3 Surprising Facts About Bitcoin | What You Must Know

Ready for a surprise? Well, then check out these 3 surprising facts about Bitcoin. Here’s all you should know by now about BTC and the rest in 2022.

Especially in the financial world, many talk about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins, but only a few people can really explain this topic in a tangible way.

Luckily, a group of professional cryptocurrency investors, who have been using a DCA bot for years to generate profits automatically, wanted to share with us these facts that are always present in their day to day life.

Today we want to talk thoroughly about Bitcoin, who profits – and where dangers lie in dealing with the digital currency.

1st Fact: The Famous BTC is a Real Currency

It’s easy to dismiss Bitcoin as somehow “not quite real currency.” That’s basically because some characteristics completely distinguish the cryptocurrency from the euro, dollar, yen, and the rest of the fiat gang.There is no large state behind Bitcoin to ensure the integrity of the currency. It is practically a currency that can be accepted all over the world and does not recognize typical country borders. The inventor of Bitcoins has no more authority over the currency than any other person.

Anyone interested can earn Bitcoins digital money at home by mining it themselves. This is in contrast to the euro, for example, where “real” work must first be investedInstead of people, computers work to generate this currency – and that in turn costs electricity.Bitcoins are not available in infinite quantities. 21 million pieces are issued in total, after which the end is reached.

Therefore, it is not possible to “print money” and thus devalue the currency sooner or later. This also puts a stop to potential inflation.Nevertheless, Bitcoin is a currency like any other. Anyone who owns this currency can pay with it. Not every merchant accepts Bitcoin so far – but not every merchant accepts euros, dollars, or other currencies.far, at least, Bitcoin is not yet an issue for the mainstream. Sooner or later, however, this could change due to courageous merchants and people who have confidence in this system.

2nd Fact: Bitcoins Are Safe

To understand why Bitcoins (and many other cryptocurrencies) are so secure, we first need to look a bit at the technology behind them.Bitcoin has an extensive cash ledger that records all transactions ever made and future transactions. This database is called the blockchain.Anyone can download it if needed; when installing the Bitcoin Core application on a computer, fohttp://r example, this happens automatically.The database is currently (as of March 2022) about 324 GB in size. The high level of security when dealing with this currency is regulated by several measures related to the blockchain:

In other words, it is extremely unlikely that fraud will occur when dealing with Bitcoins. Since Bitcoin does not depend on arbitrary government action, it is considered a safe medium for paying for all kinds of items and services, even in times of crisis.

3rd Fact: Investing in Bitcoins is Risky

Given the rapid price jumps of Bitcoin, it is tempting to exchange money into Bitcoins and profit from the price jumps.The cryptocurrency has been dubbed as digital gold, among other things. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily advisable to want to earn money with Bitcoins.Because: An investment is always linked to a high risk. Just as quickly as it goes uphill, it can also go down again in reverse. $1,000 invested today can be worth $2,000 in a month – or $500.Bitcoins are considered to be an extremely volatile currency whose price trend zigzags and is difficult to predict. Therefore, the following always applies:


Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies still have a long way to go, but it is true that they have already come a long way in the financial worldIt is true that every day there are more things to take into account, but with these three facts, you will already be one step closer to a proper understanding of the blockchain world.Now, do you think investing in Bitcoin might be something for you? If so, then maybe it’s time to try a reliable trading bot.

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