Top 10 Most Popular Websites Among Students

Social media is not the only platform that is useful to students. There are great websites on the internet that can help students academically, socially, mentally, and even health-wise. In this article, you will be learning about some popular websites for students.


As a student, you probably know that one thing that can cause you to lose marks is plagiarism. In extreme cases, you can even appear before a disciplinary committee for this “crime”. However, you may write an assignment in your own words and yet, still get flagged by the plagiarism checker. To avoid this, use Copyleaks to check for plagiarism.


Juggling classes, meeting assignment deadlines, preparing for exams, among others can stress you out. If you do not manage stress properly, it can result in sickness or other ailments for you. One great website that can help you stay healthy amidst all your school activities is Healthline. They provide help for students on how to manage both school and their health.

TED Talks

As a student, sometimes, you can get so overwhelmed with schoolwork that you may lose motivation to do anything else. If you do not address this feeling, it can negatively impact your studies and other areas of your area. TED Talks is one platform that can help you get over this feeling and renew your motivation. On this platform, you will find a talk that addresses every area of life e. g. academics, mental health, money, among others.


Coursera is a popular website among students because it offers thousands of academic and non-academic courses. For students who want to learn other things besides what they study in school, Coursera is the right platform. The best part is there are free courses and you also get a certificate after you have successfully completed your course.


As a student, you may need help with your assignments, projects, dissertation, or thesis. You can ask your peers for help or use a thesis writing service like PaperWriter. This platform has experienced writers who will help you with your research and still meet deadlines. Furthermore, they will keep your personal information safe so that your lecturers never get to know that you outsourced your schoolwork.


Sometimes, you want to forget schoolwork and find entertainment. One healthy way of getting entertained and educated is through Wired, a digital magazine. This magazine has articles on science, health, fashion, business, among others. On this website, you will learn newer things that will be helpful to you in school.


As a student in today’s world, you will need tech tools to learn. Gizmodo is one site that gives you the latest tech news and also reviews tech tools. So, if you want to know whether that laptop you have been eyeing will work well, check out the site. It will also help you to get more knowledge about tech tools.


As a student, you can create a LinkedIn profile and connect with the world. This platform allows its users to share their thoughts through writing. As a student, you can do this with other people who will contribute to the discussion.


LifeHack is a platform that has articles on academic learning in a real-life situation. If you need research with schoolwork, you can use the articles there for guidance. Also, the articles are written by experts in their fields so you are getting facts and not just mere opinions.

Thesis Rush

As a Ph.D. student, writing your thesis involves deep research that may take you months. If you miss a step in your research, it may delay your work as you have to resolve the issue first. To make sure you do not miss your deadline yet still do a good job, you can contact a writing service for help. Thesis Rush is a platform that provides you with expert writers who can help you with your thesis.


You can add this list of helpful websites to your collection but more importantly, make sure you check them out.

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