. This book is more useful to the pre-service and in-service teachers. It offers study materials for Machine Learning, Algorithmic and Heuristic Procedures.

Encyclopedia: Computational Intelligence

This is a peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia that contains scholarly articles from Neural Networks, Computation Neurosciences, Graph Theory, Algorithmic Information Theory and many more along with Robotics and Artificial Life.

Ethical Artificial Intelligence

This is a book-length article that combines many peer-reviewed papers that mainly analyzes the issue of ethical AI. It also tells you about the behavior of future AI and are described by mathematical equations.

Deep Learning

This currently is free draft version book by Yoshua Bengio, Ian Goodfellow and Aaron Courville. This is a book on Deep Learning techniques and logics and covers wide range of related topics including sequence-to-sequence learning.

Tutorials Point

This tutorial is a great repository of introductory knowledge of AI and is best for the beginner level students. The prerequisite for this tutorial is the mandatory knowledge of Computer Science.

Artificial Intellegence Series

This tutorial discusses AI required for designing apps and games. This tutorial is more specific and hence it is important for the student to have a good knowledge of Computer Science.

Deep Learning. Methods And Applications

This is a free book from Microsoft Research that offers overview of general deep learning methodology and application

Neural Networks And Deep Learning

This is a free online book that will teach you Neural Networks, which is a nice biologically inspired programming paradigm and also Deep Learning, which is a powerful technique needed for neural networks.

Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective

This text book is a comprehensive repository that contains elaborate self-learning contents in the field of Machine Learning, which is based on the probabilistic and unified approach.

Deep Learning

This currently is free draft version book by Yoshua Bengio, Ian Goodfellow and Aaron Courville. This is a book on Deep Learning techniques and logics and covers wide range of related topics including sequence-to-sequence learning.

Best AI Video Tutorials and Talks

A Playlist of Different AI Tutorials For Beginners : Compiled By Fromdev

The Unreasonable Effectiveness Of Deep Learning

In this video, you can see Dr. Yann LeCun, Director of Facebook’s AI Research, talking about the deep convolutional neural networks and also the application of the same to computer vision and machine learning.

AI Lectures Playlist: Prof. Anupam Basu and Prof. Sudeshna Sarkar

This video link contains lecture series on AI by Prof. Anupam Basu and Prof. Sudeshna Sarkar. It starts with Introduction to AI and covers Intelligent Agents, State Space, Uniformed and Informed Researches along with Neural Networks and Probabilistic Learning.

AI Lectures Playlist: MIT

This is the MIT Open Courseware that contains 29 videos. The lectures are given by Prof. Patrick Winston who introduced 6.034 material from the perspective of concept and gig picture. The topics contain constraints, searches, reasoning and more.

AI Lectures Playlist: Prof P. Dasgupta

This is a computer science lecture series by Prof. P. Dasgupta. He covers all the minute details of AI in this lecture series. Introduction, Problem Solving and Heuristic Search are the few important aspects in this lecture series.

AI Lectures Playlist: Deepak Khemani

This link is the lecture series by Prof. Deepak Khemani. The video series covers a great combination of AI and Philosophy. It starts with the introduction of both the topics and finally gets blended beautifully.

AI Lectures Playlist: Stanford University

This link contains 53 videos regarding Artificial Intelligence at Stanford. It covers topics like AI & Uncertainty, Examples of AI in Practice and many others. It also has Chinese translation of all the answers.

Youtube 6

This video link contains 45 videos of AI. The beautifully curated videos by the lecturers have given good lectures about Robotics, Neural Networks with Problem Solving and Questions/Answers.

Youtube 7

This video link is the repository of AI class by Pieter Abbeel. There are 24 videos in the link that covers lectures for Informed Search, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Adversarial Search and many others.

Youtube 8

There are 20 videos on AI available in this link. The best part of this link is that it contains in-class exercises on AI along with take-home assignments. This sharpens the knowledge of the students.

AI Lectures Playlist: IIT, Kharagpur

This video link contains AI lectures given in IIT, Kharagpur. It is a mixed bag of AI lectures including Searching with Costs, Informed State Space Search and Heuristic

AI Lectures Playlist: IGNOU

This video link contains 26 AI lecture series videos from IGNOU. This video lecture series contains AI Programming Languages, Symbolic Logic Knowledge Presentation and Fuzzy Logic.

AI Lectures Playlist: Unity3D and C#

This video link contains six videos on Unity3D Artificial Intelligence in C#. This is basically an AI project related to safety and security systems using AI.

Best AI Discussion Forums and Message Groups To Get Help

Below are some forums and websites where you can get your questions answered about AI.

Stack Overflow : Artificial Intelligence

Quora : Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots AI Zone

Chatbots has AI zone that has some good quality contribution from participants. Search through the forum before asking a question.

Sub Reddits Dedicated To AI And Related Topics

AI Dreams

Yet another forum to discuss and connect with people interested in AI.

AI Forum

AI Forum is a place dedicated to students, researchers and programmers interested in AI.
You may find many simple and useful questions and answers on this site. Not so active forum.

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