Easy Ways to Use Tech to Manage Your Finances

 Easy Ways to Use Tech to Manage Your Finances

While some argue that it is negatively impacting people and environments, the positive influence it has can’t be ignored either. For one, technology has made carrying out daily administrative tasks less daunting. You can now do almost anything using your mobile phone which means a greater level of productivity and reach in many cases. Thanks to technology, you can also manage your finances wherever you are. Below are easy ways to use technology to manage your money.

Try Using Apps

Apps are a good way to manage your finances as they can be accessed via your smartphone. If you haven’t noticed, most financial institutions now have an app which you can use to manage your account and make transactions. There are apps that will help you stay on top of your finances as well. Here are a couple that you could download.

  • Level Money: One good finance-related app to try is Level Money. It will track and analyze your spending habits including things like bills, loans and savings. One of the best features is the fact that it will calculate your spendable money to keep you from overspending.
  • Mint: Another personal finance tracker that can monitor your bank accounts, loans, and other assets is Mint. It will also help set budgets and savings goals for you which should help you feel focused.
  • Living Social: For those who enjoy socializing often, LivingSocial will help you get discounts locally. Some things you might find are salsa dancing, spirit tasting, and discounted products. Groupon is a close competitor, so compare to see who offers the best value.

Check Your Credit Report Online

Your credit report is an important tool when it comes to finances. Thanks to technology, you can now check your credit report online within minutes. You should check your report as frequently as possible. If you notice debt collection agencies like ARS National on your report, know that there is a way to have them removed. In case you’re wondering How to Remove ARS National from Your Credit Report, it’s possible to do so by hiring the right law firm.

Turn on Push Notifications

Alerts can be annoying but they’re also a function that can help keep your finances in order. Set up alerts or reminders for paying your bills to ensure that you don’t miss any payments. Alternatively, automate these payments so that you don’t have to think about them at all. If you have apps that are helping you keep up with your finances, turn your notifications on via your settings. Banks can also send SMS alerts or emails when you’re near your limit, so request for that service too so you don’t go over your limit and end up with charges.

Subscribe to Newsletters

If you enjoy reading, then subscribe to finance-related newsletters. This way, you can get useful information on how to grow your money sent directly to your inbox. A good platform to learn more about finances is Investopedia. It breaks down financial jargon making it perfect for newbies. also provides financial data and life planning. You’re going to find tools as well as guides alongside economic and financial statistics and data on their platform.

More mainstream websites that you can subscribe to our CNN Markets, This is Money, Bloomberg Markets, and Forbes Money.

Follow Influencers on Social Platforms

Social media can be a distraction, but it can also be a way to consume positive information. Follow financial gurus on platforms like Instagram on LinkedIn as this is an ideal way to consume information that could help you keep your finances in order.

Influencers: There are so many influencers in the financial world that have a wealth of experience they want to share. Mike Quindazzi has over 28 years of experience in the finance world and covers topics such as financial growth for businesses and global megatrends. Michelle Singletary, the author of “The 21 Day Financial Fast” also gives practical financial advice that can help you improve your situation.

Financial Brands: Navy Federal Credit Union has 1.2 million followers and gives financial advice that will help you stay on budget every Friday. Chase is also doing a great job with 4m followers and they share informational videos as well as financial advice.


Investing is something you can now do online as things have become so digital. Robo-advisors are an option that you can utilize if you want a cheaper way to invest and can’t afford a financial advisor. They can also provide low-cost investment opportunities. It’s a convenient way to start building a portfolio whether your aim is to earn residual income or plan for retirement.
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