How To Make Money From Your Videos Using Uscreen

How To Make Money From Your Videos Using Uscreen

Did you know you can easily monetize your videos on various websites including youtube, Vimeo, and more? In this article, we are sharing a unique platform that can help you grow a really professional video marketing business.

UScreen is an innovative platform that can help you monetize your videos and expand your global reach.

About Uscreen

Are you interested in starting a new business related to marketing video under your own label? Now, you can use this website for launching your business easily and quickly.

As the internet is reaching more and more people throughout the world, the popularity of audio and videos continues to increase, and consequently, more and more companies are launching their own video-on-demand services for the benefit of the customers.

With the proliferation of video platforms, the business of marketing videos has become very essential for businesses. Today, for an individual who wants to use video primarily to market product or services, or provide online training, Uscreen is the place to go.

Founded in 2013, Uscreen remains a powerful yet simple Video on Demand platform that enables publishers of any kind to distribute different types of content and monetize them

The website protects the content as well as offers simple and easy tools you require for building a powerful member base with integrated billing as well as the payment system. In addition, it also offers integration with Shopify, SalesForce, and other major software platforms.


Uscreen remains an easy yet powerful video platform that enables anyone including individuals or corporations to market and sell different types of videos online throughout the world. With this platform, you can build your own Netflix type videos by leveraging its technology and create streaming videos using your own brand. Some other innovative features of this website are as follows –

Fully White Label (Your Brand Everywhere)

This website offers a fully operational white label so that you can use your brand’s color and themes, hence its 100% free of Uscreen endorsed ads

Easy To Use, Yet Powerful

This website offers an extremely user-friendly interface that is very easy to set up and use. When compared with other similar sites, it offers more innovative features such as built-in blogs, built-in landing pages as well as point and click features

Lots Of Customization & Flexibility In Setting Up Your Own Look & Feel

Uscreen not only does offer extensive features, but it also offers flexible design and back end tools such as advanced CSS and HTML modification capabilities, custom white label domains that point to your original company URL, also product catalog features while you are setting up your video presence online.

In-depth Analytics

After setting your business, one essential element you require when you are making your corporate strategy related to marketing and selling your product is to understand your niche market and their preference. This website offers an in-depth analysis of the web traffic in real-time which includes Heatmaps and integration of 3rd party analytics.

Upload Videos & Other Assets

As part of your marketing strategy, the video subscription enables you to upload your videos and other assets such as PDF files, webinars, and other publicity material, besides your video content.

Fully Branded Native Apps & OTT Apps

After you subscribe, not only does Uscreen launch the native and OTT apps with your brand, colors, looks, and feel on the app stores, but also maintains and updates them regularly. Further, Uscreen customizes and provides support for these apps for iPad and iPhones. In addition, they support these apps on AppleTV, Fire, and Chromecast

Built-in Billing & Subscription Engine

Not only that, the website offers an integrated built-in billing and subscription engine for video marketing, streaming, and subscription. The payment is SSL secured and allows you to accept payment in PayPal, credit card, and Bitcoin, among others.

Marketing & Community Tools

In addition to that, the website also offers a wide range of marketing and community tools in a comprehensive dashboard, this includes upselling products, lead generation, and inbuilt affiliate tools.

FAQs About Uscreen

Does Uscreen take revenue share or commission from its customers?
No, from its subscribers Uscreen charges a reasonable rate as a simple platform fee as long as you avail of its services.

Is Uscreen easy to setup?

Yes, Uscreen is extremely user-friendly software. In addition, the website also offers comprehensive documentation related to the topic, and customer service support is always online.

Does Uscreen provide 24/7 Support?

Yes indeed, the company offers 24/7 Support through various mediums such as phone, email, and chat. They also respond promptly.

In addition to my videos and program, can I also add documents and pictures?
Yes, you can do it so by using the Uscreen uploader.

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