Why Is React More Popular Than Angular In 2018

Why is React More Popular than Angular in 2018?

React and AngularJS are Javascript (JS) technologies that are widely used for creating one-page, interactive applications. JS tools are growing at a faster pace to target advancements in the technology. In the middle of all this, AngularJS vs ReactJS has become a popular topic of discussion.

When used for business applications or websites, selection of a right framework out of these two is a high priority work. Why? Because AngularJS or ReactJs framework affects factor associated with an application’s durability, scalability, code maintainability and others.

To clarify the competition to some extent, below are some parameters that show how React is more popular in 2018

Flexible Approach

Angular offers defaults for state management, language choice, network connectivity and more. Developers using Angular need to follow these default settings. React on the other side, is a UI library and does not prescribe these mentioned features. But, React is an open ecosystem where developers can adapt to it as per their need. And, in this way, React is a flexible technology than Angular.


Angular uses Typescript as the development language which is the blend of Java and C#. People aware of these languages prefer to work in Angular and consider it as technically superior. However, developers that belong to a different background find it hard to work in Angular and feels like learning something very new is useless in the emerging technology involved with Javascript ecosystem. Solving this problem, for static typing, React offers both Typescript and Flow, a Facebook library. This is why React seems easy for most of the developers and thus selected often to build applications. Here again, flexibility is an asset for creating React applications. 

Paradigms Involved

Javascript involves popular paradigms like OOPs and functional programming (FP). Understanding a paradigm’s principals is vital to produce a high-quality application dealing with all the development challenges. While Angular framework implements OOP like Typescripts, React has some roots in FP. When coupled with Redux, FP can be much more interesting than Angular in terms of predictable and manageable working of functions. FP has become popular due to React and has bright future applications.

Simplicity Factor

A simplified structure and learning curve of a programming language makes it easy for learning it faster. When it comes to AngularJS, it is not at all a simple framework to set up a project in. Though, it can be learned fast but creates confusion for the developers due to its complex libraries and syntax. On the other side, React is comparatively simple and easy to learn and work with. In programming, coders use AngularJS to create the core structure of front-end Javascript apps and ReactJS offers improvements to its parts. In short, developers can embrace easy and effective React framework for application building.

Considering the factors above, React seems to be a default and popular choice for the new developers in the market. Though Angular and React frameworks both have a significant scope in future, React is growing faster and working with it is simpler as it has advanced tools.

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