Top 5 Things You Can Do To Improve User Experience On Your Website

Top 5 Things You Can Do To Improve User Experience On Your Website

In recent times, a website has become a powerful tool. It can serve as an online sales representative which ensures your services are always available.

Designing a website for a great user experience is not an easy task. This is because advancements in technology can easily cause your website to become outdated or you may lack the expertise to create a unique user experience for visitors to the website. Without being able to satisfy each user, the website will be unable to serve its purpose – sell a product or service.

When you open Google Analytics, you realize that people are visiting the website but only a few of them are converted. Even those who are converted find it hard to come back. Your website isn’t creating much impact in the minds of these people. It’s possible to turn everything around when you focus on improving the user experience and anything related to it. Soon, users will enjoy their visit to your website and conversions will increase.

In this article, you’ll learn 5 tips that can help you improve your user experience. These tips include:

  • Maximize white space
  • Tweak your website speed
  • Design an attractive call to action
  • Make use of hyperlink differentiation
  • List vital information with bullet points

What is User Experience?

In simple terms, good user experience involves how to make the experience of the website’s visitors as meaningful as possible. Good user experience means that the user visited your website, went through its numerous products and pages, understood the purpose for the website, and did what you want them to do – buy a good or hire a service.

What Are the Tips for a Good User Experience?

Maximize White Space

it’s a common thing to hear so many website owners complain about the unused white space on their website. Some even feel that this rich space should be used for advertising and related services. However, white space is a crucial design element to attract the attention of users or visitors to your website. White space ensures that your text is legible and allows users to focus on what is written on the page or elements around the text.

A study by Crazy Egg reveals that writing in white space can increase user attention by about 20%. White space can create a feeling of openness and sophistication and consistent use of it can transfer the feelings to website visitors. However, a disadvantage of white space is that it takes up a lot of space.

If you’re trying to pass a lot of information to users, using white space may mean that you have sacrifice some valuable information. For the best effects, you have to strike a balance between what’s vital or not. Then, you surround these text with some space to highlight the image/text.

Tweak Your Website Speed

Users find it frustrating when they have to wait for long before a web page loads. With advancements in technology, people around the world can access information from anywhere. While browsing online or trying to stream their favorite shows, users expect quick access to the pages or content they want. When a page takes too long to load, they usually leave the website.

A slow page can be interrupted for the user and it can become a source of frustration which people don’t have the time to entertain. Research done by reveals that an extra 5 seconds of page load time will lead to a huge increase in bounce rate by more than 20%.

Google offers a free service that will provide you with information on webpage speed. There will also be suggestions on tweaks or changes that could improve your load time on Mobile and Desktop. You can start by compressing images before uploading them to the website. The image file size is a major culprit for slow webpage speed. 

Design an Attractive Call to Action

Visual elements on your webpage are expected to attract the attention of customers to their main goal when they visit your site. However, a call to action is usually marked with an action word that is capable of spurring users to make a purchase or hire your service.

In creating a call to action buttons for your website, you should put a lot of thought into color and the psychology of color. Different colors represent different messages. Think of the message you want to create in the user and let it guide your color choice. Another thing to consider is the words that you use for your button. Choosing the right words can be a psychological trigger and spur users to be converted. Create an emotional connection with your words and watch the benefits.

Make use of Hyperlink Differentiation

By hyperlinking a text, you’re telling the user to click there. Make sure that your hyperlinks are easily identifiable and have the right visual cues. A simple underlined text with some unique colors attracts the attention of the user and makes him or her aware that there is something to be clicked on.

According to a study by Karyn Graves, when a regular web user sees blue underlined text it’s a sign to click on it. Sticking to user expectations can be a vital tool when adding hyperlinks. Don’t try to do anything too dramatic or you could end up confusing users.

List Vital Information With Bullet Points

Bullet points are a great way for users to quickly identify vital information in a text. Usually, benefits, solutions to problems, or key features of a service or product are listed in bullet points. By doing this, users can quickly understand what you’re talking about. Your propositions will be more attractive and users can learn more from reading only a small part of the whole post.

There are numerous cool icons for you to try out and be creative with your bullet points. Also, white space around bullet points helps to improve the reader’s focus.


After reading these tips, you must have learned something to help your user experience. These tips will also help you such that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new website or waste resources on a total website redesign. Apply these tips to create a valuable user experience and look out for the benefits which they will provide.

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