Top 5 Android Apps for Forex Traders

Top 5 Android Apps for Forex Traders

Nowadays, mobile apps are useful for most aspects of business and personal life. In trading, you cannot really claim to have a complete experience if you have never used an app or two to help you with your work. The impact of Android apps, especially when it comes to making those crucial market decisions is invaluable.

Apps do all sorts of things from market analysis to receiving notifications and even making actual trades. There are many different apps that you can find the store today. Some of these are free while others are paid. Here are the top five android apps that are valuable for forex traders today.

Trade Interceptor

Trade Interceptor is undoubtedly the top app for trading in the mobile world. This application is phenomenal in forex market analysis and spread-trading as it offers a plethora of tools to aid traders. What makes this application invaluable though is its downright focus on giving users a great interface to work. 

The team behind this app clearly took their time to develop a trading app that was meant specifically for the mobile users. As opposed to other kinds of apps that have alternatives in the PC realm, this app seems to be solely focused on mobile users and this has allowed the team behind it to create a customized experience. With Trade Interceptor, you will be able to:
  • Trade currency pairs, commodity futures, and binary options
  • Access a wide range of forex brokers 
  • Access over 100 different technical charts
  • Live prices of commodities like Bitcoin


The Bloomberg Business Mobile App is like the Swiss Knife for mobile trading. This application specifically focuses on bringing the business aspect of trade to the users. The app taps into the robust Bloomberg ecosystem to bring accurate news about the market to users. It also has other features as well, especially for day traders. 

These features include price tools and portfolio tracking tools. Other than that, the app also allows users to access the market data for markets around the world. Users can customize this app to create an experience that is suitable for their needs. 


Evernote is a personal organization app that also doubles up as a source of quality details about personal trades. This application is designed in such a way that it offers the perfect environment to create a forex trading journal. This app allows users to import all kinds of information into it and customize their trading experience. 

Evernote has a huge collection of tools that allow you to edit, modify and save various kinds of data sources thus giving you the power to analyze and predict the market. The app is a perfect companion that allows traders to track the market in a manner that they are most comfortable.


NetDania is one of the few apps that have actually been developed by people who have a profound understanding of the forex business. This app is a trading companion that allows clients to do every aspect of trading from accessing market data to actual trading. 

The app makes use various repositories to supply useful information to its users. For this reason, the app has received an excellent reputation in the market. The kind of versatility offered by the app is also unmatched. It is one of the few apps that offer access to real-time market data from tens of thousands of financial instruments. NetDania allows users to customize their trades through setting prices and also receiving notifications.

Kindle Reader

The Kindle Reader is the best alternative especially for those who want to completely stay away from papers. It is no secret that forex trading involves a lot of reading on a daily basis. This means that paper is often impossible to get rid of. With the Kindle Reader though, you have the most complete companion for keeping up with all kinds of information about the trade and business in general. The great thing about this app is that it has an exclusive collection of information that you would otherwise not easily accessible elsewhere. 

All these benefits are availed in a simple and convenient interface. The Kindle Reader is available on the Android platform as well as other platforms. With it, you can access the electronic versions of your favorite books from anywhere at any time.
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