Michael Giannulis Comes Up with Some Tips to Boost Your Business Sales Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Michael Giannulis Comes Up with Some Tips to Boost Your Business Sales Post COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 global pandemic has been responsible for presenting businesses with unprecedented challenges. It has impacted every industry, and we understand that numerous organizations are reeling under the pressure of an unstable economy. Small businesses across the globe are reeling under the impact of COVID-19. Small organizations have encountered financial challenges, and they have been compelled to adapt to and implement novel forms of selling. 

As small businesses are gradually navigating through the coronavirus scene and preparing to see the end of the pandemic, they are looking for various ways of strategizing to get the maximum out of the current situation. Let us discuss a few helpful tips for guiding your business toward boosting sales despite the dire circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has been like a shock to your business. As per the statistics, presented by a study conducted by SHRM, around 62 percent of small businesses have experienced a dip in revenues since the beginning of COVID-19. For tackling this sudden cash flow change, it may be necessary to modify other processes like marketing mindset and stratagems.

Mike Giannulis Offers Marketing Tips to Tackle COVID-19 Situation

The COVID-19 global pandemic has drastically transformed the businesses and lives of consumers as well. With the new normal, organizations are thinking of new ways of marketing to customers. You may consider using these valuable marketing tips for businesses to survive, sustain, and thrive through COVID-19.

Focus on Reassuring Your Clients

Your clients are your most valuable business asset. Without them, you cannot succeed as a business. Under these dire circumstances, organizations are facing uncertainty. Now is the time to focus on reassuring your customers that your business is steady, and there is no threat to its integrity. You must reassure your clients that you are forever there for them. 

It is best to keep in touch with your customers. You should inform them how your business is taking proactive steps to combat the COVID-19 crisis. You may keep sending email updates, posting updates on social media regularly. Your clients would be happy to get the updates and appreciate your sensitivity toward the existing pandemic crisis says Michael Giannulis.

Be Innovative & Creative

The COVID-19 situation is certainly not the best time to concentrate your attention and remain loyal to your previous marketing stratagems. It is the right time for taking risks and coming up with creative and innovative marketing tactics. You may win a competitive edge over the others if you adopt a unique approach to marking your goods and services. If you jazz up your marketing endeavors, it can help in attracting brand new clients and maintaining a thriving business even during COVID-19.

Boost Your Efforts on Social

Social media has been the king even before the sudden advent of the coronavirus pandemic. A huge chunk of Americans, almost 79 percent, seems to have impressive social media business profiles online. This number is consistently going up as more and more people are going virtual during the global pandemic. Boost your interactions and activities on social media by:

  • Starting or joining conversations.
  • Using paid advertisements and sponsored posts.
  • Posting frequently.
  • Having an online contest.
  • Keeping all your clients in the loop by providing store updates.
  • Promoting limited-time or special offerings.


With the COVID-19 onslaught continuing across the globe, your organization must make necessary changes for mitigating losses and boosting sales. Businesses can thrive if they communicate with clients regularly, cater to new customer requirements, plan effectively, and adjust marketing stratagems.

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