Top 4 Factors to Consider while choosing a Photo Recovery Software

Top 4 Factors to Consider while choosing a Photo Recovery Software

As the technology is getting advanced by day, cameras are also adapting to the new technology. Cameras today are now capable of producing exceptional photos with high quality resolution. Also, with the smartphones being equipped with great cameras, capturing photos is now just a click away. Losing these favorite photos is the last thing that one would want. Having a backup of the captured photos is always a good practice, as it would be easy to recover them when the photos are lost for various reasons.

Although the photo loss scenarios are rare, it is not an easy task to recover pictures that are lost. There are many ways to recover lost photos, be it from a backup that was taken, restoring it from Recycle Bin, etc. In case you have lost photos and do not have a backup, the only way to recover the lost photos is by using a professional photo recovery software. Here is a review of one such photo recovery software that makes it easy for the user to recover lost photos from the storage drive.

What to Consider When Choosing Photo Recovery Software?

  • Adaptive to different cameras: There are many brands of cameras available in the market, and the recovery software has to recover photos clicked on various cameras. Each and every camera manufacturer provides a different RAW file format to save the captured image. Hence, the photo recovery software should be capable of both recognizing and recovering images shot on all the camera brands.
  • Compatible with different storage drives: There are various manufacturers of storage drives such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Sony and many more. The capability of recovering photos from any drive should be a prerequisite for the software.
  • Handle various photo loss scenarios: Reasons for photos loss are many. Some of the scenarios could be such as formatting of the storage drive, accidental deletion, storage drive corruption or virus infection. Every photo loss scenario is different and also different solution is needed to recover photo from various devices. Therefore, the software has to be dynamic and should effectively recover photos from complex photo loss situations.
  • Simple user interface: Every Photo recovery software contains algorithms that are specific to accomplish specific task. No matter to what extent these programs is written, software has to be usable even for a novice user. Simple user interface should be one of the main characteristics that a photo recovery software needs to have.

SFWare Photo Recovery Software: A Commendable Photo Recovery Software

  • Extensive Data Recovery: The software has two options “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover lost photos”. The first option can be used for simple search, if the photos are missing or accidentally deleted. The latter option is effective when more rigorous scanning has to be done on the drive. For example, if the drive is formatted or not working due to some corruption. This way the software is a complete solution to recover lost photos.
  • File Type View and Data View: To my notice the software has recovered a huge volume of data after the scanning process. I was curious to know the software will help me to locate the needed photos among the recovered data. The File Type View and Data View options are your biggest allies. They can greatly benefit the user to easily locate the photos from the lot. So you can locate files according to folders or the file signature (photo format type).
  • Recovers Photos from Different Camera Brands: The photos shot on different cameras have different file formats which are termed as RAW images. Post testing the software could recover photos including RAW images of camera brands such as Nikon(.nef, .nrw), Sony(.arw, .sr2), Canon(.crw, .cr2), and Panasonic (.raw, .rw2).
  • Save Recovery Session: The recovery session and scan time depends on the volume of data to be recovered. Rescanning the drive might extra time from the user. The Save Recovery Session helps in saving the scanned data, so that the user need not take more time to rescan the storage drive. This can be a great advantage when dealing with large photo backup drives.
  • Preview: The photos that are recovered can be previewed. This way software gives the option to the user to validate the recovered photos before saving them. Therefore you could just download the software and preview before you make a decision of choosing the software. This will not only answer the question “how to recover deleted photos?” but also be great to try before you buy.
  • In-built Sorting Filters: The photo recovery tool has inbuilt filters and according to the website, SFWare photo recovery software can recover more than 300 plus file types. The tool has options to sort recovered photos respective to all major image file formats such as JPG, PNG, PSD, JPEG, GIF and many more. This can be a great asset for professionals who regularly deal with various types of photo formats.

Why is SFWare Photo Recovery Recommended?

Photo loss is something which is unexpected. However, acting smart and fast can avoid the escalation of the problem. By all means, SFware photo recover software proved a great resource that can come in handy for professional and photography hobbyists alike. It is certainly capable of recovering photos after losing your precious memories. You will be able to save recovered photos from the storage drive safely if you choose a different partition or storage device to save them. Lastly, SFWare photo recovery software is cost-effective and highly credible when compared to many of its competitors.

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