Top 10 Free Music Download Websites 2018

 Top 10 Free Music Download Websites 2018

The common saying that states that music makes the world go round has proven to be true in several circumstances. Music is one factor that unifies people of different races and languages across the world. Language is certainly not a barrier in regard to music.

You can find someone who does not understand a language with one of the best wireless earbuds plugged in, enjoying a music composed in that language. But often getting free and ready access to music online can be difficult. While it is good to also patronize paid subscriptions, there are times when you may not be able to afford them. has collated some of the best free music download websites you can find online. They have identified some of the issues with certain so-called free download websites which include offering free music illegally and providing them in low-quality format.

Jamendo Music

One attribute that makes this site unique is the fact that all the free music downloads are offered through an agreed Creative Commons license with the permission of the owners of the music. You will be able to discover a wide range of music from R & B, hip-hop, and country on their websites. They also have apps available for the Android, iOS and Windows interfaces.

Free Music Archives

Just as the name implies, this is a website for you to get access to music that is available in the public domain or under the Creative Common license. They have an organized setting which groups all the music according to their genres and artists. You can even stay atop current trends by following the top charts which reflect the happenings in the music arena.


This website offers a direct link to the sites of the music owners which gives you a chance to download their free offers. There is also an existing chart on the website where you can check out genres and different artists. To make it all the more interesting, there is a forum for interaction with other music lovers on the website.

Digital Trends also understands the perspective of not wanting to break the law just because you are after freebies. So, they have some suggestions of other free music downloads websites:


Do not let the name put you off, they don’t actually trade in noise. It is a just a platform that advocates giving something in return for the free music you have access to download. In this case, it is your email and postal code. They also enjoin users to promote the artists on their social media handles and if possible donate to new artists. It is a great site that constantly showcases new music to keep you abreast of recent music releases.


This is mainly for the classical music buff. With the influx of other music genres, it can be quite hard to have access to quality classical music downloads. On the website, you will be delighted to discover a wide range of classical music even with their sheets! A great addition for musicians who would like to replicate some of these musical compositions in private performances.


While all music content on the website is not free, it is a good place to get access to free music downloads. There is an active community of users who constantly post music that you can download for free. However, it is important to note that some of the music may not be legally free.
Lifewire also gives some amazing suggestions for free music downloads websites. These are sites that offer a large number of music titles:


This is an account regulated website, thus you would have to register to make use of its free download resources. After registration, you would be able to access a large variety of music across several genres. You can also interact with other users and check out the music charts to stay abreast of new releases and trends.


The site offers an easy system to access and download music from your artist of choice. Through the search tool, you can effectively search using genre or title of songs as filters. The charts on the site would also help you to discover new artists with new releases. gives several examples of free music download websites that you are not likely to come across upon an initial search online:


This is one of the free music download websites where the artists actually are the ones who upload their music for people to download for free. However, not all the music content on the site are free. There are some that are offered at a bargain or fixed price. The music content is regularly updated so you are sure of being in the loop of recent releases.

This is a combo of a free download music site and an online radio. There is also an active user community where you can engage with other users, share your playlists to let others know your likes and get a feel for other people’s music tastes.

With these free music sites, not having enough money to buy your favorite music is no longer an excuse. Instead, you could invest your money in purchasing a brand of the best wireless earbuds to enjoy your music listening experience.

You can rack up quite an impressive library and become a notable archive for yourself and people around you. However, it is important to note that respect and decorum are needed when accessing free things.

It is important to note that free downloads are not worthless. If you learn to respect free things, you would continue to have access to them. Some music websites that used to offer free downloads previously have had to either close down or resort to monetizing their content due to users’ misuse and abuse of their system. Keep it nice and clean and more websites may come up with free music downloads offers.

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