75+ Best Free Hadoop Tutorials PDF & eBooks To Learn

List of Best Free Hadoop Tutorials PDF & eBooks To Learn

Hadoop is the most used opensource big data platform. Over the last decade, it has become a very large ecosystem with dozens of tools and projects supporting it.

Most information technology companies have invested in Hadoop based data analytics and this has created a huge job market for Hadoop engineers and analysts. Hadoop is a large-scale system that requires Map Reduce programmers, data scientists, and administrators to maintain it.

Getting a Hadoop job may seem difficult but not impossible. There are hundreds of useful free resources available online that can help you learn it on your own.

Many programmers have switched to data scientist role by simply self-learning Hadoop development.

I am a Cloudera certified Hadoop developer since 2008 and I have hand-curated this list of resources for all Hadoop aspirants to learn faster.

Hadoop Beginners Tutorials: Simple and Easy to Follow

Hadoop requires a lot of prior knowledge of computer science. It may be overwhelming for a total beginner to start using it. I would recommend to take small steps and learn part of it at a time. Try to apply what you learn using a simple project. The pre-bundled distributions of Hadoop are, the best way to avoid complicated setup. You can use Cloudera or Hortonworks bundled packages to quick start your experiments.

At first, you need no create a large Hadoop cluster. Even doing a one or two node cluster would be sufficient to verify your learnings.

Hadoop Video Tutorials To Watch and Learn

Video tutorials are also available for learning Hadoop. There are dozens of beginners video tutorials on Youtube and other websites. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

Best Hadoop eBooks and PDF to Learn

Looking for a PDF downloadable for Hadoop learning? Below list has plenty of options for you from various sources on the internet.

Hadoop Cheatsheets and Quick Reference Resources

Hadoop has many commands, memorizing those may take time. You can use a simple cheat sheet that can be used as a quick reference. I recommend you to print one of your favorite cheat sheets and stick it on your desk pinboard. This way you can easily lookup for commands as you work.

Hadoop Websites and Blogs To Learn On Web

This is a list of blogs and websites related to Hadoop. These can be handy to keep your knowledge on Hadoop up to date with the latest industry trends.

Hadoop Forums and Discussion Boards To Get Help

Looking for help related to Hadoop, you may be lucky if you go online. Many people are willing to help with Hadoop related queries. Below forums are very active with high participation from hundreds of people.

Hadoop Courses and Training (Including Paid Options)

Hadoop courses may not be free but have been proven very useful for quickly learning from experts. The courses can exhaustive, however, it may give you a faster learning curve and greater confidence. There are many costly courses available, my recommendation will be to try out the free courses first and then invest wisely into areas where you need to learn more.

Please share your experience If you know about more training options or have any feedback about any training listed here.


I have created this huge list of Hadoop tutorials to help learn faster. At first, it may become overwhelming to jump onto any tutorial and start learning, however, I would encourage you to no give up on learning.

My recommendation to beginners will be to start small and no give up. Based on the couple hour spent every day you may be able to learn Hadoop ecosystem in a matter of a few weeks.

I hope you find this resource page useful. Please mention in comments, If you find something useful that is not listed on this page.

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