Top Photoshop Alternatives for Graphic Design


Top Photoshop Alternatives for Graphic Design

When it comes to edit an image or retouch the photos, then only one name comes to the mind, and that is – Adobe Photoshop! It is fast, comfortable, and super creative. It is believed and approved that the Photoshop is offering a lot, but of course, there is a bunch of other software available online which can make your ordinary pictures extraordinary!

When it comes to using software, trying different varieties is always a fun. Editing images is a super creative task one can do, by using the imagination. So, it is preferable to have other options with some new features to create a unique piece.

Now, if you take help of the internet, you may end up with lots of apps and software. Here I have filtered top 10 alternatives of Photoshop, for some innovative graphic designs. I hope you will find it helpful.


GIMP is the full form of GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a free open-source photo editor. Many people use it as it is the best and 100% free alternative of Photoshop.

  • It supports Windows, OS X, and also Linux. 
  • Just like Photoshop, it provides some cool features which can help you to edit your image fantastically. 
  • There are plenty of filters, and variety of effects you can use. 
  • It has a flexible and ‘easy to edit’ interface. 
  • You can also put your frequently used features in the front or the middle of the page. The features include image improvement benefits which make photo retouching quick and stress-free. 

Although, some of the users are not so satisfied with the interface and usability. If you are a big fan of Photoshop, then there are chances that your mind will not allow GIMP to edit or retouch your photos. You will always feel like something is missing. So, it is up to you to use it or not! But as per my suggestion, it is difficult to find a full-fledged package for free.


This photo-editor is similar to GIMP. It is also free and easy to use. Even installing Inkscape is simple as you just have to go to the official website i.e. and at the top right corner, you will see a download now link.

  • The first reason to use Inkscape is that you want to create and edit vector graphics. Here you can do a classic vector-based design work. 
  • It is entirely functional, fully featured and compelling software. 
  • It is free software, but I am sure you will never be disappointed with the result it provides. 
  • Even if there are an update and a stable version of the software, it will be free. 
  • You don’t need to shift to any type of ‘Pro’ versions for better editing tools or anything! It can become your one-time solution. 

Even after such features, some artists have few issues regarding curves of Inkscape. Also, this software may take time and practice to switch over.


This software provides a big bunch of super creative programs, and so, many people use Corel Draw as a reliable substitute for Adobe Photoshop.

  • Corel Draw is hugely efficient for vector editing. It works best when comes to icon design, symbols, or some replicas. 
  • Many professionals recommend it for some unique digital printing and image editing. 
  • It offers many other programs like CAD software and video editors. 
  • It has some influential font tools which can give freedom to a person to use artistic replacements. 
  • CorelDraw has built-in content exchange feature, workspace selection, and quick customization. 

It is giving a fierce competition to Photoshop as it is in the market since 1989 and also continuously updating itself. Because of it, it is widely spread and loved.


Many of my creative designers use in their daily routine because of its ‘one-click’ tools and easy manuals. It was the substitute of Microsoft Paint, but now it is a fully grown photo editor software.

  • is fast software which supports layers. It also runs well on low-powered PCs. 
  • Its interface is consistent and straightforward as compared to other software. 
  • There are many filters and editing tools available to do some excellent editing. 
  • The feature of clone stamp helps you to avoid any flaws and interruptions. 
  • There are many quick access tabs which can help the editor or the designer to work with multiple photos at the same time. 

One and only ‘not-so-positive’ thing about is that, it does not have more customizable tools.


This software is specially designed for the Mac users. It is fast, flexible, and powerful. It is also easy to use. It is created for all the innovative graphic designers who want to create some modern stuff with their creative imagination.

  • It provides some cool features like logos and shared styles, art boards, and support of more than one page at the same time. 
  • It provides classic tools for vector drawing and texts. 
  • The users of this software do not need to deal with any issues regarding excessive disk spaces or bloatware. 
  • This software supports the minimalist design. It offers layer independent panels, windows, and controls. 
  • The design is based on a drawing space of unlimited size. 

The only thing which makes Sketch less accessible is that this software does not support Windows or Linux, and only working in Mac. Moreover, it is not free. So if you are looking for some free photo editing software, this software is not for you.


Pixlr is free software, which is supported by iOS and Android. Many people, professionals as well as learners, love this software and makes it a widely used, well known, and well-loved online photo editor.

