Email Marketing Basics Every Webmaster Should Know

Email Marketing Basics Every Webmaster Should Know

Most new webmasters look very surprised when they first hear about email marketing nowadays. It’s true to say that email is the oldest online marketing media, but it’s a mistake to think that it doesn’t work anymore! In this detailed guide, we have covered all the basics you need to know to start working on your first groundbreaking email campaign, so be attentive!

Still, Working?

Of course, you can’t believe a short affirmative answer, so here are the real figures:

  • According to the 2019 study by McKinsey & Company, properly designed email marketing campaigns can help potential buyers make decisions 3 times faster than social media campaigns.
  • A 2019 study by DMA shows that $1 invested in an email campaign has an average return of $42.
  • The same study says that 87% of marketers observe email marketing performance growth.
  • Statista reports that the number of email users is about to surpass 4.3 billion people in 2023. That’s 400 million more than in 2020. Around 49% of these users say that they like receiving promo emails from the brands they trust.

This was only a small part of the positive statistics related to this online marketing method. You can also expect the following benefits for your web project:

  • High retention rates;
  • Effective personalization;
  • Purchases from abandoned carts;
  • Increased click rates on your website;
  • High-efficiency marketing in both B2C and B2B sectors.

When to Use Email Marketing?

Here is a table of the most common cases of use for your email marketing campaigns.



Establish relationships

Email marketing allows you to build relationships with customers by creating personalized campaigns. Purchase or generate customer listings to automate the process. 

Boost brand awareness

Regular beneficial mailouts are very effective in covering new potential clients and keeping your brand name in the public eye.

Promote content 

There are numerous users who will enjoy reading your blog content if it’s delivered via email. 

Market products 

Proper email templates will help you market your products and services with a personalized approach. 

Generate leads

You can request personal information from users in exchange for valuable exclusive information, discounts, and other assets. 

Retain customers

Scheduled email threads with valuable content and exclusive offers for subscribers are a good way to retain them and maintain recurring purchases, clicks, or visits. 

How to Create a Strategy?

Your first question could be “how to create an email that works, but you can easily solve this by using an email template builder. What takes more time and effort is strategy-making. Here are the steps you have to go through to ensure your messages reach the target:

  • Define a Target Audience – an email won’t work if it’s not relevant. Define your buyer persona and adjust the campaign according to the real key traits of your audience.
  • Specify Your Goals – your industry may allow a huge number of goals, but you have to gather real statistics to identify the most actual goals and benchmark figures for them.
  • Create an Easy Sign-up Process – we’ll explain how to create an email list below, but you need to prepare a streamlined way to sign-up for your future subscribers.
  • Select the Right Campaign Type – this requires learning more about each type of campaign. The most common of them are briefly described below.
  • Schedule Your Emails – regularity is a key to developing a habit in users. Your schedule should be convenient for your target audiences, so test different options to find the best one.
  • Wait & Measure the Outcomes – any metric can become a key to boosting your website exposure, so it’s highly important to measure everything you can and thoroughly analyze the figures.

How to Create an Email List?

Building an email list is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks in the entire niche. It’s not impossible, though. Here are the main methods to do it:

  • Use Lead Magnets – it’s probably the most powerful way to add emails to your list as modern users rarely share their personal info unless you exchange it for something free and valuable. The most common lead magnets are free ebooks, checklists, tools, webinars, reports, templates, infographics, etc.
  • Use Opt-in Forms – it’s a tool that lets you gather personal information. It must be well-designed and include a minimal number of fillable boxes. You should test the flow on multiple users and analyze their feedback to remove irritating elements if any.

Email Marketing Campaign Types

There are 9 main email marketing campaign types to use:

  • Welcome Campaign – this email series is used to welcome a new subscriber and build familiarity with your brand. It’s one of the most effective ways to build trust.
  • Standard Promo – one-off promotional letters rarely show great results, while a series of promos that progressively unveil all the benefits of a product or service can significantly boost website metrics.
  • Seasonal Series – seasonal threads of letters are usually related to holidays, special professional occasions, etc. People are more likely to make purchases during holidays.
  • Triggered Emails – think of the items on your website that could trigger email campaigns. For example, why not send a series of guides to a client who purchased a service subscription?
  • Post-Purchase – it’s a sub-type of a triggered campaign that focuses on the product and related items.
  • Social Campaign – this one is used to redirect users to your other channels of information, including Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Newsletter Series – sending share-worthy content has a variety of long-term benefits.
  • Cart Abandonment Notifications – some people add items to their carts and forget about them for a variety of reasons. Notify them about it, and you’ll generate more sales!
  • Re-engagement Letters – this campaign is used to reach out to users who haven’t opened your emails for a long time and delete them from the list if they don’t become active again.

Catch the Courage!

Hopefully, the statistics in the first section have encouraged you to do your best to get the best yields. Always keep in mind that email marketing is a well-established realm. It offers a variety of well-tested tools and methods along with trustworthy statistics by market leaders. Use this knowledge to ensure your success! What is your online niche? Which campaign types do you find the most useful for it? You can reply in the comments, and don’t forget to share this guide with your colleagues!

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