8 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter

8 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter

It’s easy to think that business cards are dinosaurs, quickly heading on their way to obliteration. Sad to say, nothing could be further from the truth. They are still as valuable as ever, never mind the popularity they’ve lost. At little cost you can climb up the corporate ladder. Here are 8 reasons why business cards still matter.

1. Quick

Any marketing event or meetup has hundreds of people. Almost all of them are, like you, doing their best to get noticed. Especially by the audience. A lot of them don’t have time to talk to each and every single service or business (or agent). This is where the power of business cards come in: they give you a chance to make a connection in the shortest time possible.

2. Expected

Digital has dominated the decade. There’s a growing “movement” among people who are steadily decreasing the amount of time they spend staring at screens, in an effort to be more conscious and self-aware. However, business cards are still expected. It is simply a traditional courtesy in business.

3. Communication

Unexpected events happen. If you can’t attend a marketing event, one of your best-selling (and people-pleasing) employees can be there in your place. Once this employee hands out your business card, as a representative of you and the company, they both play a factor in networking on your behalf – even as you’re not there. It also shows prospects that you believe in your employees enough to not be looming over them like an untrusting shadow.

4. Less Problems

From dating apps to shopping online (including both for clothes and groceries), to your banking needs, etc. There’s an app or website for almost everything. Because we rely on technology, downtime is a common frustration. Business cards don’t have this problem.

5. Connection

Meeting someone online isn’t as exciting as meeting someone offline for the first time. There’s a different set of emotions and personal connections that happen when you meet someone new in the real world. Your business card helps maintain this connection because it is a physical object that is passed from one hand to another.

6. Legitimacy

Like it or not, a slick business card gives the impression of legitimacy. Far more than merely telling the person in front of you to check out your site or asking for their Twitter or Instagram. They have stood the test of time because they make a business seem more professional; be sure to make your business cards mean something with customized printing.

7. Working

You hand your business card to someone. Time passes. Do they become a new client? Maybe. Even if they don’t, there’s still a connection – the network. Networking has become ingrained in society these days, in business and personal lives. Cards work for you by word of mouth marketing, which some marketing experts say is one of the most influential forms of marketing.

8. Branding

Like any business, it is essential that you build your brand. Presenting materials that can easily be identified can help establish a brand. Your logo and marketing slogan included on your business card will help reinforce your brand. However, make sure you incorporate the company’s logo and style with the design of the business card for branding consistency.


These are several reasons why business cards still matter. Even though digitalized mediums and delivery platforms crop up, business cards will never go out of style – or use. Of course, how effective your business cards sell your business depends on how your card looks.

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