  • It has more than 600 filters and effects, border designs, and intersections. 
  • It allows you to do everything you are expecting from a free online image editor, like cropping, resizing, red-eye reduction, as well as teeth-whitening. 
  • It also supports layers and masks. The Pixlr editor web app is the only one that helps layers. 
  • The interface of Pixlr is easy to use if compared to Photoshop. Even the beginners can understand and learn all the tools quickly. 
  • There are many different versions are available apart from the web so that you can use it on your desktop as well as mobile. 

One thing you should keep in mind is that it has the built-in flash, but no replacement for HTML5. So, if this editor will stop working shortly, don’t get shocked. For now, it is a fantastic alternative to Photoshop.


Are you looking for photo editing software which is fastest, precise, and most comfortable at the same time? Take an option of the Affinity Photo software, which is specially designed for the Mac users.

  • Just like Photoshop, Affinity also gives the facility of plenty of tools for improving, editing, and retouching the images. 
  • It is known as a professional photography tool. If you want to use it for the other purposes like a logo or banner editing, you might get disappointed. 
  • The switching of Affinity Photo editor and some other applications is effortless. Also, it makes comprehensive RAW editing easy. 
  • You can also control every tools and feature of the software in the simple click. 
  • It can work in any colour space with the overall workflow and colour management. 
One disadvantage is that this image editor is not free. Although, the price of this image editor is low.


This image editor is one of the most suitable editors for OS X. It is known as the “Image Editor For Humans.” The interface of the software is simplified and also designed well so that everyone can use it well.

  • It offers many advanced tools like circle text tool, path text tool, and vector tools. 
  • It is considered as one of the most influential image editing software with many non-destructive filters. 
  • The newer versions of Acorn provide smart layer export, which is similar to slicing. It also supports eight common file types. 
  • You can check out your image by zooming it 100%, that too in the new view window. For that, you don’t need to switch between that window and the main Acorn window. 
  • It has native support for Apple’s retina display. Moreover, it can be used for the batch edit for scaling, trimming, watermarking, exporting, etc. 

Acorn is chargeable. That is the only issue some designers have regarding Acorn. Otherwise, it is perfect for everyone, including MacBook pro users.


It is an open source sketching and painting program. It was developed with concept art, texture painting, and some comics, which makes it different than the other image editing software.

  • The user interface is very supportive. You can move all the panels according to your customization for the specific work. 
  • It is specially created for all the innovative graphic designers, illustrators, and VFX creators. 
  • There are some fantastic features to control the brushes; like brush stabilizers, pop-up palette, etc. 
  • The feature of brush stabilizer makes your brush stable. Because of that, you can avoid the shakiness of your hand. 
  • It adds textures to wrap-around mode. 

If you are a beginner or an artist who always try for some out of the box ideas or comical imagination, try to consider this option. As per me, Krita will not let you down as it is a fantastic alternative to Photoshop.


This is the most straightforward photo editor amongst all. It makes photo editing, collage making, and graphic designing extremely easy. From cropping, touch up to significant editing, PicMonkey can become your helping hand.

  • It is a free image editor with all the unique features, filters, and redesigning tools. 
  • The desktop features include photo editor, portrait retouching, design maker, and collage maker. 
  • It provides the facility of adding text to images and adding frames. You can take the image from anywhere; from computers to the cloud, PicMonkey can help you with every picture. 
  • There are a variety of frames available which can be added to the picture for better looking. 
  • You can also get prints directly from PicMonkey, using PicMonkey Print Shop. 
There is only one annoying thing about this photo editor is that many ads come in between the editing. You can get rid of these ads by upgrading to the paid version. The paid version also opens up some more variety of fonts and effects.

Choose Your Favourite

So, these are the top 10 alternatives of Adobe Photoshop as per my experience as a user and researcher. I tried to cover every type of image editor, which can be used by learners, new designers, as well as professionals. You can try some of them or all of them as per your needs and wants.

Image editing and designing are all about creativity and imagination. Try as many options as you can and create something new every day. Crop it, mix it, colour it, recreate it, but never stop! You will definitely build a masterpiece one day, and for that, these tools, apps, and software can be your helping hand. Keep exploring and keep creating!

I am a blogger, translator, and an aspiring writer. I write about productivity, business, branding, and technology. I am fond of graphic designing and whiteboard animation. Currently, I am associated with Internetgeeks.

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