How to Create Lightbox Popups That Work in 2022

How to Create Lightbox Popups That Work in 2022

Over time, users will be hardly surprised by additional windows that are displayed on the sites’ screens. They have become traditional interface elements. As technology developed, more popup formats were created. Their ever-expanding functionality is one of the reasons why the website lightbox trend will survive in the market for a long period of time.

Anyway, regardless of the fact they are so easily accessible, a lot of e-commerce business owners don’t have a clue how to start and what they need to achieve the promised bonuses. You have come to the right place. Your interactive journey in the world of profitable lightbox messages is going to start now!

The Best Popup for Online Websites

The more lightboxes appear in the market, the more confusing decision-making in favor of this or that template becomes. Of course, you can check what solutions are provided by experts like Claspo. It will be a nice strategy for beginners, but the lack of personal knowledge in the field will negatively influence the introduction of popping-up messages in your interface.

Here are the most prominent ideas on how to highlight crucial calls to action on your platform:

  • Sales Promotion — this format is prevailing in the nowadays industry. Taking into account how severe the competition between brands is, they frequently choose attention-grabbing sales and more budget-friendly prices for their audiences. The offered lightbox will be a good option to use if you need more information from end users. For instance, it is a good way to make customers subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Card abandonment Popups — the statistical data shows how disappointing the situation is. There is a formula to calculate this parameter, but the problem exists on each and every site. To reduce its negative influence and increase sales simultaneously, enthusiasts set up popups with discounts right after the cart is left. After that, there are visitors who come back to place their orders online and apply a provided coupon.
  • Social Proof Popups — a window that offers to join a particular e-commerce community with hundreds or thousands of experts/partners/etc. will be the best illustration of this lightbox format.
  • Mobile Popups — designing popups, customers are focused on their location, timing, and so-called termination. However, it is also important to consider the medium where they will be shown. The same messages for desktop and mobile users won’t be equally effective. A gorgeous and colorful image with a nice call to action will seem overly big and distractive on a considerably smaller screen of a cell phone. So professionals prefer more personalized projects for each medium they orient to. Another reason to consider this style as a must-have is simple: Google policies penalize platforms where additional displayed windows decrease the general content accessibility.

How to Prepare Top-Notch Pop-Ups

Step-by-step instructions will differ, depending on what software you pick up. Their software functionality varies, but you will definitely achieve a chance to work on the following parameters:

  • Make your content relevant. Aside from styling the typography of your message, interlining with the target purpose has to be considered. Whether you simply desire to share details about order terms, shipping options, VIP services, or promote huge sales, this has to be straightforwardly revealed by your popup.
  • Don’t forget about your branding. If your site’s color palette is created with an accent on bold tones, a popping-up message about the winter holiday shipping schedule in red hues with snowflakes is acceptable. If the balance is not matched, the outcome is drastically disappointing. A beautiful lightbox, which mood does not suit your platform, will be perceived as annoying and inappropriate.
  • Use power words instead of long sentences.
  • Don’t choose too many blocks — simplicity and visually clear hierarchy will be more targeting.
  • Play with overlay colors and their opacity. You don’t have to pick up editing that darkens the page background after a pop-up is opened.
  • An exit-intent strategy is a nice one. Overall, you should work on the closing options. A typical X sign that appears ten-twenty seconds after the original message arrives will be rather irritating than efficient.
  • Experiment with a popup location. Center orientations can be diversified with sidebars and click-on options on the bottom.
  • Edit your campaign. There is no need to insert all the possible popup types at once.

Wrap It Up

Callback, sales, sidebar, subscription, and so on — the variety of messages that pop up is huge. With the help of such services as Claspo, their creation will be an intuitive process. It is more important to consider what styles of lightbox popups will come in handy. Their relevance and contextuality are obligatory parameters to stick to. If you want such messages to work in modern realities, they have to trigger insights and hidden desires of customers. So take into account the audience of your brand and start magical popping-up transformations.

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