10 Best Metaspoilt Penetration Testing Courses & Video Tutorials

List of Metaspoilt Penetration Testing Courses & Video Tutorials

Metaspoilt is one of the most popular penetration testing frameworks. This is an opensource framework that also has a paid and supported enterprise version.

Metaspoilt is a preferred choice of penetration testers, ethical hackers, and security engineers worldwide.

Penetration testing is the first step in information security and ethical hacking field to identify vulnerabilities in any software.

Want to learn ethical hacking? This tool is a good starting point for you get started into the field of hacking and information security.

What Is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is a simple way to identify vulnerabilities in any software. This is commonly referred to as pen testing
Penetration testing is performed by simulating an attack to exploit vulnerabilities in software. Usually, many different attacks are performed in a pen test and results are recorded in the form of a report. 
Typically, a pen test report contains a list of all the vulnerabilities that were exploited and recommended actions to rectify those vulnerabilities. 
A pen testers job is to run a variety of pen tests on a different kind of software to identify and report vulnerabilities before anyone exploits it. 

Why Learn Metaspoilt?

Metaspoilt is a tool that is commonly used by ethical hackers for doing penetration testing. I think, below are some key reasons Metaspoilt is a tool worth learning.
  • The framework has the community support that makes it efficient in detecting vulnerabilities. 
  • Its open source license makes the use and contribution easy.
  • It is well documented and help is easily available.

Metaspoilt Courses and Video Tutorials

Below is a list of some courses I found intresting and curated in this list. 


Metaspoilt is a framework that you can learn quickly and start using for penetration testing. It is very popular and the tutorials are easily available. I hope you find this list useful to learn penetration testing. 

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