Explore Top Reasons to Use a Heavy Duty Tarp Made of Canvas

Explore Top Reasons to Use a Heavy Duty Tarp Made of Canvas

Heavy-duty canvas tarpaulins are quite impressive and versatile and they boast of features such as water-resistant, flame retardant, and even mildew resistant. We understand that canvas tarpaulins would be manufactured from numerous fabric gauges right from 10-ounce to almost 17-ounce or so. Prices would be ranging from $10 for a small-sized untreated canvas tarpaulin to as much as several hundred dollars for a large tarp made of canvas and treated with fire-retardant and waterproofing chemicals. The canvas tarpaulins come in many sizes and could be used for a wide variety of applications right from landscaping to painting to camping purposes.

In this context, as per, the COVID-19 pandemic has been responsible for an increase in demand for robust camping tarps to be used as temporary shelters for people who are currently homeless. We are witnessing a sharp increase in demand for basically humanitarian disaster relief tarps and tents. Here are some reasons to use canvas tarps.

Canvas Tarps Are Eco-Friendly

Most flatbed truck tarpaulin sheets are made of polypropylene, vinyl, or polyethylene. These materials are quite robust and just right for withstanding the rigors of flatbed trucking. However, these materials are simply not environmentally friendly. But the best thing about canvas tarp is that it is very much eco-friendly ad is composed of linen duck or cotton fibers. 

A heavy-duty tarp made of canvas would not adversely impact the environment after years of use, wear, and tear. It could easily be disposed of without leaving behind any carbon footprint. We understand that with time, often a discarded canvas tarpaulin would become totally decomposed.

Canvas Tarps Are Known to Be Breathable

Canvas tarpaulins are breathable despite being treated with waterproofing chemicals. It helps air to flow smoothly between its fibers. Canvas tarps are often needed while transporting moisture-sensitive goods. For instance, when a farmer decides to ship fresh vegetables and fruits, these products would necessarily need the flatbed truck to be covered by a breathable canvas tarp so that the vegetables and fruits remain fresh and do not get rotten even after hours of travel in a truck since there is a constant movement of fresh air thanks to the breathable canvas tarpaulin. A canvas tarpaulin is great for preventing sweating of fruits and vegetables that may trigger premature spoilage.

The breathable canvas heavy duty tarpaulins seem to be a wonderful choice for loads that could have rust issues or concerns. Thanks to the canvas tarp’s breathability, it is able to stop moisture from getting accumulated underneath. Canvas rules out rusting issues as it is a nice and breathable fabric best for a robust and heavy-duty tarpaulin.

Canvas Tarps Are Incredibly Versatile

Canvas tarps are used predominantly by flatbed truckers for assisting them in catering to their unique cargo control requirements. Canvas tarpaulins are great for several agricultural applications such as protecting equipment or storing hay. They are just right for the construction sector and storing gravel, lumber, and some other materials.

Canvas Tarps Could Be Untreated or Even Treated

Tarp producers are used to selling both untreated and treated canvas tarps. A treated tarpaulin would boost water-resistance property. Canvas tarps could be treated to withstand UV exposure as well.


Heavy-duty canvas tarpaulins are versatile and flexible to cater to various requirements. The above-discussed reasons make canvas tarps just right for camping and other outdoor recreation, campsite flooring, tent cover, boat cover, camping supplies cover, truck bed covers, temporary roof covers, and non-slip floor covers, etc. It is a good idea to invest in a canvas tarp today!

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