5 Web Design Template Inspirations

5 Web Design Template Inspirations

After you’ve set up your domain and web hosting, the easiest and fastest way to build out your site is to use a template. Unfortunately, a lot of the templates you come across online are dull or limiting. You really have to put in the time to find a high-quality template that inspires you to bring out the best that you have to offer and showcase your work properly. We’ve taken a look at many different templates and found that these five can make the difference whether you’re looking to build a simple site or a complex one.

1. Flaunt

If you’re a creative, one of the best things that a theme can do for you is to allow you to express yourself. This is the opportunity that Flaunt gives you. It’s a template that’s specifically designed for visually driven websites. So whether you’re a photographer, artist, graphic designer, or an agency, you’ll be able to highlight your work with this simple yet elegantly designed template.

The reason it is so inspiring is that it’s so easy to use and customize to your own needs. Everything is arranged in clean grid columns so that every single image you add gets to stand out on its own. There are so many graphics and text hover effects as well to add your own unique touch and create a more dynamic presentation of your work. If you’re looking for something that lets your work speak for itself, you’ll want to check out Flaunt.

2. Definity

Sometimes the most inspirational thing you can do is to really immerse the visitor in your website experience. Definity is a multi-purpose template that you can use for just about any kind of site. It is a step up in terms of complexity compared to Flaunt, but if you want that little extra something, this is one of the templates that you need to check out.

You can set full-page sliders, background videos, animations, fade-outs images, and more. The goal is to really capture your visitor’s imagination and bring them into your world. There are also other features that turn your website into a unique experience such as the variety of layouts, multiple transition effects, and parallax effects. Whether you’re looking to set up a one-page site, multi-page site or even a small eCommerce store, Definity is a solid choice.

3. Porto

Are you more of an old-school webmaster that deals with HTML? Porto is an HTML5 specific template that gives you a large number of pre-designed templates so that you can plug and play your information straight onto the site after you set up your web hosting. There are templates for many categories including consulting, food, medical, finance, construction, technology, real estate, and so much more.

The template also offers many different options for all major website elements. This includes the header, navigation menu, footers, sliders, layout, and even the typography. This means that you won’t have to spend much time customizing the template. Simply pick the layout, element type and you’ll be on your way to building a complete site within a couple of hours.

4. Types and Grids

The typography and layout of a website go a long way in determining how a website looks. For example, there are many inspirational web designs that focus strictly on color, layout, and typography. If you want to take a leap with big typography and minimalism, look no further than Types and Grids. It’s all about letting the typography dictate the site and using grids to present the content in an approachable manner.

This is a template that you should strongly consider if you’re planning on building a content-driven website. A content-driven website doesn’t have to be boring or plain. With the right template, you can help your message stand out and create layouts that beg the words to be read. Types and Grids really enable webmasters to make what seems like the little things make a big impact.

5. Oblivion Magazine

If you’re looking to create an online publication, Oblivion Magazine is a template you should take a deep look into. It is a responsive Tumblr based template that is packed full of features and customization options. You are presented with multiple slider options, the ability to set up clean navigation menus like a real website, and the ability to add an endless list of widgets to your website.

So if you want to add tag clouds, live social media feeds, update tickers, and other widgets, knock yourself out. The template really turns a simple Tumblr website into an extravagant design that will make you feel like you were never browsing on Tumblr in the first place. It competes with some of the best publishers focused WordPress themes in the marketplace.

These five templates are guaranteed to stir up inspiration for your next website project. They are easy to use, customize and design. The templates on the list range from basic to advanced features, so you should opt for one that offers the tools you need for your particular goals.

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