How to Find the Best Web Application Development Company

How to Find the Best Web Application Development Company

You will lose over 95 percent of your potential customers if you don’t have a working website. You’ll lose many of those who find you if your website doesn’t work properly, whether they’re using a calculator to estimate the cost of the items they want to buy from you or online how-to videos come out choppy. And it is counterproductive to ask customers to install a buggy app. This is why you need the best app developers you can find to build them for you. We’re here to tell you how to find the best web application development company for your project.

Think about What Platforms You’re Going to Work with

We’re going to assume you’re planning on building an app. The two biggest contenders are Google Android and the Apple App Store. These two operating systems are very different from each other. Some companies pay for two separate apps, one designed for each OS. Other firms build a cross-platform app. This may be more time-consuming, and it may not be as efficient as an app designed for a specific OS, but it costs less to have a single cross-platform app than pay app development fees twice. Cross-platform apps have their pros and cons regarding maintenance. 

On one hand, you only have to change a single app to add features. On the other hand, the app is affected by OS changes on two different app stores. That results in more frequent app updates to remain compatible with various app stores. Whether you want an app that will work on Windows Mobile or other niche devices is up to you, but cross-platform apps may let you serve these communities, as well.

Determine What the App Will Do

What are the key functions of the app? These functions will determine not only how the app operates but what app developers you’d like to hire. Some app development companies specialize in e-commerce apps, facilitating the sale of goods and services through the app. And they may not be the best choice for content creators that simply want to ensure that their audience can stream their content through the app, whether or not access is tied to a subscription. 

Are you creating an app to maintain a connection with the brand and sometimes generate sales? Or are you creating a game that you’ll monetize somehow? Game developers have a very different skillset from those that build an app to tell people where your restaurant is when they’re looking for a place to go to lunch.

Determine What You Want to be Done

Developing a website is very different from developing an app, though they may both pull from the same sources of data. Come up with a clear project scope. Are we building a web interface so people can book appointments? Or are we creating an app so they can schedule appointments and get marketing messages? If you want both, you’ll need to find a web application development company capable of both types of projects. 

Some app development firms can only build a basic interface with your database, while others can connect the user to back-end services. The latter is necessary if you’re building an app that lets salespeople correct orders in process or enters their timecard, whereas the general public should not have that level of access.

Compare Your Checklist to the Options Available

At this point, you should know what the app will do, what operating systems it will run on, and what data sources it needs to connect with. This is the scope of work and functional requirements you’ll present to potential developers. Good developers will tell you when the project is outside of their skill set, while questionable developers will say they can do anything. Ask what projects they’ve done that are similar. Software developers that are a good fit can describe projects they’ve done that are similar, while the best can bring up the app and prove to you that they built it.

Don’t choose the cheapest developer you can find. You generally have to pay for quality. Choose a company over a freelancer, because a company is more likely to stand behind their product and be available for bug fixes and updates.

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