How Translation Management Software Evolved & Helps Translation Companies


The world is a global village which comprises of people who belong to different religious, cultural, traditional and linguistic backgrounds. Diversity is the perfect adjective to describe the world we live in today. For people from different countries and zones of the world to communicate and interact with each other, a common mode of communication is required, and that is where the need for translation companies and translation software comes into question. Translation services are now in high demand today, mainly due to two major reasons. 

The first reason being immigration where people move to foreign countries in search of better life opportunities or to even get reunited with their families and the other being the expansion of businesses into foreign lands that is commonly known as globalization. 

Translation Management Software Vs. Manual Management

Numerous translation companies use translation management software as well as many translation service provider companies that manually manage their processes. The translation service providing companies that use translation management software is more reliable than companies that carry out translation services manually. 

The Evolution Of Translation Management Software

The translation management software is a tool that automates the translation process. It has numerous benefits such as it helps in eliminating laborious and manual tasks. Moreover, it helps in enabling control and provides efficient work.

Technological advancements in the field of translation have come a long way. There are better solutions for the translation companies that help them provide higher quality translation quality control and services to their clients.

The very first translation management software was launched a decade ago, and since then it has evolved significantly to make lives of people easier and full of convenience. Over the years, improvements have been made, and the latest features that have been introduced are as follows;

Supported Languages

At the early times when TMS was introduced, it supported the most popular languages in the world such as English, Spanish, French, etc. But as more than ten years have passed, the TMS supports plentiful language pairs. It is compatible with almost every language in the world and helps companies provide its services to people in need from all around the world.

File Translator

The second feature that has been added to the TMS is the file translator. The latest translation management software you will find will have a file translator in it. The file translator is advanced and accepts all types of files be that PDF, document or image. The files translators in the TMS are so efficient today that it can simultaneously translate multiple files, helps companies meet their deadlines at all times.

File Formatting Automation

The toughest part for the translators is when they have to carry out the formatting of the translated document and give it the same formatting as in the original document. The alignment and the formatting are very tough and used to take hours, but with the technological advancements in the TMS, automatic file formatting is now possible. This feature encodes font properties, spacing and image placement. This eliminates the need for spending hours and hours getting the perfect formatting.

Translation Memory

Every translation company needs translation memory as it helps saves the time of the translation company. It lowers the costs and ensures quality translation to the customers at all times. Also, it helps to maintain the consistency of the work. As the translations are performed the translation memory of the TMS stores the phrases and the words. The stored phrases and the words are then used by translators so that they do not have think and spend a lot of time in figuring out the appropriate translation.

Translation Tracking

When a group of translators is working together on a single project, translation tracking is used. This helps in maintaining consistency in the project, and the translators can use the work as the reference so that mistakes and variations in the translation style can be avoided. With this feature, the companies can now provide a cent percent consistent work so that the customers can be satisfied.

Voice-over Translation

Another feature that has been added into the Translation Management Software is the voice-over translation. This feature helps in producing text-to-speech files as a result. This is an amazing tool for the companies which use video and audio tutorials for their internal purposes. This feature helps translation companies save time, and now this feature supports almost all the languages in the world.

On-site Hosting Option

The translation companies that wish to stay adhered to strict data compliance laws and helps companies incorporate extra security procedures.

These are the latest additions in the Translation Management Software. This tool is the best tool for the translation companies, not only does this evolution helps the translation companies but it also helps the buyers of the translation services as this tool helps in providing efficient, error-less, consistent translation to the customers.

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