Five Original and Innovative Business Ideas to Explore in 2020

Five Original and Innovative Business Ideas to Explore in 2020

In 2020, the world around us is evolving beyond recognition. The way we do business has come on leaps and bounds, so that today, technology drives not only what we’re able to do, but the ways we do it too.

As a result, the commercial sphere has become increasingly competitive and notably more innovative. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to explore their options and keep an eye out for niche areas and ideas that they can capitalize on.

Of course, many traditional considerations remain. Financial planning must be performed with care before beginning a new venture, while target audiences need to be identified. Risk, too, must be safeguarded against, with businesses urged to carefully explore their insurance options and create monetary safety nets.

Nonetheless, exciting opportunities abound, with lots of innovative industries now emerging. Here are five that enterprising individuals might want to consider breaking into.
Bespoke knitting and/or needle felting

In 2020, it’s fair to say that we embrace individuality. With most goods now mass-produced, there has been an increasing trend toward hand-crafted items and one-of-a-kind pieces instead. One group that has benefitted from this is the many bespoke knitting and needle felting enterprises out there. Most often advertising their wares via platforms like Etsy, these crafty individuals have found their businesses are booming, with plenty of space for other artistic entrepreneurs to join them in this arena.

Dog Walking

For those with a love of animals and the outdoors, dog walking is also becoming an increasingly profitable industry to join. This is largely due to the long-hours working culture that has found a footing in the world of 21st-century commerce. 

With would-be pet owners finding that the only way to own a dog is if they have someone to walk it, the sector is booming and there is ample business to go around. The best part is that setting up is really quite simple, with a social media presence, transport, and an affinity for canines being the sole requirements for success. However, you might want to encourage your clients to get dog insurance from companies like Bivvy for their furry friends so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that should an emergency arise, the dogs will be taken care of.

Pressure Washing

Another area that’s being impacted by increasingly long working hours is the ability to do chores. While it’s not so difficult to have a quick tidy around the house, deep-cleaning outdoors is more difficult, and many people are simply too exhausted to tackle this come weekend. As a result, they’re turning to professionals to help keep things in order, and pressure washing services are in high demand. 

This represents a great opportunity for those with funds to invest in the necessary machinery, with the only other requirement being appropriate insurance. Luckily, this is available from specialist providers, who can offer tailored policies and competitive pricing in order to keep your business afloat no matter what

Pet Hotels

Those who would appreciate the opportunity to work with animals could also consider setting up as a pet hotel. This typically consists of opening your home to other people’s pets, whether dogs, cats, rabbits, or any other species that you have an in-depth knowledge of and the space to accommodate. Most of the time, you’ll act as an alternative to catteries or kennels, taking care of your client’s animal family when they go away on holiday or cannot care for them themselves for whatever reason. The idea is to offer a quieter and less stressful alternative to traditional options, with a warm welcome and premium care provided to any creature who comes through your door.

Food Delivery Services

For something slightly different again, there’s the option to provide food delivery services. These differ from takeaways in that you’ll typically prepare the food at home, often according to a specific request. 

Some businesses specialize, for example, in creating desserts for parties and birthdays, while others have an emphasis on high-quality home cooking delivered straight to their clients’ doors. Your best bet is to specialize in something that you have a particular affinity for making, while still offering enough variety to cater to lots of different preferences.

When it comes to branching out on your own and building a successful business from home, there are so many innovative ideas out there for you to consider. The sky really is the limit, so why not spend some time thinking about what it is that you would do best?

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