Cyberwarfare & Your Wallet: 2019 Edition

Cyberwarfare & Your Wallet: 2019 Edition

Cyber threats are lurking behind every click and browser change. Even subtle attacks can make a massive impact on how well your computer or phone functions and can turn it against you.

Cyber threats aren’t just against multi-million dollar corporations and their big bank accounts. Each year, millions change hands in seconds over small mistakes that let hackers have their chance to clean innocent people out of their life savings.

We are going to go over some of the ways that hackers, both technical and social have been able to perform some of the most advanced scams in the past two decades for financial gain, and what you can do to avoid being another victim that becomes a statistic.

Finance Hackers

There are a few kinds of scammers/hackers. There are those that do so for financial gain. Their targets are usually vulnerable targets as well as the strong with the only focus based on if they can get away with the money and actually use it. These hackers focus on design flaws in security systems as well as lapses in the protocol of businesses to prey on both the business themselves as well as their customer base.

Get RFID protection on your wallet and phone case to prevent your credit cards and other crucial info from being stolen in a scan by. Hackers are able to with the pass of a swipe over your wallet or phone get the information they otherwise wouldn’t be able to without touch.

Turning off Bluetooth and being careful of which networks you connect to when out can go a long way to preventing accidental exposure.

Social or Cause Hackers

These hackers rely on the information that you have left online to target you based on your personal affiliations or interests. These type of hackers often see themselves as activists in some form when really they are scammers like any other.

If you have a website, learning and utilizing the latest ddos protection techniques will go a long way to preventing your site from being the target of hacktivists that are trying to impede your site’s ability to be online by causing server crashes.

Just Because of Hackers

These are ones that attack indiscriminately, they only look for an opportunity to show their expertise for others to see or for their own entertainment.

They are most creative because their targets are simply disruption. And in this case, the best thing to do for this type of hacker as for the ones before is to keep your information online to a minimum, shred every piece of paper you get, and regularly change your passwords.

Beyond that, regularly updating your system, software, and more will prevent any exploits based on old security issues from being an opportunity hackers love to take advantage of.

The final piece of advice that we have to offer for keeping yourself as digitally secure as possible is to regularly stay abreast of the latest scams. Knowledge is power, and even with these pieces of advice, still needs to be cultivated.

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