10 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Undetectable

10 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Undetectable

Technology is evolving with every passing second, and so is our reliance on it. Moreover, our complete dependence on Smartphones, mainly Android devices, has also left everyone, including our children, susceptible to various threats, including data theft, cyber-bullying, online stalking, and much more.

Fortunately, there are plus sides to modern-day tech as well, such as hidden spy apps for Android
. Such services allow users to monitor the online activities of their loved ones. It helps in knowing if there is something wrong or not. Here, we will discuss the 10 best free spy apps for Android that are completely undetectable.

Part 1: Safespy – Best Spy App for Android

A user can track their loved one’s or employee’s in-phone activities with a spy app. However, it is vital to use an utterly undetectable platform for the process to be effective. It is where the Safespy spy app for Android comes in to offer cell phone tracking services without disclosing its presence.

This section will discuss the various attributes of Safespy and how it monitors the target person’s phone activities without them knowing.

1.1: How Safespy Works to Spy on Android Phones Without Them knowing?

It is a fact that an application or service is only as good as the features it is offering. A wide variety of unique functions enable the user to monitor Android phone activities more efficiently. The same is the case with Safespy.

The Android spy app carries an extensive tally of next-gen spying attributes that will allow them to know whether their loved one is safe or not. The user can test every function offered by the tool using the Live Demo facility.

Here, we will discuss what exactly Safespy can do for its users:

  • Android GPS Location Tracking and GeoFencing: It is difficult for a parent to track their child’s location manually. Moreover, it could cause trust issues between the individuals. Safespy offers the GPS tracking service to enable the concerned parents to check their kid’s real-time location on the map. Furthermore, the tool stores the history if the client cannot monitor the live location.

Additionally, the tool offers the user to create an allowed and forbidden zone from the map. If the targeted user ever enters the forbidden area, the service will alert them. It will enable them to act appropriately before any mishap.

  • Android SMS Tracker: SMS is an instant solution to communicate with other individuals. However, it could quickly turn into a time-wasting activity. Suppose an employer wishes to know about their employee’s productivity. In that case, they can simply use Safespy’s SMS Tracker to read the messages in secret. The function enables the user to identify the phone numbers with whom the other person is texting.
For a parent, this feature is useful as they can learn whether their child is being cyber-bullied or not. Moreover, it offers them to view old or deleted text messages.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Almost every kind of online harassment occurs through social media. Moreover, it is challenging for parents to access their child’s social media account due to various security protocols. Safespy can bypass such restrictions and allow the parents to check all messages, pictures, and video files sent or received. It can monitor apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Viber.

1.2: What Makes Safespy the Best Among Android Spy Apps?

UI/UX is the key to success for any online product. If the Android spy app offers an exceptional user experience and a simple interface, it will go a long way. Safespy has already gained the trust of millions worldwide. Moreover, several publications such as Forbes, TechRadar, and New York Times have recognized its reliability.

This part of the article will discuss what additional facilities provided by Safety make it the best among Android spy apps.

  • No Need to Root the Android Device: Most Android spy apps can not function fully when the target Android device is not rooted. Social Media Tracking is only available with the rooted device. However, it isn’t the case with Safespy. The user can utilize all the functions from the tool as there is no need to root the Android device. Additionally, Safespy supports monitoring iPhones without having to jailbreak them.
  • Simple to Install: You have to add the Safespy app on the target Android phone. However, it will only take up to 2MB of the device’s storage space. Additionally, the app will not drain the phone’s battery while providing the user every available tracking feature.
  • Stealth Mode: What is a spy app when the target user can quickly detect its presence on their phone? It is why Safespy offers the Stealth Mode, which is automatically enabled once the user installs the dedicated app on the target device. This feature will instantly remove the app icon from the phone. Moreover, the application will function so that it will remain undetectable from the user’s eyes.


  • Safespy is entirely safe for usage and cost-effective.
  • It is available across both Android and iOS.
  • The control panel is web-based and easy to navigate.
  • The customer support is excellent.
  • It offers the Live Demo to test the interface.


  • The family plan only offers to monitor 3 devices at a time.

Part 2: Spyic

Spyic is also among the well-known spyware apps for Android. The service can monitor the targeted person’s smartphone activities while remaining unnoticeable. The tool can let the user read messages, check call logs and track social media activities without the other person knowing.

