How to Spy on An iPhone Without Software?

How to Spy on An iPhone without Software?

All of us are all familiar with how much an iPhone is secure when it comes to smartphones. People usually prefer an iPhone due to its fast and attractive user interface. Now most of us must have wished to spy on the iPhone device of our friends or any family member. Spying on the iPhone does not walk in the park due to its advanced security mechanisms.

Now some people like professional hackers claim to hack on any iPhone with any software. Hacking on an iPhone by installing software on the phone or PC doesn’t sound smart and easy. For someone who is new to spy apps this is a hell of a task to do on its own. What if you get to know that you can actually track any iPhone device without learning any kind of skills?

Yes, this is totally possible for you to spy on an iPhone device without requiring any software or app installation. People usually perform different risky techniques or tricks to break into the iPhone but those tricks won’t work. Using a phone spying app will let you spy on any iPhone device without any installation or learning. Let’s discuss one of the best phone spy apps.

Spyic- An Innovative Spy App

Spyic is one of the popular and professional spying apps in the World right now. This app is the trust of millions, people are using Spyic on a daily basis. Parents, employees, companies, and almost everyone. People would not imagine before anyone that spy app like Spyic was this good to use and help spy on an iPhone without software. There is no issue that people encounter when it comes to using Spyic for iPhone monitoring. Some spying apps ask users to perform Jailbreak before spying on an iPhone but that’s not the case with Spyic. You don’t have to root your Android or Jailbreak your iPhone device to perform phone spying. 


Spy on an iPhone Without Software

Although Spyic is an app, this is a web-based app that you can operate from any web browser on any device either PC or phone. For the iPhone there is no need to install anything on the spied device. Spyic works in stealth-mode so there is zero % chances of you being exposed as it makes everything super-safe. This app is more easy and simple to use beyond your expectations. Going through the whole Spyic review will clear most of your misconceptions about this phone spy app.

You would be surprised to know that there are more than 30 spying features added in this spying app. All features have been designed according to the requirements of users in this modern world of technology. Let’s get to know the main spy features of this brilliant phone spy app.

  • Call Tracking: An amazing spy feature that gives you complete monitoring control over call records of the target iPhone device.
  • SMS Tracking: Access all text messages of an iPhone you want to monitor, reading sent, received, and even deleted messages is possible.
  • Location Tracking: Track an iPhone’s location on the basis of GPS or WiFi along with full access to geographical address coordinates.

Apart from all the above features, Spyic has so many other perks to offer. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and all installed third-party apps can be tracked without getting detected. So, social media apps, web browser history, and almost everything can be monitored on an iPhone device through this spectacular phone spying app.

You can use this app for any feature by using its dashboard. Now, most of you would be feeling curious to know how to spy on an iPhone remotely using Spyic? The wait is over, we are going to view all steps we need to follow in order to start iPhone tracking with Spyic.

How to Spy on an iPhone Remotely Using Spyic

Some of you might be thinking that spying on the iPhone using Spyic would be very difficult. Well, spying on an iPhone has never been this much easy and fast like it is now. All you have to do is to follow all required steps and then you are ready to go.

Remember you will not have to physically access an iPhone to perform phone monitoring. Let’s have a look at all those steps that we need to follow in order to track an iPhone device.

Step 1

At first, you have to open your web browser and visit the official website of Spyic. Now click on the Signup button to start creating an account by entering Email and Password.


Step 2

You would be given two options, Android and iOS. Select iOS because you are going to track an iPhone device.



Step 3

Now you have to enter the credentials of an iCloud account that is logged in on the same iPhone device you want to target.

Step 4

Wait for a few seconds to let the system verify the iCloud account. After following some onscreen instructions you would complete the account creation process.

Congratulations, you have managed to create an account on Spyic. You can just open any kind of browser, sign in to your make a new Spyic account and start tracking that configured target iPhone. Here you will see that all these spy applications are listed on the left side of the dashboard where your Spyic’s account shows.

Some people don’t get satisfied by reading reviews about any app, they always want to try that thing by themselves. Another plus point of Spyic is that it provides an online ‘Demo’ version that you can easily see by tapping on the Demo tab on Spyic’s official web-page. By watching it you would be able to know how exactly this app works.


We’ve reviewed the whole Spyic phone spy app in details, we can say that no spy app is better than Spyic in terms of quality and professional spying services. Every feature and service of Spyic is up to the expectations of the people.

There are no risks involved and no need to perform Root or Jailbreak sort of activities to start phone tracking. The stealth mode of the Spyic app is what gives a guarantee to users that no one will detect them spying on an iPhone device. So what are you waiting for? Visit the Spyic’s site and start tracking an iPhone device according to your needs.

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