The Five Types Of Logos And How To Use Them


To make your startup company an epitome of success, you need to create a logo that visually speaks to your brand. Are you contemplating from where you should start with your logo design? If yes, then you must decide on which style of the logo will make your brand look distinctive and unique enough to create a striking impression on your target audience.

Logo styles are primarily divided into 5 basic categories, which consist of brand marks, lettermarks, wordmarks, combination marks, and emblems. All these logos are a unique blend of typography and images and each logotype has its own unique meaning. The logo is the first thing that your customers notice therefore you need to ensure that you make a right choice. Read further to know how each style is different and what purpose it strives to serve.


A brandmark is also known as a pictorial mark with no text rather it is a symbol, icon or image that precisely depicts the company or its brand. It is certainly one of the best ways if you want your prospect audience to have a profound psychological connection build with your logo design. As the brain stimulates and triggers on a deeper level to an image rather than written text.

There are numerous advantages of employing symbol to portray your brand when it comes to serving globally. However, its success depends on how well your audience is aware of what the symbol actually represents. You can easily see its implementation on social media where the symbol of twitter bird or Snapchat ghost or any other social icon encourages the audience to share whatever they have posted.

The Five Types of Logos and How to Use Them


If you are in search of the simplest logo that represents the company’s name in text alone then wordmark is the best fit. This particular logotype is in the form of signatures, handwriting or custom fonts. Some of the finest companies including Google, FedEx, and Coca-Cola have iconic logos in wordmark. The essence of this type of logo lies in its ease of understanding. If you are planning to create a logo for your startup, wordmark is certainly one of the best choices you can encounter for your brand to outperform.



A letter mark logo is also known as a monogram logo, which is made of text that is based on the initials of the company or brand. Companies who have names that are complex and lengthy enough to incorporate it in logo often use lettermark.

However, the challenging errand is to keep it quite distinctive so that your audience can easily recognize it. For instance, Cable News Network (CNN), Home Box Office (HB0), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are some of the examples that perfectly represent the lettermark logo.


Combination Mark

A blend of wordmark and symbol is what makes a combination mark. These are often known as iconic logotypes. With combination mark, you can articulately communicate the visual identity of your brand. Therefore, it is viable for new or less familiar brands. Additionally, its complex nature makes it quite easier to trademark. It gives you an edge over other brand logos as it makes your logo unique enough to outperform.

Consequently, its complex structure makes it hard to lessen the design to smaller sizes. It is preferable that you use different elements separately as well as in combination. Some of the finest examples of brands that have used combination mark in their logos are Adidas, Pizza Hut, Walmart, and Microsoft.

Combination Mark


A typical emblem logotype is somewhat similar to combination mark, as it also comprises of text and symbol. However, its texts typically emerge inside the symbol or an icon. Nevertheless, the emblem is considered less flexible when we compare it to the combination marks because their elements are generally complex to separate out.


Furthermore, it is widely used in past by organizations including government agencies, charities, schools, sports teams etc. This style of logo resembles a badge, seal or crests while it emphasizes authority and authenticity to a state-of-the-art brand. There are some of the top-tier brands who have artistically utilized emblem in their logos, for instance, MasterCard, Burger King, Starbucks, and Ford.



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