Essential Social Media App Features for 2021

Essential Social Media App Features for 2021

The world is now full of technology that helps us in many ways. One such technology is Social Media, which connects us with people online. Social media apps have been around for a long time now and have never gone out of trend. If you are thinking of building a social media app, then now would be the best time.

However, if you are wondering how to make a social media app, you can go through the mentioned article by Aimprosoft, as they have just given you everything you need to know.

Apart from building a social media app, you can also prefer and build a social media website. Well, you can find all about building such social media websites and apps like Pinterest by reading this article. They have included all the essential things that you must know about the process. So, now let’s come to this article’s primary purpose, which is to know about the crucial features that you must include in your social media app.

Essential features to include in Social Media App

To start building your social media app, you need to have a clear idea about the features you should include in your app. This is the first and essential step of building a social media app because users will use an app with useful features. Here are some essential features that you can include in your social media app.

Account Creation/ Profiles

Well, it’s quite apparent that without creating an account or profile, no one can indeed use a social media app. So, the first important feature for any social media app is account creation. However, users don’t admire those apps that take a lot of time while creating an account. So, you must keep it short and include only those details that are necessary. Also, the profile has to be editable because the users might want to customize their profiles to easily do it with this option.


A social media app is all about networking with other people worldwide, and if your app lacks this feature, it’s not truly a social media app. Networking and connecting with other people and getting to know them is the primary key for any successful social media app. So, you need to have this feature using which users can connect with other people.

News Feed

When we usually see any existing social media app, they all have a news feed feature. People can customize and prioritize their preferences regarding the posts they want to see first. So, when introducing a news feed in your app, you need to control the users to see relevant posts. This thing can quickly be done with the help of Machine Learning and some algorithms.

In-App Chatting and Calling (Audio and Video)

One of the best features because people love to use social media apps is seeing and connecting with other people around the globe and talking to them via messaging or audio or video call. So, when building a social media app, this has to be integrated as this is one thing that can easily attract more and more users. You can also let users sort their chats depending upon their requirements, which will also act as an add-on in your app.


Publish Post and Content

Including the feature of connecting isn’t enough: you have to improve a feature via which the users can share a glimpse of their lives and their thoughts with people out there. So, you should provide them with a feature to publish posts, including their pictures, videos, and opinions. This feature will also increase the chances of the users to get connected with others.

Post Like

Adding this feature will encourage users to share their memorable moments and connect with other people when they like their posts.


Another essential feature to include in a social media app is the search option. This is so because nowadays, everyone loves to connect with people they know. So, by having a search feature, the user will be able to search for other people’s profiles.


It’s not an easy task to build a successful social media app because it takes a lot of effort and patience. However, if you have the perfect set of features integrated into your app, the chances of making your successful app increase a lot. Hence adding above mentioned features can play an essential role in making any social media app successful.

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