Moreover, it has gained a healthy repute from notable publications such as The Huffington Post and CNET. The user can enable the tracking routine by installing the lightweight app on the target device.


  • It offers a no root/jailbreak solution.
  • The interface is remotely accessible.


  • Customer support takes a long time to respond.

Part 3: Spyine

Spyine offers a web-based platform to manage every in-phone activity of the target user. The installation process is simple. Moreover, it will remain undetectable under stealth mode and by consuming a minimal amount of battery. It can also monitor iOS devices.

The top features include Call/SMS tracking, web-history check-up, and WhatsApp spying. There is no need to root the target Android phone to activate the more advanced features.
  • It maintains complete user secrecy.
  • The service is user-friendly.


  • It does not offer a free trial.

Part 4: Minspy

Minspy is a highly reliable and efficient spy app for Android. The service has millions of users all around the world as it offers advantageous tracking features to ensure the safety of the user’s loved ones. It can track the target person’s location in real-time. Moreover, it keeps the past tabs of all the areas they have previously visited.

  • It is available to track both Android and iOS devices.
  • Minspy offers an adequate privacy policy.


  • The prices are on the higher side.

Part 5: Spyier

Spyier is among the best hidden spy apps for Android that have gained recognition from Mashable, Forbes, and PCMag. All the features are easily accessible due to a user-friendly interface.

The control panel is web-based, which means you can monitor the target Android phone’s activities remotely. The spying will remain untraceable due to the excellent stealth mode, which keeps the app hidden.


  • The user can access all features without rooting the device.
  • It has a brilliant customer support service.


  • The target device needs to be connected to the internet to function properly.

Part 6: Neatspy

Neatspy is one of the newest additions to the Android spy apps that already offer coverage in 190+ countries. The tracker can monitor call records, text messages, and the targeted user’s real-time location.

Besides, it allows the clients to activate Geofencing, which alerts them when the other person visits a specific restricted zone. One can manage every tracking feature without the need to root the phone.


  • It is affordable.
  • The platform can also track iOS devices.


  • It only offers the Live Demo to test the tracking features.

Part 7: FoneMonitor – Free Spy App for Android

One can easily access the targeted user’s messages and media files using the FoneMonitor spy app for Android. It is equally useful for parents to keep their child safe and the employer who wishes to know whether their employee isn’t wasting the company resources. FoneMonitor can track GPS location, call logs, and the entire browser history of the other person without them knowing.


  • The tool is fully compatible with Android and iOS phones.
  • It does not drain the target phone’s battery.


  • The features to track iPhone are limited.

Part 8: Spyzie – Spy App for Android

It is one of the pioneers among free Android spy apps. The compelling stealth mode ensures no one finds out about the spying. Moreover, the interface is easy to manage even for users.

They can remotely access the web-based control panel to keep up with the target person’s latest social media or call activities. There is no need to jailbreak(iOS) or root(Android) the target phone.


  • It keeps user data safe.
  • The Android app is easy to install.


  • Internet connectivity is needed to get real-time updates of Android monitoring.

Part 9: TeenSafe

TeenSafe is a dedicated parental control platform that offers parents to monitor their kid’s phone activities such as messages, calls, and media files. One of the most compelling features includes blocking any apps the parents deem unsuitable for their children.


  • It can track deleted messages as well.
  • Rooting is not needed.


  • It lacks responsive customer support.

Part 10: Cocospy

Cocospy is a renowned name in the phone tracking world. The installation method is simple. Moreover, its web-based control panel enables the user to access any feature they like quickly. The spy app works well for both Android and iOS.


  • User information is secure on the platform.


  • Social media tracking is only possible when the Android phone is rooted.


Is it possible to monitor cell phone activities remotely?

  • Yes, the web-based control panel of apps such as Safespy enables the users to track the target phone no matter where they are.

Are spy apps compatible with older Android versions?

  • Yes, the majority of spy apps for Android are compatible with version 4.0 and up.

Are spy apps legal?

  • Apps such as Safespy are 100% legal. However, users much check their local laws to verify, just in case.

What does Social Media Tracking include?

  • It includes viewing all the media files the targeted person sends or receives on platforms such as Snapchat and WhatsApp. One can check the deleted conversations as well.

How to install the Android spy app?

  • One can install the small 2MB application manually. However, it is vital to turn on the Unknown Sources option from the settings menu before installing the application. After that, run it and enter the login credentials before enabling the stealth mode.
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