Instant WordPress Translation Using ConveyThis Translate

Instant WordPress Translation using ConveyThis Translate

These days it is sometimes easier to attract international customers to your website regardless of what you promote or write about. Whether you have a landing page or an online store you would love to optimize your conversions and gain new visitors.

But how to deal with all those things that are so important for a successful international campaign? Multilingual content is a difficult thing to create, effective international SEO is an even more difficult thing to correctly implement and follow all the rules. There are many plugins out there that involve your deep-deep participation in the entire localization process, moreover involves other experts like SEO agencies, web developers, etc. ConveyThis translate is a relatively new plugin that has a bit of another approach as a whole. This plugin is the ultimate translation solution that gives you the ability to translate your entire website and have all the benefits of a multilingual site using only one plugin.

Here Are Just Some Benefits You Will Get Using ConveyThis

  • 100+ of the most popular languages 
  • Unlimited trial with all features enabled
  • Fast, easy integration and instant results
  • Powerful automatic machine translator
  • Compatibility with all themes and plugins 
  • Smart analytics to track international visitors 
  • Google multilingual SEO best practices 
  • Access to professional translators
  • Simple translation interface 
  • Support to every customer 

If you decided to go international with your website, SEO optimization is the most important point here. Besides the content, of course, which the plugin provides you with in the first place.

Once some of your pages are translated into another language it’s still not guaranteed that foreign speaking visitor will see them. It does help you to make them more loyal due to language selection, but yet it’s not enough for the whole international journey you will go on to. The most important part is to help search engines identify the translated content on your site and start ranking them higher in the appropriate search results. That’s exactly what the plugin does, it creates separate URLs, adds “hreflang” tag, set up user language redirection and much more. When you have your website translated it will get so much exposure due to all these aspects.

Before You Start

Now let’s have a look at the integration process and find out if it’s really so simple.

First of all, you need to install the plugin on your website.
To do that go to your plugins directory in your WP admin and install ConveyThis.
Once the plugin is installed it pops up on the top bar of your control panel.

On the plugin’s set up page, you will see that configuration is still required. To complete it you need to get an API key. Go to and sign up. After you confirm your account one of the first pages you will see is your main dashboard. It’s pretty simple and at the same time very informative.

Here you have all the most important indicators to follow your translation stage and international success. Grab your API key from this page and go back to the WP admin.

Paste the key to the API section field, also select the source language and target language. Now the language switcher will appear on your website, you can go there and check. No other action’s needed to start translating your website, it’s so simple.

But before you actually start doing this we want you to pay your attention to the customization options.

To open the list of settings click “show more options”. As you can see this is where almost everything is subject to change. The handy preview button allows you do not have to switch to the website’s tab to check out the result. Change whatever you want and see the result in real time. Actually, there is one more thing that could be extremely useful in some cases. Click “Change language flag” and you will be shown a spreadsheet where you can personalize up to five language-flag pairs. On the screenshot above you can see what it will eventually look like. All individualization changes that you might potentially need are covered here.

Translation Interface

Finish translating some of your site’s pages and go to “My Translations” to see how you can improve them. You can go there either from your account or from the plugin’s page in your WP admin. There is an entire list of your translated pages here. By seeing the current number of page views you can understand what exact pages are the most effective ones. You can also delete those pages that have very few international visits and increase your word limit using it later for other pages. So here you have not only analytics but general testing capabilities.

In the drop-down list, you can select a language you want to edit right now and also sorting options are also available to help you find the needed page. To start editing a specific page click on its link. On the right-hand side, you can replace the initial machine translation with yours. You will also be able to edit meta text and attributes.

To help you improve all your content this interface provides you with an access to professional translators who you can contact right from your account. Whether you would like to have general proofreading or more in-depth editing it’s up to you. Several translation agencies offer their services and due to their partnership with the plugin, you will have very low tariffs for this service.


ConveyThis has three paid plans to cover various needs besides a totally free plan.
And this is the last outstanding feature of this plugin – a free plan which has no expiration date, moreover you won’t be asked to give your credit card information at registration. While testing the plugin on the trial all the features are enabled as on any advance plan and you can literally start your worldwide journey and gaining new customers completely for free.

All paid plans have a money back guarantee and they cover various needs. So you have to pay only for your current volumes and can build bit by bit your powerful fully optimized multilingual website.

Take advantage of this right now, sign up on their website and once you confirm your account use the coupon code MULTILINGUAL50 to get 50% off any paid plans.

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