10 Web Design Trends to Improve Your Website in 2021

10 Web Design Trends to Improve Your Website in 2021

With every passing moment, change happens. There is always a shifting that’s happening with the way we do things; all to enjoy, improve, and innovate in the world we are currently living in. The same applies when it comes to web design.

From simple graphics and animated texts, web design is taking a more interesting path that is focused on illustrations and graphics that capture the curiosity of users. Designers are also more attentive to improving usability and making it more functional to cater to everyone including people with disabilities.

Despite the more lucrative and challenging development of web design, it is still as enjoyable as it was because there are no limits to one’s creativity as long as it delivers the message it intends to convey. To prove this, here are the top web design trends that are coming big this year that will challenge your creative juices and boost your passion for design.


Web Design Trends in 2021


Accessibility is the main concern of eCommerce shop owners, as the point of having an online business is so a lot of people, if not everyone can visit and avail of your services and enjoy every moment spent on your website. This means that even people with disabilities can use them without great difficulty.

As everyone is online now, user experience has become an important element as well, so make sure to optimize everything on your website before you launch it. Everything from the visual design, to the inner workings that make your website pop up on top of search results in search engines. Preparation is a key element in designing a website, and being aware of what you really want will help you here.

Asymmetric Layouts

Many would prefer symmetry because it makes sense; and for structures that need stability and balance, it is definitely required. However in web design, many are taking a more unconventional way and using asymmetry to create interesting and thought-provoking concepts.

Asymmetry creates a sense of freedom and the dynamic design can effectively help in leading users to elements that are more important and need emphasis. To achieve an asymmetric design, you have to take into consideration the weight of the items you put on your page, as well as their color, movement, size.

Though it can be tricky and challenging for many, asymmetric layouts can work effectively with patience and practice.

Black and Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are the easiest to work with as they are not only very comfortable to the eyes but also very easy to mix. Pastel color schemes offer visitors a subtle calming vibe, and the great thing is there are a lot of variations to choose from.

Another color that is comfortable is black. Black can both be sleek and warm to the senses. It’s the easiest color to work with because it works with. It can blend with anything. Minimalist designs love using black and white to highlight simplicity and elegance.

Minimalist Design

Minimalism has certainly established itself as one of the prime trends that a lot of people follow.

Simplicity is the goal of minimalism, ransacking the unnecessary features of a crowded design, and laying bare the beauty of simplicity. When done right, a minimalist design can be very attractive and can get more visitors coming back.


Being the exact opposite of minimalism, maximalism is all about filling every corner with detail, big and small. Influenced by brutalist websites, Maximalist websites aim for the youthful look that doesn’t care for the conduct and ease in simplicity with minimalism.

To achieve a maximalist design, try using different fonts in different sizes, with your images in disarray and lots of floating elements. The only challenge is for your design not to be overly extra and overwhelming for your visitors and users.


Some time ago, designers wanted everything to look realistic, making everything pop up in 3D; then came the flat designs that are more elegant and modern-looking. The year 2021 is looking towards the age of neumorphism which is somehow a mix of both, creating a soft and subtle visual that does not look too flashy.

Neumorphism brings both freshness and excitement in terms of visual style and of something new to play with. Although it is a bit challenging to develop and design, it is a fun UI trend that everyone should try to apply to their next UI design projects.

Parallax Animation

Parallax effects are a fun way to design your website. It focuses on movement and animation that makes your website look lively and entertaining. Applying parallax animation can also help you convey your message easier to your users.

The only issue with parallax animation is that it may cause discomfort to some users if used excessively and can be harmful to people with balance disorders as this affects depth perception. So it’s best to use parallax animation sparingly, using it on a small portion of the screen only as it can not only affect people with the aforementioned conditions, but it can also be distracting for some viewers and users from the main purpose of their visit to your website.

Parallax looks great with photos with transparent backgrounds. You can use an automatic background remover to cut out an image from its background instantly.

Shapes and Abstract designs

You don’t need to be of the bourgeoisie to appreciate modern and abstract designs. Trendy abstract shapes and designs are great visual adornments that work best with minimalist designs.

These subtle designs can add more content, balance, and even color to your page, as opposed to the traditional conception that shapes are simple and boring. They add symmetry to your website, therefore balance. This helps to attract modern minds who appreciate abstract designs and how they hold up your website, in fact, some businesses even use abstract shapes as logos.

Videos as Design Elements

Videos are pretty much wall-to-wall with website design these days. Almost every website, if not all, use videos to promote, discuss, educate, or simply beguile your visitors, which now have become your audience.

Videos, however, have another purpose besides the educational and informative tools that they are. They have become an element of design in that they can now be used how the designer sees fit. There are now tools that allow you to play your videos in a loop, automatically as you enter the page, in slow motion, or in a loop, etc. This creates more flow and stimulation amongst your audience.

Vector Art

One other way to add more garnish to your website is through Vector art. These images do not drag loading time and are good embellishments to your design. Vector art comes in the Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG) format, which means you can edit the size of the image, but you get to keep the quality of the file.

Because of the number of vector art files, a lot of designers predict that it’s going to be a huge trend in 2021. The great thing about vector art is that it goes along with both Minimalist and Maximalist designs. Anyone can create vector art, but it does take time. You can rest assured that with thousands of images out there for you to choose from and use to your heart’s delight.

Your Turn

Web design should leave you with a feeling of familiarity and ease. Something extravagant could look intimidating and pretentious, driving away more users than gaining them. With the trends that you’ve seen here, we’re certain that you can design something that will best the current champions of the field, who knows, you might be the one who discovers a new kind of design trend!

Jenn Pereira is a UX/UI, technology and digital marketing writer. She loves UX/UI design, web and mobile app development – you can see her works at Dribbble.

She works as a Marketing Head of Removal.AI, an online photo editing platform that offers an AI technology used to remove image background automatically. It also provides professional photo editing solutions for various industries especially for eCommerce.

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