5 Trust Signals to Increase Your Conversion Rates

5 Trust Signals to Increase Your Conversion Rates
With the increase in the technological advancement and dependability of internet business transactions have moved from the physical scale to a virtual one. With high rates of online transactions, comes the risk factor regarding the quality of services and products being provided.

Trust factor has become more critical. The success of a website is derived from how much traffic it gets, and the more trustworthy it is, more traffic it will get. This is where trust signals come in. To be able to make sure a business thrives and survives, a website should be able to build that trust with the consumer and makes sure that the consumer sticks by it hence optimizing conversion rates.

Trust signals are symbols used by websites to make a customer feel safe about their decisions. These signals can be in the form of logos indicating whether a particular site belongs to an organization or simply can be a symbol verifying the website assuring the concerned customer. Trust signals are a road to increasing conversion rates which is basically designing a website in a way to make sure the visitor becomes a regular customer.

Know-how of trust signals as to how, when and more importantly, where can these be used is vital to achieving the desired result. According to Website Design London, following are some of the trust signals that are sure to make a customer relieved while dealing with your website.

Good UX Design and Consistency

As the first impression is the most significant one, any user stumbling upon your website should not be able to move on to the next one. The website must be a clear cut indication of what and how the services are provided. Navigating through the site shouldn’t be a headache and cause any hassle. The way a website is designed is also essential. From the brand logo to the image resolution, from the information provided to the content arrangement and management is very important. Be consistent with your colour schemes and tone.

Guarantee Signals

Guarantee signals are downright one of the most trustworthy symbols. The assurance that if somehow the product is faulty or the customer has changed their mind, their invested money is protected and secured. This can be done as a refund or return policy unique to your company.

Social Media Interaction

Social media has become an online giant these past few years and a positive and active social media presence is more validating than any other option. Communication with customers on social media opens up a new platform to have a one-on-one deal with them as well as also reassures a customer that their queries and complaints are being heard and resolved.

Honest Customer Reviews

Another most critical trust signals are reviews. Whether they are extremely good or showing a certain kind of discontent with the service paints a whole picture of how they deal with their clients. They not only tell the customer that the particular site is honest and willing to learn from their mistakes but also that they value all the opinions and strive to make themselves better which automatically and involuntarily tips the decision in their favour.

Security and Privacy

With all the transactions being done online, privacy and security of private information have become very vague and is something that ticks the customers the most. So make sure that the website has trust signals able to provide complete assurance that the information is secured and privacy is honored.

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