Why the Network Security is a Must for Your Business?

Why the Network Security is a Must for Your Business?

What is Network Security?

Network security is any action taken to prevent accidental damage to your devices, users, and data. The goal is to keep the network safe for all legitimate users apart of that specific network. Since there are many ways a network can become vulnerable, network security has a wide range of practices, including:

  • Deploying Passive Devices: Using software and devices that report unauthorized usage on a network, or any malicious activity done by users.
  • Deploying Active Devices: You can use the software to prevent malicious programs from running into or entering your network. Also, stopping the user from accessing dangerous websites on your organization’s computers.
  • Preventative Devices: Devices that can detect the potential security holes, so your network staff can fix them.
  • Users Following Safe Practices: Even if your hardware or software are made to be secured, your users will create security holes based on their activity. Network security staff is needed to teach your organization members on how to stay safe from upcoming threats.

How Can I Protect My Network?

While looking for network ip scanner, there are some ways you can improve your network’s security. Here are some options that are available:

Install and Monitor a Firewall

A firewall is a piece of hardware or software designed to prevent unauthorized access to networks or computers. In basic terms, a firewall is a group of rules that control the incoming and outgoing network traffic within an organization.

Firewalls are becoming more advanced, and the latest ones are network security platforms that consist of multiple approaches that work together to prevent security breaches.

Create a Virtual Private Network

VPNs have a more secure connection between your remote computers and other local servers and computers. These networks are only available to the equipment and people in your system. With VPNs, you can decrease the chance of hackers attacking your system.

Update Your Passwords Quarterly

Hopefully, your employees will avoid using obvious passwords such as “12335” or “password”. In addition to having passwords with numbers and letters – try to add symbols and a mix of upper case and lower case letters to keep their passwords protected. For extra security, require your employees to change their personal passwords.

While its recommended they updated their passwords each quarter, doing it often is a more secure method. However, changing your passwords too often will cause confusion, with your employees having to contact IT to remember their passwords.

Side Note: Tell your employees that choosing passwords with symbols to replace the letters such as “pa$$word” for “password.” Every hacker knows that trick already!


When looking for a network ip scanner, use these techniques to ensure that your organization’s network is secure. Hackers are always there, but with the right preventative procedures and systems set in place, you can reduce the amount of damage they’ll have on your network.

What procedures do you have currently set in place? Is your team alert enough to remove network threats as soon as they arrive? By getting the best network scanners available, you’ll be able to answer yes to both questions and keep your network safe.

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