10 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Web Development

10 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Web Development

YouTube is the main place where you can find a lot of web development tutorial channels. The video tutorials on these channels are the real deal as they are created by professional web developers who are experienced. You can take your time to watch these videos one by one to improve your web development knowledge.


DevTips is a channel by Travis Neilson that teaches topics about web development and web design. The channel is for you if you are interested in learning both web development and web design. The instructor uses a language that is easy for the beginner to understand. Sometimes, the channel will feature live interviews with other web development experts. is a web development and web design channel run by Will Stern. There is a large collection of Javascript video tutorials on this channel. There are also videos that cover other topics such as HTML, JS frameworks, Nodejs, and CSS. It has a video playlist that contains 24 videos just for beginners.

Coder’s Guide

Coder’s Guide offers web development video tutorials in series. The channel covers various topics such as HTML/CSS, Java. There are also shorter videos on easier topics like how to build a WordPress theme. You can start with the easy topics and the progress to topics with higher difficulty levels. Each video series is quite long and you may not be able to finish them in a single watch. Because the video is long, it is going to be a large size if you download it in the high-quality format like AVCHD. In case you accidentally download it in a high quality format like AVCHD, you can use a video converter to convert it into the smaller format like MP4. Get more details at


JREAM is a channel that offers tutorials on both front end and back end tutorials. On this channel, you will find tutorials on how to code in PHP, Python, JQuery, and Node. The related videos are readily grouped together in a playlist for convenient viewing. There are also videos that teach beginners how to write effective codes.

Cave on Programming

Cave on Programming is a channel that focuses on Java programming tutorials. The tutorials on the channel are all typed and explained in real time. It is a great channel for people who want to improve their web development skills as well as beginners who want to learn coding from scratch. It divides long video tutorials into parts. There are tutorials that cover various topics such as Java Swing, multi-threading on Java, MySQL, and Java for beginners.

Chris Hawkes

Chris Hawkes is a famous programming channel on YouTube that has gathered millions of views. The channel is run by Chris Hawkes who is a highly skilled programmer with more than 8 years of experience. He covers a lot of topics such as web design, Django, ASP.NET, Reactjs, and Python. Each beginner tutorial part has a duration of around 20 minutes. It also has videos where Chris Hawkes discuss different programming language in general scope.


CodingTheSmartWay is a YouTube channel for people who are interested in learning Javascript and JS framework. It also has tutorials on other topics like Firebase, Vue.js, Redox Angular, and React. The channel is connected to the blog at The channel adds new videos every month. The video length on the channel ranges from 9 minutes to 1 hour.

Adam Khoury

Adam Khoury channel on YouTube offers free video courses on various web development technologies such as PHP, HTML/CSS, SQL, flash and Javascript. The courses provided on the channel is fairly goodly and can compete with other paid web development courses. He shares in his channel everything he knows about coding.


LevelUpTuts offers a large collection of basic and advanced tutorials by Scott Tolinski. It covers various topics like Drupal, Magento, JS frameworks, AngularJavascript, and PHP. He also provides some tutorials on how to sketch with Sketch app. Two new videos are added to the channel every week. The tutorials produced on this channel offer step by step instructions that are easy to follow for beginners.

Brad Hussey

Brad Hussey YouTube channel features Brad Hussey offering tutorials on how to build websites with coding from scratch. Teaches mainly HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP coding. It also has videos about how to use Bootstrap to build a responsive website. You can subscribe to this channel if you are interested in using your web development skills to make some money online.

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